“It’s hard enough being homeless, I have endured a lot of insults, but ‘Michael Moore called– he wants his clothes back!’ That’s just low, man. We didn’t ask for this.”

Michael Moore, a morbidly obese millionaire and darling of media elites, was recently spotted stealing clothing from a homeless veteran while filming a documentary on his life as an anorexic pole dancer and single black mother. “He said he’d give it back but he hasn’t returned them,” said a naked Rob Peterson, 54, shivering in the below zero temperature of Flint, Michigan.  The wealthy 1 Percenter documentary media mogul has made rounds by focusing attention on Donald Trump while ignoring the polluted water scandal in the city (his hometown); this to avoid criticizing the present administration as millions are left to drink water with toxic levels of lead that has possibly killed and poisoned thousands of citizens, particularly children.

“He knows the water scandal is a deadly bipartisan affair,” said an unnamed boom operator. “But what’s he gonna do? Point out the fact that the DOJ could have pressed charges from day one? He’s still butthurt because Trump wouldn’t give him the time of day when he went to the Towers. All he wanted was a hot dog, like $65,000 worth.”

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