Pulitzer Prize Began With Fake News, Gave Us WWI

We Got Involved in World War I Through Hearst’s and Pulitzer’s Yellow Journalism, Specifically the Maine (Spanish-American War) and Lusitania Sinking

yellow journalism n the practice of seeking out sensational news for the purpose of boosting a newspaper’s circulation, or, if such stories are hard to find, of trying to make comparatively innocuous news appear sensational. Also called sensationalism. — yellow journalist, n.
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How ironic that one of the most coveted prizes in literature and journalism comes from the guy that started fake news, indeed, news so fake and dangerous it got us into war with Spain and World War I, Joseph Pulitzer. Back then, however, they called it yellow journalism. Back then, however, they called it yellow journalism. It used to be journalism majors were taught this was something you were never supposed to do.

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Methinks I am a conspiracy theorist. Art thou? Thou block, thou stone, thou worse than senseless thing, for whilst thou slept didst this become a badge of honor. Informed dissent shall always prevail, wherefore art thou worthy, or art thou this unwholesome fool in the group conformity experiment herein?

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