Color Revolution Seeking Overthrow Of Trump Being Led By Fluoridated Mind Controlled Democrat Imbeciles 

Sorcha Faal

Monthly peer-reviewed medical journal published by the American Medical Association called JAMA Pediatrics, in their just released shocking scientific document titled “Is Fluoride Potentially Neurotoxic?”, has just pounded the proverbial “final nail in the coffin” in the vile fluoridated water destruction of young peoples atrocity by research scientists conclusively linking it with lower IQ’s in babies and children—a finding so damning to the about three-fourths of the citizens in America who are forced to drink fluoridated tap water, pediatrician Dr. Dimitri Christakis, editor in chief of JAMA Pediatrics, included an editor’s note saying the decision to publish this scientific study was not easy and it was subjected to “additional scrutiny”—with Dr. Christakis further stunningly admitting that “it is the only editor’s note I’ve ever written”—but that, nevertheless, still places him on the wrong side of the long history proving that young men and women who were forced to drink fluoridated for decades turned into radical leftist imbeciles unable to either think or act for themselves—and is why, in August-2014, the German Health Minister outlawed the fluoridation of all tap water—who was followed a fortnight later by Israel outlawing all fluoride in its drinking water, too—both of whom though, would have seen their nations and peoples being better served if they had outlawed fluoride in drinking water like Russia did in 1990—an outlawing mandated by the fact that the only medicinal use ever found for fluoridated drinking water was to keep Nazi Germany and Soviet Union war prisoners brains numbed to make them docile during World War II—and when, in 2017, pressure groups covertly funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation began agitating for its re-introduction, saw President Putin outlawing its use forever and his rightfully declaring that “fluoride has no place outside of the prison camp or gulag”. […]

Are Two-Thirds Of Americans Domestic Extremists If They Believe Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered?

Sorcha Faal

Over two-thirds of the American people don’t believe Epstein took his own life—a belief, however, that now sees these massive numbers of Americans having to accept the “uncomfortable reality of conspiracy theories” to obtain the even the merest morsels of truth—but whom against, on 30 May 2019, the FBI prepared for by publishing their document titled “Anti-Government, Identity Based, and Fringe Political Conspiracy Theories Very Likely Motivate Some Domestic Extremists to Commit Criminal, Sometimes Violent Activity”—wherein it labels every American citizen not believing in official government lies as “domestic extremists”.   […]

$8 Trillion Man Tells America: “You Have No Choice But To Vote For Me”

Sorcha Faal

Trump has long declared he puts America first, and didn’t mince words when said  “I’m not president of world”—and whose massive list of accomplishments for his nation’s peoples towards this end,, to include his adding a staggering $8 trillion of wealth to their stock markets that fund their country’s vast retirement scheme, led him to speak before a record breaking crowd of his supporters this past week and tell the American people “you have no choice but to vote for me”—a “choice”, however, The New York Times has just been shockingly revealed to be plotting to stop—whose master plan discovered in their own leaked documents shows them admitting that the Trump-Russia collusion hoax is dead—and because of, now sees them preparing to launch against Trump a vile and demonic campaign of racial division.   […]

France Joins Hunt For New “Kingpin” Of Epstein Child Sex Slave Empire

Sorcha Faal

US federal prosecutors are now investigating the over 250 children discovered sexually abused at the Boys & Girls Club of America to determine how many of them became ensnared in Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex slave empire, says the tens-of-millions-of-dollars Epstein donated to top American elite universities to protect him and his child sex slave operation has seen its first “after death” dividend pay out—a dividend that came when his hometown New York University (NYU) basically said to forget about children, as milking cows is the true crime to be investigated because it’s really “sexual abuse”—a New York City hometown that, also, revealed Epstein having behind the desk of his multi-million-dollar mansion a $5.9 million painting of a woman cupping her bare breast—all of which became too much for even the accustomed to sex scandals French intelligence agency General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) who, yesterday, opened up a criminal investigation demanded by French Secretary of State for Equality Marlène Schiappa and Secretary of State for Child Protection Adrien Taquet—whose primary focus is discovering the whereabouts of French citizen Ghislaine Maxwell who has taken Epstein’s place as the “Kingpin” of his child sex slave empire—and have, also, requested SVR notes from the interrogation of Russian citizen Igor Zinoviev—who, as the long time personal bodyguard of Epstein—and said, without offering any proof or evidence, that “somebody helped Epstein die”—told his SVR interrogators exactly why Epstein rush-shipped a $100,000 cement truck to his “Pedophile Island” three weeks before a damning expose about him and his child sex crimes was released on 28 November 2018.  […]

New York Cop Who Reported Epstein’s “Snapped Neck” Suicided—Autopsy Confirms Neck Bones Broken

Sorcha Faal

The senior New York City police officer who radioed from child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein’s high security prison cell the morning of his death the words “snapped neck” was discovered a few hours ago suicided with a bullet in his head—an initial assessment one would expect to come from a long-serving police official familiar with such deaths—and was an assessment confirmed shortly after this NYPD senior officer was suicided by it shockingly being revealed that an autopsy showed Epstein’s neck bones were indeed broken—thus further confirming that the main suspect in Epstein’s now proven murder remains former President Bill Clinton—whose humiliation increased yesterday when it was revealed that Epstein had a painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress and red heels lounging in the White House Oval Office inside his $56 million pedophile lair Manhattan mansion. […]


oh, hi mark!

Art Thou Worthy?

Fuck yeah I’m a conspiracy theorist: it’s mine badge of honor. Art thou not? Thou block, thou stone, thou worse than senseless thing, for whilst thou slept didst this become a feared and sacred badge of honor. Informed dissent shall always prevail, wherefore art thou worthy, or art thou this unwholesome fool in the group conformity experiment linked here?




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Hearst Boasted Fake News is the Enemy of the People, Causes Wars

Newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst boasted in a cable to his photographer in Cuba "You furnish the pictures. I'll furnish the war." Sure enough, his papers started the Spanish-American War. Back in the day Fake News was called Yellow Journalism, but it is one and the same, The Enemy of the People.


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