A body language expert wonders if Maddow has Bell’s Palsy.

It is worsening the more she lies. Why, you would think trying to push America into World War III would warrant a supernatural response from an opposing spiritual force. It’s like someone put a curse  on her!

It’s like a prophet, an Elijah type, redirected the harm she intended for others and let it eat her away in proportion to the malice she metes out on millions of people she doesn’t even know, people that never harmed her. Some might call it a curse, but it is really a mirror deflection of harmful psychic, or quantum, energy.

Or maybe it’s not magic at all. Maybe, Maddow’s constant projection of her shadow ego, the most terrible aspects of her character which she seeks to suppress, on to a “safe” target like Trump or any member of the political opposition she seeks to dehumanize; has the effect of her being forced to see what she really is, at the subconscious level. When that happens, if she has a conscience, the body punishes itself and often manifests the ugliness it feels inside…

Nah, blame it on the curse. There is no conscience here to deal with.