Pistis Sophia

“’16. Reveal thy face over thy slave, and free me according to thy grace, O Lord. “’17. Let me not be put to shame, for I have cried unto, thee. Let the impious be put

to shame and turn towards hell.

“’18. Let the crafty lips be struck dumb, which allege iniquity against the righteous in pride and scorn.'”

Pistis Sophia, by G.R.S. Mead, [1921], at sacred-texts.com


And when Jesus had heard these words, he said: “Finely [said], Matthew. Now, therefore, amen, I say unto |89. you: When the perfect number is completed and the universe is raised hence, I will take my seat in the Treasury of the Light, and ye yourselves will sit on twelve light-powers, until we have restored all the orders of the twelve saviours to the region of the inheritances of every one of them.”

And when he had said this, he said: “Under-stand ye what I say?”

Mary came forward and said: “O Lord, concerning this matter thou hast said to us aforetime in similitude: ‘Ye have awaited with me in the trials, and I will bequeath unto you a kingdom, as my Father hath bequeathed it unto me, that ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom; and ye shall sit on twelve thrones and judge the twelve tribes of Israel.'”

[p. 75]

He said unto her: “Well said, Mary.”

Jesus continued again and said unto his disciples: “It came to pass then thereafter, when the emanations of Self-willed oppressed Pistis Sophia in the chaos, that she uttered the ninth repentance, saying:

“‘1. O Light, smite down them who have taken away my power from me, and take away the power from them who have taken away mine from me.

“‘2. For I am thy power and thy light. |90. Come and save me.

“‘3. Let great darkness cover my oppressors. Say unto my power: I am he who will save thee.

“‘4. Let all those who would take away my light from me utterly, lack their power. Let them face about unto the chaos and become powerless, who would take away my light from me utterly.

“‘5. Let their power be as dust, and let Yew, thy angel, smite them.

“‘6. And if they would go into the height, let darkness seize upon them and let them slip down and turn to the chaos. And let thy angel Yew pursue them and cast them down into the darkness below.

“‘7. For they have set a lion-faced power as a trap for me, although I have done them no ill, from which its light will be taken; and they have oppressed the power in me, which they will not be able to take away.

without its knowing it,–the thought which Self-willed hath

“‘8. Now, therefore, O Light, take away the purification from the lion-faced power

[p. 76]

thought, to take away my light; take away his own and let the light be taken away from the lion-faced power, which set the trap for me.

“‘9. But my power will exult in the Light and rejoice that he will save it.

“’10. And all the portions of my power shall say: There is no saviour but thee. For thou wilt save me out of the hand of the lion-faced power, which hath taken away my power from me, and thou savest me out of the hands of them who have taken away my power and my light from me.

“’11. For they have risen up against me, lying against me and saying |91. that I know the mystery of the Light which is in the height, [the Light] in which I have had faith. And they have constrained me, [saying:] Tell unto us the mystery of the Light in the height,–that which I know not.

“’12. And they have requited me with all this ill because I have had faith in the Light of the height; and they have made my power lightless.

“’13. But when they constrained me, I sat in the darkness, my soul bowed down in mourning.

“’14. And do thou, O Light–for that reason sing I praise to thee–save me. I know that thou wilt save me because I fulfilled thy will ever since I was in my aeon. I fulfilled thy will, as the invisibles who are in my region, and as my pair. And I mourned, looking unceasingly and searching for the Light.

“’15. Now, therefore, have all the emanations of Self-willed surrounded me and rejoiced over me and sore oppressed me without my knowing

[p. 77] [paragraph continues] [them]. And they have fled away and ceased from me but have had no pity upon me.

“’16. They have returned again and made trial of me and they have oppressed me in great oppression and ground their teeth against me, desiring to take away my light from me utterly.

“’17. How long, therefore, O Light, dost thou suffer them, that they oppress me? Save my power from their evil thoughts and save me from the hand of the lion-faced power; for I alone of the invisibles am in this region.

“’18. I will sing praises unto thee, O Light, |92. in the midst of all who are gathered together against me, and I will cry unto thee in the midst of all who oppress me.

“’19. Now, therefore, O Light, let not them who hate me and desire to take away my power from me, rejoice over me–who hate me and flash their eyes against me, though I have not done anything unto them.

“’20. For indeed they have fawned upon me with sweet words, asking me concerning the mysteries of the Light which I know not, and have craftily spoken against me and been enraged against me, because I have had faith in the Light in the height.

“’21. They have opened their chops against me and said.: Well indeed, we will take from her her light.

“’22. Now, therefore, O Light, thou hast known their guile; suffer them not and let not thy help be far from me.

“’23. Quickly, O Light, vindicate and avenge me, “’24. And give judgment on me according

[p. 78]

from me,

to thy goodness. Now, therefore, O Light of lights, let them not take away my light

“’25. And let them not say in their heart: Our power is glutted with her light. And let them not say: We have consumed her power.

“’26. But rather let darkness come upon them, and let those who long to take away my light from me, become powerless, and let them be clothed with chaos and darkness, who say there: We will take away her light and her power.

“’27. Now, therefore, save me that I may rejoice, for I long for the thirteenth aeon, the region of Righteousness, and |93. I shall say ever-more: May the light of thy angel Yew shine more and more.

“’28. And my tongue will sing praises to thee in thy gnosis my whole time in the thirteenth aeon.’

Pistis Sophia, by G.R.S. Mead, [1921], at sacred-texts.com


It came to pass, when Jesus had finished saying these words unto his disciples, that he said unto them: “Who is sober among you, let him proclaim their solution.”

James came forward, kissed the breast of Jesus and said: “My Lord, thy spirit hath sobered me, and I am ready to proclaim their solution. Concerning them indeed thy power hath prophesied aforetime through David in the thirty-fourth Psalm, saying thus concerning the ninth repentance of Pistis Sophia:

“‘1. Give sentence, O Lord, on them who do me injustice, and fight against them who fight against me.

“‘2. Lay hand on weapon and shield and stand up to help me. [p. 79]

“‘3. Draw forth a sword and conceal it [sic] from my oppressors. Say unto my soul: I am thy salvation.

“‘4. Let them be put to shame and abashed who strive after my soul; let them fall back and be put to shame who imagine evil against me.

“‘5. Let them be as chaff |94. before the wind, and let the angel of the Lord pursue after them.

“‘6. Let their way be darkness and slippery, and let the angel of the Lord oppress them. “‘7. For without cause have they hid a snare for me for their own spoiling, and they

have mocked at my soul in vain.

“‘8. Let a snare come upon them which they know not, and let the net which they have hid for me, catch them, and let them fall into this snare.

“‘9. But my soul will exult in the Lord and rejoice in its salvation.

“’10. All my bones shall say: O Lord, who can be like unto thee?–thou who settest free the wretched from the hand |95. of him who is stronger than him; and thou savest a wretched and poor [one] from the hands of them who spoil him.

“11. Unjust witnesses came forward and have asked me that which I knew not. “’12. They have requited me evil for good and childlessness for my soul.

fasting, and my prayer will return into my breast.

“13. But when they molested me, I clothed me in a sack and humbled my soul with

“’14. I was pleasing unto thee, as unto my neighbour and as unto my brother; and I [p. 80]

humbled myself as one in mourning and as one who is sad.

“’15. They have rejoiced over me, and they are put to shame. Scourges have gathered themselves together against me and I knew not; they were cut off and were troubled.

“’16. They have brought me to trial and mocked me with mocking; they have ground |96. their teeth against me.

“’17. O Lord, when wilt thou look upon me? Restore again my soul from their evil works and save my only one from the hands of the lions.

“’18. I will confess to thee, O Lord, in the great assembly, and I will sing praises to thee in the midst of a countless people.

“’19. Let not them who unjustly treat me as a foe, rejoice over me, who hate me without a cause and wink with their eyes.

“’20. For indeed they discourse with me with words of peace, though they plot wrath with craft.

“’21. They opened their chops wide against me and said: Well indeed, our eyes have filled our sight with him.

“’22. Thou hast seen, O Lord. Keep not silence, O Lord, withdraw not thyself from me. “’23. Arise, O Lord, |97. and give heed to my vindication, give heed to my vengeance,

my God and my Lord.

“’24. Judge me, O Lord, according to thy justice; let them not rejoice over me, my God. “’25. And let them not say: Well done, our soul. Let them not say: We have consumed him. “’26. Let them be put to shame and be scorned, who rejoice at my mischance. Let

[p. 81]

them be clothed with shame and disgrace who speak boastingly against me.

“’27. Let them who desire my justification, exult and rejoice and let them who desire the peace of his slave, say: May the Lord be great and arise.

“’28. My tongue will exult over thy justification and over thy honour all the day long.'” |98.

Pistis Sophia, by G.R.S. Mead, [1921], at sacred-texts.com


When James then had said this, Jesus said unto him: “Well said, finely, James. This is the solution of the ninth repentance of Pistis Sophia. Amen, amen, I say unto you: Ye shall be the first in the kingdom of heaven before all invisibles and all gods and rulers who are in the thirteenth aeon and in the twelfth aeon; and not only ye, but also every one who shall accomplish my mysteries.”

And when he had said this, he said unto them: “Understand ye in what manner I discourse with you?”

into the kingdom of heaven.”

Mary started forward again and said: “Yea, O Lord, this is what thou didst say unto us aforetime: ‘The last shall be first and the first shall be last.’ The first then, who were created before us, are the invisibles, for indeed they arose before mankind, they and the gods and the rulers; and the men who shall receive mysteries, will be first

Jesus said unto her: “Well said, Mary.”

Jesus continued again and said unto his disciples: “It came to pass then, when Pistis Sophia had proclaimed the ninth repentance, that the lion-faced power oppressed her again, desiring to take away all powers from her. She cried out again to the Light, saying: |99.

[p. 82]

“‘O Light, in whom I have had faith from the beginning, for whose sake I have endured these great pains, help me.’

“And in that hour her repentance was accepted from her. The First Mystery hearkened unto her, and I was sent off at his command. I came to help her, and led her up out of the chaos, because she had repented, and also because she had had faith in the Light and had endured these great pains and these great perils. She had been deluded through the god-like Self-willed, and had not been deluded through anything else, save through a light-power, because of its resemblance to the Light in which she had had faith. For this cause then was I sent forth at the command of the First Mystery to help her secretly. I did not however yet go to the region of the aeons at all; but I passed down through the midst out of them, without any single power knowing it, either those of the interior of the interior or those of the exterior of the exterior, save only the First Mystery.

“It came to pass then, when I came into the chaos to help her, that she saw me, that I was understanding and shone exceedingly and was full of compassion for her. For I was not self-willed as the lion-faced power, which had taken away the light-power from Sophia, and had also oppressed her in order to take away from her the whole light in her. Sophia then saw me, that I shone ten-thousand times more than the lion-faced power, |100. and that I was full of compassion for her. And she knew that I came out of the Height of heights, in whose light she had had faith from the beginning. Pistis Sophia then

[p. 83]

took courage and uttered the tenth repentance, saying:

“‘1. I have cried unto thee, O Light of lights, in my oppression and thou hast hearkened unto me.

“‘2. O Light, save my power from unjust and lawless lips and from crafty traps. “‘3. The light which was being taken from me in crafty snaring, will not be brought

unto thee.

“‘4. For the traps of Self-willed and the nooses of the merciless [one] are spread out. “‘5. Woe unto me, that my dwelling was far off, and I was in the dwellings of the chaos. “‘6. My power was in regions which are not mine.

“‘7. And I entreated those merciless [ones]; and when I entreated them, they fought against me without a cause.'”

Pistis Sophia, by G.R.S. Mead, [1921], at sacred-texts.com


repentance of Pistis Sophia.”

When then Jesus had said this unto his disciples, he said unto them: “Now, therefore, let him whom his spirit stirreth, come forward and speak the solution of the tenth

Peter answered and said: “O Lord, concerning this thy light-power prophesied aforetime through David in the one-hundred-and-nineteenth Psalm; saying:

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