A microphone and press pass never made anyone a respectable journalist. That comes from integrity; something this woman is sorely lacking. Also, her face is so flat it’s like she stepped out of a 2-D universe. Fuck this ugly  Egads, away with this unsightly woman!

In contrast to every self-respecting journalist at the scene, a FOX News reporter asks why criminality and racism should be condemned if done and said in private, ignoring the fact that most crimes require concealment to be successful.

A FOX News reporter clearly sympathetic to Donald Sterling angles to cast him as a victim. Deliberately ignoring the fact that Sterling’s record settlement for discriminatory evictions of minorities from his properties was a critical factor in the decision to ban him, she asks

“Should someone lose their team for remarks shared in private? Is this a slippery slope?”

Good question. Here’s some remarks Sterling might have shared in private that would put things into perspective for her:

“Should we hire this woman? She’s Asian. I hate Asians. Hire a white girl, I don’t care if she’s too stupid to breathe.”

“Don’t rent out to this chink. It will drive down the property values, and they can’t drive. All they do is crash into people, no one will feel safe.”

“I don’t want Asians at my games.”

So, in answer to her question, an illuminating insight on her own character, then “no”: exposing a wrong to address an injustice like institutionalized racism is not a slippery slope, it is a service. Having the belief the blacks and Mexicans are not worthy of basic civil rights and human dignity, and acting on racist criteria as Sterling did, that is a slippery slope and slip he did.


A sign from 1943. These same beliefs, and acting on them, cost Donald Sterling $2.73 million.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver shuts her down quite admirably. “Whether or not these views were initially shared in private, they are now public and they represent his views.”

Those views, that blacks should not be allowed to attend his games, were beliefs that were already committed to much more devastating actions to the point he was sued by the federal government for evicting minorities from his apartments, and those comments simply served as a glaring public confirmation of what was already known.

“Sterling is also the Slumlord Billionaire, a man who made his fortune by building low-income housing, and then, according to a Justice Department lawsuit, developing his own racial quota system to decide who gets the privilege of renting his properties. In November of 2009, Sterling settled the suit with the US Department of Justice for $2.73 million, the largest ever obtained by the government in a discrimination case involving apartment rentals. Reading the content of the suit makes you want to shower with steel wool. Sterling just said no to rent to non-Koreans in Koreatown and just said hell-no to African-Americans looking for property in plush Beverly Hills. Sterling, who has a Blagojevichian flair for the language, says he did not like to rent to “Hispanics” because “Hispanics smoke, drink and just hang around the building.” He also stated that “black tenants smell and attract vermin.”

Donald Sterling: Slumlord Billionaire, Dave Zirin, The Nation

The first to come to Sterling’s defense was another man who made his money in real estate: Donald Trump, who claimed Sterling was set-up. Trump’s outrage at the exposing of Sterling, rather than what he has said and done, makes one wonder if Trump also engaged in the same type of behavior when dealing with his tenants, albeit in a more subtle manner since he’s dealing with wealthy minorities and wealthy whites. Sterling aptly demonstrated, when discriminating against wealthy blacks in his Beverly Hills properties, that discriminating against wealthy people, if non-white, is far from impossible.

Of course, the argument presented by FOX News is that such criminal actions and repugnant beliefs, if done and said in private, are completely acceptable. That’s why The Daily Currant’s satirical article “Fox News Offers Donald Sterling Weekly Talk Show” is not so removed from reality as to be unbelievable.

FOX News reporter question start at 6:15.

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