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Pictures of Unwanted Children

From: sky [skydreamerydr@yahoo.com]

Sent: July 27, 2014 3:43 PM


I’m against 2nd and 3rd trimester abortion. You show pics of all stages. Why not show pics of abused and unwanted children? Of course in a perfect world all unwanted pregnancies would result in adoption but we don’t live in a perfect world. Look up and show pics of unwanted and abused babies and children.

Dear Sky,

You’re right. This is not a perfect world and there is no end to abused and unwanted children. Abortion will never go away, and legislation would not make it go away. It may make it harder, but it never stopped it. But the fact of the matter is, children are abused even when they are loved and wanted. It is also true that human trafficking is second only to drug trafficking. Some of those children are sold by their parents, and some are abducted. The reason those pictures haven’t been shown is because the topic is and always was prenatal termination.

What you have brought up is another subject entirely, but it will be addressed and your suggestion is deeply appreciated.

The Ed

Abortion Quotes Update

From: Sarah [sarah5775@optonline.net]

Sent: Saturday, March 25, 2006 6:27 PM

To: editor@impiousdigest.com Subject: Abortion Quotes

Hope this letter finds you well.  I hope you remember me- I was the contributor to The Impious Digest who sent you the abortion quotes.  I just wanted to tell you I have finally moved my site to its own domain. The previous addresses no longer work. My new site (which is much expanded) can be found at http://www.clinicquotes.com Feel free to copy any of the quotes there if you like.Hope you find the site to be of use.Sarah

Anne Rice Expressionism

Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 02:46:07 -0800 (PST) From: jessica johnson <iczerfae@yahoo.com> Subject: Anne Rice Expressionalism To: editor@impiousdigest.com

Although I have not read all of her books, I feel that Anne Rice has a genius creative streak. Her vampire series as you know have made tons of money and people continue to buy her books every day. As for the German art, I’m not sure that this is every Germans’ outlook on her books. I admit they they are off the wall sometimes. But what it really comes down to is preference. I think the idea of a vampire searching for God is int

riguing, the idea that vampires were created when a malevolent spirit enter a human body, that they have emotions and a conscience appeals to some and not others. if you have read a book where a vampire goes down on a menstruating women please let me know so I can stay away from it. It is tasteless but other than that I love her books. Her writing style allows you to almost feel the joy or sorrow or anger of the character.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Jessica Johnson

Dear Jessica,

I guess Rice is an acquired taste (pardon the pun). It’s hard reading any writer who can devote two pages just describing what kind of suit a character is wearing. As for the horrific art featured in that article, it’s anyone’s guess where it came from.  It was on some German site, and somehow, that didn’t surprise me. Anyway, it was all tongue in cheek.

The Ed

May is Not Hitler

From: “Theodoor Westerhof” <t.westerhof@freeler.nl> To: <editor@impiousdigest.com> Subject: May is not Hitler Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005

“We Americans, before we wax too smug, have not escaped from the besmirching distinction of ranking as the world’s most successful practitioner of genocide. What our forebears did to the Indian Hitler could not do to the Jew– wipe him out to the point of near literal extinction. It’s a harsh assertion but true. In fact, Hitler was fascinated throughout his life by the genocide of the American Indian– particularly as portrayed in the “Old Shatterhand” novels of the German writer Karl May.3

“Wroteth thou Mein Kemf? amateur.”

Hitler was twelve years old when he was first introduced to the popular series. The first was A Ride Through the Desert, and it left a profound impression. He would read Karl May by candlelight, and even under the moonlight with the help of a large magnifying glass. The protagonist, “Old Shatterhand”, was a white American warrior with a lust for butchering Indians, or “Redskins”, as he called them. Usually it was the wicked Ogellallah Indians who roamed over Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Like Hitler would later emulate, after every slaughter Old Shatterhand would proclaim “I am great, I am marvelous!”. Indeed, Hitler became Old Shatterhand and exceeded his brutality a thousandfold, and even during his last days in the bunker he could still be found reading Karl May. Sometimes he would even refer to the Russians as “Redskins” before surprised generals.

Most significant of all, however, is that like Old Shatterhand; Hitler loved to misquote the Bible to prove he had a right to kill “inferior races”, and he was perpetually at war with them.”

You Americans should read the books readily available in about 30 languages (including Hebrew and Spanish) before spouting such nonsense about May’s books. First, no normal person would call them the “Old Shatterhand”-novels (to set them apart from the Kara ben Nemsi-novels, excepted of course). That would be like calling the books about Sherlock Holmes the Watson -novels.

The main protagonist is Winnetou a Mescalero-Apache, but that is not as important as the fact that Old Shatterhand was a White (+) German (-) Writer/trapper-type (-)  with a horribly pacifistic attitude (-) and membership of the Mescaleroes. Old Shatterhand is a bit of a boaster, sure. But  slaughter? Brutality?  Loving to misquote the Bible? (You are talking about a writer of Ave Marias) Killing for racist reasons? Perpetually at war with them? You have not even read a single chapter of those books, they are available on-line, you know. Ogellallahs are better known as the Ogellallah Sioux, Custer, mind.

You are talking about a character liked by Albert Schweitzer and by Albert Einstein, along with millions in Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Israel…


Dear Theodore,

I don’t see the quotation from Christian and Jewish Genocide above as implying Karl May is Hitler. It does imply Hitler liked to emulate his characters, but also says he liked to misquote the bible. In fact, if we were to accept Hitler’s reading of the Bible, Jesus blessed his gassing of the Jews and was delighted to reincarnate as Hitler himself.

In other words, the quotation is pointing out Hitler’s knack for completely misreading or perverting books and scriptures for his own ends.

Personally, have I read Karl May’s books? No. But I would love to and if indeed they are online I want to read them. You raise a good point and I don’t think the author’s intention was to imply Karl May could be compared to Hitler. What is true, however, is that killing for racist reasons, and the practice of genocide, did exist in the Old West in America- not the Old West in Germany. The genocide of the Native American may not exist in the books of Karl May, as you say, but in the cold reality of American history, it is denied by no one; not even the most shameless apologist. The concentration camps built in the 19th century to segregate the Native American still exist, and are still populated today; they are called Indian reservations.

The Ed

Coconut is a Nut

“NARAL sayeth ‘abortion art safer than childbirth’. But behold, so is shooting a baby in the face. Maketh this a fair fight?”

Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 13:49:57 EDT Subject: abortion To: editor@impiousdigest.com

Ok that Coconut chick is a nut. I think she needs to get her facts straight. And that any abortion is still an abortion and your still killing a baby. It’s been scientifically proven that a fetus is a living thing from the time it is conceived. So people need to quit playing God and start taking responsibility for their actions. It’s not the babies fault that the female wants to sleep around and then look for an easy out when she gets knocked up. Abortion should not be used as birth control. And it needs to be stopped.

Amanda , TN

Dear Amanda,

More here…

Stamped Idiocy

i am not sure what triggered your reaction to vincente fox’s support of the new stamps to be released. what is portrayed by the images on these stamps is an extremely popular cartoon in latin america that in no way is made to portray black people. with my mom being from ecuador, growing up with these cartoons and while being in ecuador myself, the clothing that is worn by the monkeys is regular attire in latin america. the elderly woman is in fact dressed like an elderly mexican woman who is going about her chores, or at least how they typically dressed in the past. how do i know? because my grandmother dressed in clothing almost identical to the woman in the stamp, and the boy is dressed in clothing that is worn in just about any country on earth. what DOES make these stamps look racist towards black people is the black stigma produced by american culture. if you want to bash someone over this whole ordeal, it should be the history of our fine country that was formed on the backs of the countless oppressed people whom are still being held down by society. when you look at the stamp with the elderly lady, and their distorted faces, you know what comes to mind? blackface. why? no, not because the stamps were made out of blackface images. because blackface is part of american culture. the cartoon characters are innocent portrayals of latin americans in the form of monkeys.

if you dont agree, thats fine. just giving you another view from someone who seems a little more certain about the history than a person who is so quick to call vicente fox a son of a bitch.


Dear Mo,

So you assume this perspective came from someone who wasn’t of Mexican heritage? Wrong. I am, and that’s why I was furious. It’s an ass-backward and racist portrayal of blacks- period. When I was a child, my mother often took me to Mexico to get in touch with my roots, and the first thing that struck me as I read the comic books in the waiting areas was the racism I saw in certain comic books like Mermin. It is an ignorant portrayal, because the black population Mexico is virtually nil, and only someone unfamiliar with black culture would appeal to it. Like here in America, such racism takes root most deeply in areas where no blacks exist.

I remember one image in one comic book, a mock ad, of a sleeping black man leaning against a trash can. The caption read something along the line of “Trash belongs in its place.” At the time, I couldn’t have been more than five. But it sickened me. The Mexican broadcast media is little better. Indigenous people are generally portrayed as simpletons, whilst soap operas and news broadcasts feature light skinned people almost exclusively. Check out a Mexican soap opera. All the characters look like Anglo kids, you will be hard pressed to find one female protagonist that even resembles the typical brown-skinned people representative of 90% of Mexico. Now, Mexico does have areas where light-skinned people dominate, like Zacatecas, but this isn’t representative of the nation.

Mexico can never hope to retain first world status while embracing racist ideology like that promulgated by the stamps, which sanctions bigotry with state approval. The movers and shakers of the world now include more black people than Mexicans.  Vicente Fox shouldn’t have allowed the stamps to print. He did, and now he has to face the music. He is a stupid fucking prick. The Secretary of State, Condaleeza Rice, is black. How can he possibly hope to have good relations with America when he insults our highest representative, this by implying he knows what is offensive to blacks, and she doesn’t?


Joe McCarthy Can Have My Babies

Lee Paquit in happier times with Joe McCarthy.

Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 19:38:13 -0700 (PDT) From: Lee Paquet <32Circl@xxxx.xxx To: joe_mahma@impiousdigest.com Subject: Open mind? Joe McCarthy……

Hello. I just read your bitter diatribe against Ann Coulter and Joe McCarthy. Why do you continue the lies against them? The evidence Ann cites in her book is there for all to see. Your satirical renditions of Limbaugh and Coulter were NOT funny. I excerpted the following from a speech, including publications backing McCarthy’s efforts to publicize Communists infiltrating our government. Sorry your guys were wrong back in the 40’s and 50’s.

Joe McCarthy Was Right Submitted by Don Capron

Joe McCarthy was right. Now that I’ve grabbed your attention, let me tell you why. For fifty years I trust there isn’t an educator in either the academy or high schools who hasn’t failed to castigate Joe McCarthy as a hate-monger, liar, destroyer of careers, and someone who routinely accused innocent people of wrong doing. McCarthy’s detractors, Communists, and Soviet sympathizers never anticipated two things: One, the Venona intercepts and their subsequent release; Two, the collapse of Communism and the opening of Soviet files.

From 1943 until 1980, unbeknownst to virtually everyone, the National Security Agency intercepted every Soviet message going from or to the United States. It was not until 1994 that their existence was even acknowledged, and 1995 when the first 1,400 of 240,000 intercepts were released to the public. Their content was damning and supportive of the contentions of not only McCarthy but Whittaker Chambers, Elizabeth Bentley, Hoover, and others. The collapse of Communism opened files of not only internal Soviet spy documents but also gave the FBI, CIA, and American scholars access to the files of the American Communist Party that had been hidden in a Russian warehouse since 1950. The cat was out of the clichéd bag.

Was Robert Oppenheimer, the Director of the Atom Bomb Project at Los Alamos, New Mexico, a member of the Communist Party? Quite emphatically, no! His wife was. His brother was. His mistress was. As were many of his closest associates at the University of California. In addition, Oppenheimer was one of those scientists in the 40’s who thought that all scientific information should be shared universally for the good of mankind. Were any of the aforementioned exposed by McCarthy? Not one. He’d been too late at the spy discovery game. After all, Alger Hiss got Richard Nixon the Vice-Presidency. White had been shifted to that historical ashbin where failures are allowed to “resign” to, the International Monetary Fund. Hiss, unquestionably the most brilliant of the rising stars at State at the age of 43, in 1947 became the head of the Carnegie Endowment for Peace; a position usually held by a senior citizen with insufficient retirement funds.

Hiss had gone to Johns Hopkins, Harvard Law, and had clerked at the Supreme Court for Felix Frankfurter. They all had impeccable credentials. It was one thing to catch a handful of Communists outside of government, as in the case of the Rosenbergs. It was quite another to expose the dirty secrets of the 1930’s and 40’s. That was McCarthy’s sin.

Was he a pillar of virtue? Hardly! He was a dreadful alcoholic and eventually died from cirrhosis of the liver. He was a bully, unkempt, crude, and a lout. He once unmercifully pummeled Drew Pearson, his antagonist in the press, after a dinner party, in the coat room of a Washington doyenne. He had many physical and character shortcomings. But he was right.

For all those rushing to put pen to paper to denounce any of the above, you’d be best advised to first do your “homework”. Read “Venona” (Yale University Press); “The Secret World Of American Communism” (Yale University Press); “The Haunted Wood” (Random House); “The Venona Secrets” (Regnery); “The Secret History Of the KGB” (Basic Books); “Whittaker Chambers: A Biography” (Modern Library); and “Joseph McCarthy: Reexamining the life and legacy of America’s most hated Senator” (Free Press). If at first you haven’t read the above, then you are coming unarmed for a battle of wits. I am an educator who will continue to expose the lies of the left.

Lee A. Paque

Joe Mahma Replies

Dear Lee,

“Feminist? Burn not thine bra unless thou still be in it.”

Like scatology, Ann Coulter is somewhat of an acquired taste. I take offense at your assumption I’m a leftist. How many leftists do you know who are pro-life? You say I am continuing the lies against McCarthy and Coulter. What lies? Consider the latter. She has said things, publicly and on video, that would make Ghandi bitch slap the hate-mongering imbecile. For example, when it comes to the genocide of the Native American, she refers to them as peyote smoking “savages” that “went around scalping people” and then refers to Arabs as “camel-riding nomads.” If anyone would toss a Koran in the toilet, it would be her.

Which reminds me. Was it a couple of hijacked camels that hit the World Trade Center on 9-11?

She also suggests that dissidents should be put in “administrative detention under John Ashcroft.”  At the same time, she writes about the liberals who supported concentration camps for Japanese-Americans in WWII. Liberals this, liberals that. Liberals is the term she uses for anyone who disagrees with her. She’s pathetic. (see Hate is Not Pretty for Ann Coulter C-SPAN video excerpts )

You know who else was infiltrating high office during the Red Scare? According to a 1964 House Investigative Committee report on Un-American Activities, the KKK. In fact, they made it to places the Commies never dreamed of: the Supreme Court. And they certainly killed more Americans than any domestic Commie ever did, and not just during the Civil  Rights era. In fact, they haven’t stopped. While you spank your tiny pud to this Aryan meth whore, just remember the stand she has taken against institutional racism and the Klan in particular. Oh wait. She hasn’t taken one. They are her patrons too.

Joe Mahma

Typos and Crappy Stats!

From:Maguire, Phil [mailto:Phil.Maguire@Takata.com] Sent: Monday, March 21, 2005 1:35 PM

To: editor@impiousdigest.com

Subject: ON your statistics…

“Mark Twain put it best: ‘There are lies, damned lies, and statistics. And also, your mother is a whore.'”

You may want to have someone with a basic high school level grasp of math check over your statistics.  Your second set of statistics state that 16% of abortions take place at less than or equal to 6 weeks, 17% at 7 weeks, 21% eight weeks 64% Beyond 9 weeks.  That adds up to 118% plus 4% error.  Plus those numbers do not match the 58% of abortions that take place in the first eight weeks… way to look credible.

Dear Phil,

You imply that one typo in  dozens of cited statistics discredits the whole argument in question. I will, for the sake of argument, agree you are correct that the stats are in error. Fine.

From this paltry concession, however, you conclude the entire pro-life argument has no credibility. For this to be accurate, however, you must also discredit the rest of the stats and the survivors, witnesses, medical literature, doctors, et al, that were also cited in the articles. This you did not do. Why?

Could it be the only thing you bring to the table is a evidence of a typo and nothing else? Is this your idea of bringing the entire pro-life movement to a halt? Way to look credible, butt goblin.

Thou fool! thou pestilent pile of duh! Try again!

The Ed

Abortion Photos Fake?

From: XXXXXXXX [mailto:coconutXXX@yahoo.com] Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 4:54 PM To: editor@impiousdigest.com

Not Fake

One of the genuine photos which cost abortion providers a libel case: another baby at 10 weeks. Other pictures here. For a similar letter, see below. (Click image to enlarge)

To whom it may concern,

I am very concerned on what you are trying to get across and promote in your article Roe vs. Wade. The pictures you are showing are not valid pictures of all abortions. [sic]  In fact there are different kinds. The pictures you are showing [are the] the illegal  kind which is 7th and 8th trimester [sic] when in all reality most women get abortions in the 1st or 2nd  trimester for valid reasons and it’s not even a baby yet when it doesn’t  have a brain, fingers, or toes. Do you think jacking off is killing a millions of babies or a women having her period is killing a baby?

Coconut rides home from the abortion clinic, about to give us a piece of her mind.

I think your sending a false message to women of all ages. There are different types of abortions and the ones you are showing is not even legal. [sic]  It is the women’s choice to decide and that can be for numerous of reasons it is not a case of not wanting a child (It is not even a life until a certain trimester) It’s a case of rape, incest, being a drug addict and not wanting to bring a child up as a drug addict, a child being born with AIDS, having children in some case could harm the women’s life. Many of these women eventually choose to adopt or have children with the right person and the right time. You are sending a very bad message you need to be open minded and look at both sides.

Dear Coconut,

Baby at 7th to 8th trimester.

7th and 8th trimesters? Are you saying, perchance, that the average pregnancy lasts 21-24 months rather than 9? How neat!

So yes, in one respect you are correct. Killing a fetus at the 7th or 8th trimester is illegal, because we’re now talking birthed children over a year old.

Here, Kool-Aid Man explains how he came to be, using sperm as an analogy to water, and the egg as an analogy to the flavored Kool-Aid powder. He notes that water and and powder are not the same thing. He is a product of both, to be sure, but is now “a unique, new and delicious chemical reaction” which we know and love as Kool-Aid.

For someone concerned about getting the facts straight and looking at both sides, you start off your argument with a series of falsehoods.

1. You say late-term abortions are illegal. They are not. Late-term abortion is not illegal in any state. Though laws were passed prohibiting some forms of them, the federal courts have struck them down, including the last attempt to control late-term abortions which was signed into law by President Bush in 2004. This was struck down by a federal judge in New York City circa last summer.

2. You compare the unfertilized egg to the fertilized one. No doctor would ever do such a thing, and your doing it shows an appallingly poor understanding of basic biology. You also compare sperm to the fertilized egg, again, the kind of idiocy even Planned Parenthood avoids. You assert, therefore, that the egg alone can create life, and that the sperm alone can create life. You may as well equate a glass of water and a pack of  Kool-Aid powder to the grape drink it produces, or a seed to a plant.

3. You say the pictures are false.  However, the doctors who signed the papers asserting the examined fetal remains and fetal photos are real did so under oath. They had no problem repeating these assertions when the libel case was tried and abortion providers lost a case in which they wrongly claimed the pictures were fakes.

4. You cite rape and the possibility of birth defects as the usual reason women abort, as opposed to career, convenience and financial considerations; which is the real reason most women abort, according to the Allen Guttamacher Institute (the abortion industry’s favored statisticians). Let us keep in mind that the Nazis also had a policy of killing the handicapped and mentally retarded. (Since they killed the retarded, this could have put you in the cross-hairs, so your excusing such behavior betrays a disturbing, albeit understandable self-hatred.) Why did the Nazis kill the mentally handicapped? They did it for “economic considerations” because they were “useless eaters”. Pretty much the same reason women abort children with or suspected of having birth defects: for “economic considerations.”

A visit at an Auschwitz memorial site notes:

  • National Geographic 4-D Imaging of Fetal Development Startling images from inside the womb break new ground.
  • Zogby Poll: Majority of Americans Pro-life A December 2004 poll conducted by Zogby International confirms that by a 53% to 36% margin, the public supports the statement, “Abortion destroys a human life and is manslaughter.”
  • Pro-life Democrats Go on Offensive  Eight years of losing seats in Congress and the Senate start sinking in: the Democrats’ continued intolerance of 43% of the party’s pro-lifers is not a recipe for success.

“By 1945 two out of every three European Jews had been killed by the Nazis. 1.5 million children were murdered. This figure includes more than 1.2 million Jewish children, tens of thousands of Gypsy children and thousands of handicapped children.”  Click here for source site.

P.S. According to the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, or CBR, those photos not signed and examined by doctors themselves  come from several other sources: “‘The first source is the authoritative, William’s Obstetrics, 20th Edition, Gary Cunningham, MD, Paul C. MacDonald, MD, Norman F. Gant, MD, Kenneth J. Leveno, MD, Larry C. Gilstrap III, MD, Gary D. V. Hankins, MD & Steven L. Clark, MD (Copyright 1997 by Appleton and Lange, A Simon & Schuster Company) beginning at page1026, Table 44-4, “Predicted Menstrual Age (MA) in Weeks From Crown-Rump Length (CRL) Measurements (in Centimeters)

CBR’s physicians also rely on a highly regarded book called The Color Atlas of Clinical Embryology, 2nd Edition, Keith L. Moore, T.V.N. Persaud & Kohei Shiota (Copyright 2000 by W. B. Saunders Company) at page 49, Table 21,

Criteria for Estimating Developmental Stages in Human Embryos.” This reference contains age to crown/rump length relationships, etc. from 19-21 days post-conception through 56 days (the end of the embryonic period). At page 52, Table 3-1, you will find criteria for establishing age through the fetal period, including age-crown/rump length relationships from 9 weeks through 38. ‘”

That murder has been committed, is now acknowledged by all. That it has been so committed, and the malefactors have acted under such authority, as to carry the guilt of treason, cannot be doubted. Protection from these crimes, is the first duty of government, and the object for which it is invested with its highest powers. But protection cannot be secured, by the ordinary means. Shall it therefore be abandoned? Shall we forego, in behalf of’ freemasonry, or through fear of it, the primary purpose of civil organization?

The Proceedings of the United States Anti-Masonic Convention; Address to the People of the United States, Held in Philadelphia, September 11, 1830.

Sara Lee, eat your heart out. Masons prepare for a ritual bake off in Sweden. The judge is a mason too, so the girl scouts don’t stand a chance. The guy in the middle is a new initiate.

Paganism and Freemasonry; Thomas Paine

From: Colin Mayer [mailto:]

Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2005 9:21

PM To: editor@impiousdigest.com Subject: More Anti-Masons

I Googled more stuff on Ex-Masons…I thought you might find this link interesting…

Many secrets of the Masons are revealed… It becomes apparent to the reader that the subjects are drawn in by intrigue and curiosity and then unknowingly brainwashed-The ones who actually thought about was going on, and were decent Christians, renounced the paganism; I guess the others who realize it renounce their faith, which probably allows them to obtain higher levels in the order.


“King Solomon himself lost favor with the Lord because his wives led him astray, and he followed other gods, including Ashtoreth, the goddess of the Sidonians, Chemosh, the god of Moab, and others. He also built a temple for Moloch, pictured here, a god worshipped with the mass incineration of children.* (1 Kings 11:4-13) For such rebelliousness the glory of the Lord would depart from Solomon’s Temple, never to return.” (Quoted from your own website.)

“The candidate is caused to represent a character named Hiram Abif. Even though there is no historical evidence to back up any part of the “drama” that is about to unfold, it is explained to the candidate, or initiate, that Grand Master Hiram Abif was the Grand Architect at the building of King Solomon’s Temple. Supposedly, Hiram knows some sort of a secret which, by its mere possession, a person would be allowed to pass himself off as a Master Mason, or journeyman builder, if you will, thus allowing him to travel and work in foreign countries, and to receive Masters’ wages.

Supposedly this “Hiram Abif” built Solomon’s Temple.

“Masonic scholar Albert Mackey, in his Manual of the Lodge, taught that the legend of Hiram Abif was borrowed from the ancient mysteries of early Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece. Hiram represents the gods Osiris, Baal and Bacchus.

The compass and square, an emblem often seen in Masonic art and engraving, represents ancient pagan solar deities. Men initiated into Freemasonry’s 32nd degree are not told that the symbol depicts Osiris the sun-god and Isis, the ‘goddess of a thousand names.'”

Anyway Hiram Abif=Baal=the god jeezebel and her false prophets worshiped in the Old Testament, causing Solomon to lose favor with God, thus God leaving his temple. There is no doubt in my mind that the name Baal is synonymous with Satan. Hiram Abif is believed to have constructed the temple of Solomon, this may perhaps include more than one temple—the temples that were built for false gods. One must look at this in an allegorical sense: Solomon’s literal temple was the one built, supposedly, by Hiram Abif-now, freemasons (as the ex-mason highlights later in his explanations) are (“Some of the most sublime symbolisms of Freemasonry relate to the building of this spiritual temple under the principles and tenets of Freemasonry, based upon the building of Solomon’s Temple by Operative Masons.

These Operative Masons constructed the material temple of stones, cedars, with ornamentations of gold and precious stones, while Freemasons are constructing the spiritual temple of moral, ethical and spiritual virtues.”) masons that construct temples of “morals.” It is butchery of the word “morals” to use it in context with masons, but the main meaning of the ritual comes through-the subject being initiated takes on the role of Abif (satan) and symbolically “dies” and is “resurrected.” The Masons’ allegorical symbol becomes apparent-the Masons place Satan under the role of Christ, mocking the mere essence of Christianity and “baptizing” their subjects. Abif also may symbolize more than just Satan, but also literally the initiate…many new age religions embrace the worship of “self”…aka the worship of bullshit. The idea of Satanism is that man becomes his own god, this is synonymous with the beliefs of freemasonry and “new agers.” No, this isn’t the new age, just recycled shit from prehistoric times.

Self worship pretty much says that you should only care about yourself and no one else. The worship of self has led to such wonderful world events such as the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution (starting communism in Russia), and Nazism. (The first two were examples of effete upper classes more concerned with fucking and eating than their own people, and the second addressing the fact that Nazis believed that the Aryan race was superior to all others, as though they were gods.)

Keep up the good work and know that you’re not alone.

Dear Colin,

Thomas Paine, the author of “Common Sense” and a major catalyst of the American Revolution, wrote an interesting and authoritative piece on the origin of Freemasonry, and does parallel some of what you just mentioned regarding ancient pagan religions. You can download the PDF and see the web version here.

According to Paine,  “From these reports and declarations of Masons of the highest order in the institution, we see that Masonry, without publicly declaring so, lays claim to some divine communication from the creator, in a manner different from, and unconnected with, the book which the Christians call the bible; and the natural result from this is, that Masonry is derived from some very ancient religion, wholly independent of and unconnected with that book. To come then at once to the point, Masonry (as I shall show from the customs, ceremonies, hieroglyphics, and chronology of Masonry) is derived and is the remains of the religion of the ancient Druids; who, like the Magi of Persia and the Priests of Heliopolis in Egypt, were Priests of the Sun.”

The Ed

The Counter-Masonic Order

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 22:49:54 -0500 From: Colin Mayer <colinmayer@gmail.com> To: editor@impiousdigest.com Subject: The Counter-Masonic Order

“Mason, behold thyself, and be not proud. Black & Decker never made a better tool.”

To all the authors, editors and anyone else involved with this website:

Thank you for your insight in everything that you have written about; so far it’s flawless, connected, and makes sense to the highest degree. Your thesis on the Book of Revelation is brilliant, fortified in stone, while other ones (such as the seventh day Adventist theory) are no better than a house built on sand. Let it be known that I have learned more from your website in two days than all the watered down shit I’ve heard on the news for the past years. It all makes sense; to atheists, faltering Christians and “new agers” this site would seem like “just a vast conspiracy.” To those who are intelligent, and view the world skeptically, however, realize that it is a giant plot, but there’s one mastermind behind it. He’s the entity that no one believes exists anymore. Satan. To most it would seem like madness, but what you propose is no different than Cassandra prophesying the fate of Troy to its people; man no longer believes that evil exists in the world.


The control that evil has gained over society has deeply disturbed me.I was wondering if you (or any other of the journalists working for your website) have ever discovered any evidence of a secret order to counter the growing evil of the masonic, satanic and evil orders? The church, of course, would be the most obvious balance to the debauchery of the masons and Satanists, but have you come across anything else in your research?


Colin N. Mayer

Dear Colin,

Historically, such an opposition has occurred here in America. In fact, in the 1830s it became a political party that offered a presidential candidate. As Christian opposition to slavery grew, abolitionists realized that the fiercest supporters of expanding slavery were freemasons, particularly in the south. This, among other factors which included a crisis in the judicial integrity of the nation, helped create the Anti-Masonic Party.

It’s inevitable that any society of men who lives to undermine the rights of those less fortunate than themselves will reap what they sow. It’s also inevitable that the more intelligent elements of the wronged class, upon understanding the structure and discipline of a given order, will emulate and and improve the tactics of the same when attacking it in kind. Therein lies the risk of becoming what you hate most. Can one counter evil with evil? Hate with hate?

Awareness is the answer. There really is no need for a secret order; those who seek justice and the preservation of rights have nothing to be ashamed of, their fight is a noble one. Those, however, who seek to undermine the judiciary system, or law enforcement, their quest for secrecy is rooted in the fact that their deeds are illegal and odious.

Is it odious to do good, and be your brother’s keeper? to love your fellow American as yourself? Knowledge is power, so be good to your neighbor: empower him. Share what you find with them.

At bottom, most masons join their order because they seek status, rank. They want to be admired or respected by peers. But if peers think less of you because you’re a grown man and still play childish games; still wear an apron and silly one-legged slacks, robes or hoods, learn secret handshakes, earnestly seek the company of bigots and racists; if this is how  the world eventually perceives you… then the incentive to join the company of such men will diminish. And it is for this reason the mason begins to hate those outside the order: it’s not that most outside the order are necessarily clueless, it’s that they know exactly what’s going on. They just chose a better way, one that didn’t yoke them to an unknown master, and still allowed them to excel without favoritism.

As silly as this sounds, even dangerous, the mason should be more pitied than feared.  Involuntary slavery is bad enough, but voluntary slavery cannot be achieved without total absence of human dignity. And in freemasonry, there can be no Masters without Slaves, and the latter make up 99% of the orders, whether Klan or York rite masons.

What secrets can any order hold today, in this age of information? Right now, we have the technology to prove definitively whether or not a man is lying. I don’t mean a standard lie detector test either. It’s a device that measures the brain activity in certain areas of the brain which are lit up when a person attempts to lie. Lies force the brain to think more as opposed to a person whom is simply telling the truth: it’s common sense but now the technology exists to actually see it as it happens. Undoubtedly, this type of lie detector is used in interrogating enemy combatants, and you can’t cheat on it. So eventually the time will come when this device will be admissible in court.

Who do you think fears that most of all?

The Ed

The Cult of Job
From: ezsalmon21@yahoo.com]
Sent: Sunday, February 13, 2005 12:05 PM
To: editor@impiousdigest.com
Subject: Re: past e-mail Re: Our Children
Dear Editor,
We have been so busy just trying to get help to fight the “freemasonry affect” here in Arcata, California. We never even took a moment to look at your website. Two words to describe it: impressive and informative. Two words of our appreciation: Thank you. When I met my new girlfriend for the first time with three children, I knew I would be a stepfather and a proud husband. What I did not know about the masons and freemasonry was at best, “I don’t know? Who are they?” After and continuing research while our two girls where involved with the Job’s Daughters. We decided to pull them out. Somehow this was found out and the ex-husband has the backing of the resources of the masonic lodge, attorney and the judge here in Humboldt County all are from the masonic order.
Here are some thoughts about what we feel has been planted in our society. Infiltration by the freemasonry and splinter sects are everywhere in our everyday lives. The “Johnny Apple Seed”  of mind control has triggered its seeds of “expendables” for the cause, to implode amongst the rocks that disrupts the path of vision they wish to tread. Across our backs and through our judicial system regardless of the shock and aw we see in our faces when we look into the smallest of mirrors to a puddle of water.
Even our churches have been infiltrated by the freemasonry and are planting more seeds. We as a couple have a sign in our hearts that reads “Albert Pike Free Zone” and will stand with anyone in the struggle to pursue such a endeavor. Those of slavery remember all to well what it took to regain their freedom, lets not allow their fight to freedom to be in vain.

Klan Robe’s Star and Crescent

From: John Cooper [xxxxxx@hotmail.com] Sent: Sunday, January 23, 2005 5:08 PM To: editor@impiousdigest.com Subject: KKK Robe

Hey man,

Love the site. Kicks ass.

Anyway; was bumming around a few websites when I came across this old-time postcard of an original KKK Robe. You’ll notice that the robe is red, not white, and has an Islamic cresent-moon and star over the right side of the chest. The postcard was originally published in 1912, and the robe is currently in the possession of the Giles County Historical Society; or so says the website, which you can find at:


Take care, man. And keep up the good work.


A Klansman/Vampire Hunter Writes…

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 02:47:41 -0800 (PST)

From: Robert H <vampire8hunter@yahoo.com>

Subject: A Klansman

To: editor@impiousdigest.com

You can bad mouth the Ku Klux Klan all you want but I know for a fact Non-Whites make up a good 90% of the problems in The White Mans World!

Dear Robert,

With a screen name like vampire8hunter@yahoo.com, how can anyone question your grasp of reality?

Hmm. You hunt vampires. What else do you hunt? werewolves? zombies? Bigfoot?  may I offer a suggestion?

Why not hunt for what you really and truly want? Something, like say… some enormous Aryan cock to keep your otherwise pointless yapper occupied? (Don some kneepads and hang around the Green Room at the Jerry Springer Show, you might get lucky.)

Better yet, why not hunt for a clue, you inbred Dixie Prick?

I won’t dignify your email with a serious response- it might imply your opinion matters and that you don’t, as a race terrorist, embarrass every white man on earth by association.

Eat me, sheet head.

The Ed

Falsely Asserting Copyright Infringement to Censor Online Content

Some background on the last two letters: these are posted to illustrate the abuse of copyright law to censor our online content (i.e., knocking an entire site offline). The issues herein have since been resolved and Simhauser has apologized.

Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 17:00:59 -0500

“Behold, most impious imbecile, this gesture is not copyright protected either; I offer it freely.”

From: “S.C.Simshauser” <72567.2742@compuserve.com>

Subject: Gylarian


I can only presume whoever is using the pen-name “Gylarian” in your publication picked up the term from my published works. I suppose that in some ways I should be flattered. However your use of it is injurious to my work.

This is my second email regarding this. I have discussed the use of my character race name with a lawyer who deals in matters of intellectual property rights for science fiction writers and he advises I have recourse that could be pursued.  I’d prefer we settle this calmly and amicably (writer-to-writer).

It appears some work has been done – and I thank you. but, the job is not yet complete.

Please remove/change the word “Gylarian” from your publications, pages, stories, and files. Thank-you.

Hell, changing it to “GayRyan” would satisfy me -just quit using “gylarian” and expunge the word “gylarian” from your website. to wit:

http://impiousdigest.com/tom_of_finland.htm -Cult leader 13th Sniper Victim (I checked CNN, “gylarian” doesn’t show up in their searches.) http://impiousdigest.com/hospital.htm http://impiousdigest.com/parishioners.htm impiousdigest.com/Love_Cave_2.htm etc.

I wish you well, just stop harming me.

Respectfully yours, Steve Simshauser

Steve Simhauser

Dear Steve,

Not only is your IP claim asinine and insulting, you’re barking up the wrong tree. If I wanted to harm your fragile ego, I would write a scathing review of your works online and really give you something to cry about. Now, the burden of proof is on you. Where is the copyright infringement specifically? If you can give me one paragraph or even one line of text that has been copied from your published works, I’ll remove all references to Gylarian and post an apology on page one.


Gylarian was used as a screen name, not a pen name, by the writer in question. Nor is it clear that he has ever read your work. In fact, it is not clear if anyone has. From what I can tell, you write comic books, and the writer is a grown man.

You cannot sue for infringement on the use of a character’s name when it is not used for commercial purposes or used in the process of communicating it via print or broadcast media. In fact, you cannot copyright it all. According to the authority here, the US Copyright Office:


Several categories of material are generally not eligible for federal copyright protection. These include among others:

Works that have not been fixed in a tangible form of expression (for example, choreographic works that have not been notated or recorded, or improvisational speeches or performances that have not been written or recorded)

Titles, names, short phrases, and slogans; familiar symbols or designs; mere variations of typographic ornamentation, lettering, or coloring; mere listings of ingredients or contents…”

You cannot sue an internet user who chooses a character from your works as a screen name. For example, Batman the movie is copyrighted and the name is a trademark. Yet if I want to, I can make a screen name like BatmanLovesMe@aol.com. can I be sued for it? Sure, one can be sued for breathing in America. This doesn’t make a triable case. The question is whether or not the lawsuit will be tossed out of court outright, and how much you’ll have to fork out in court costs for wasting everyone’s time..

Gylarian, as referred to in the works cited, is the screen name of the writer. It is not his pen name.

You can register a trademark on that name, and then sue anyone who uses it FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES if you’re so intent on making an ass of yourself.

Like myself, the digest’s legal counselors couldn’t help but chuckle when I passed this email on to them. Thanks for the shits and giggles 🙂

The Ed

Steve Watches “Law and Order”

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 15:53:36 -0500

“Thy fiction sucketh profoundly. Copyright thy excrement, and thou shalt sooner see a royalty.”

From: “S.C.Simshauser” <72567.2742@compuserve.com>

Subject: Gylarian – violation detailed

Sender: “S.C.Simshauser” <72567.2742@compuserve.com>

Note: use of the term “Gylarian” is protected under common-law trademark -which was established by its first use in commerce (i.e. first sale). Insofar as the geographic region of use, sales were throughout the US and Canada, (and some in a few in other countries). I see no choice except to file for federal registration, which would reinforce the common-law trademark and be retroactive to its first use.  Don’t worry, you haven’t offended my ego or sensibilities. However, as a writer who makes money selling manuscripts to publication editors, et.al., I must consider my market.

The editors I sell to are likely people who surf the web. There is a probability that they will visit your website. On your site they are likely to pick up an association between the word “gylarian” and a homosexual who stuffs bottles up his ass. Subsequently, when they are asked to review and pass judgement on a manuscript of mine, their judgement may be tainted (even if only at the sub-conscious level) by the link between my story protagonist and images of bottles getting extracted from assholes. And as a result, I contend what is on your site reduces my likelihood of a sale.

The potential reduction of future sales and dilution of value are my primary concerns and why I ask you to change the screen name (pen-name, whatever you may to call it) to something that does not overlap my work or infringe my trademark.

The lawyer I’ve talked with cited an instance for comparison: Warner Bros., who holds the trademark for “Harry Potter”, a few years ago sent notice to some kid who had set up a “harrypotterguide.co.uk” fansite. The Warner notice said they were in violation of trademark and lawsuits would be filed.  A bit draconian (a request for removal or royalty/licensing would have been sufficient), but Warner was legally correct and within their rights (and the website no longer exists). [sic]

So, contrary to popular belief, violation of trademark does not require “commercial use”. As I understand the legalities, the test is whether or not the use dilutes the value or confuses the link between source and product. A lot of people have similar misconceptions about copyright.

The webmaster/editor is responsible for the content of their system/site. Upon becoming aware of illegal content, regardless of its source, they are obligated to take corrective action or else risk being found guilty of complicity. Now that the email address of the original offender is known, he will also be contacted.

I do not call for all the material on impiousdigest.com and its subpages be taken down, only that the instances of use of my trademark be changed throughout the site (search-and-replace/respell the one word). If there are other remedial actions you would like to suggest, I’ll think about it.

I try to ask nicely -and assume I’m dealing with a reasonable intellect. If I offend, my apologies -and I can make adjustments. With that in mind, I send this letter to the initial offender, the offending site, and its ISP.

Please correct your violation. Failure to comply will prompt me to consider further actions.

Regards, Steve Simshauser

Dear Steve,

Please consider this action before any other: blow me and self-immolate.

In Warner Bros vs. 15 yr. old Clair Field…

Warner Bros. sent a legal letter, and after a media outcry, backed down after bullying the young girl. Here’s an excerpt from a press article on the case:

“It was a ‘clerical error’ and there had been a ‘terrible misunderstanding’. That what WB’s head of publicity had to say anyway. In fact, so impressed is WB by Claire’s site (which, frankly, is better that all the bells-and-whistles official sites) that it might give Claire a free licence to become an official Potter site. Wow! Lucky girl.”  

Warner Bros Backs down on Harry Potter Web Site The Register, 15 December 2000

Even if Warner Bros. did sue and win, this does not compare to someone’s non-commercial use of a trademarked race of space dragons  for a screen name. For starters, the young webmaster in the said case actually went to the trouble of registering “Harry Potter” as a domain without authorization. Warner Bros. was perhaps within their right, but as you can see, by attacking a fan site they only bred enmity.

Under your argument, however, Trekkies who make screen names like Klingon on their internet account would be liable for infringement. For the sake of argument, I’ll pretend copyright and trademark supersedes the 1st amendment and that those who use Klingon in their screen names are guilty of infringement; but even so, simply referring to someone by their given screen name  is PERFECTLY FUCKING LEGAL.

My copyright attorney and I spoke about this over lunch today and she said it was a 1st Amendment no-brainer. After bursting into laughter because your lawyer cited a case that blew up in Warner Bros. face, she offered the following:

Let’s say a woman loves your shitty ass work and names her child Gylarian, but that child grows up to be a homosexual who shoves bottles up his ass. Would you have a right to make him change his name because his fetish  “subliminally diminishes the value of your work?” I’m sorry, but no. You’re not that good, no one is and no  copyright law or trademark was never meant to extend so far.

But what if this guy also makes a gay porn site with the url gylarian.sucks.com. Would you have a right to sue?  Nope. Not unless he slanders you do you have legal recourse via libel laws. And even if it is a commercial fetish site, he still had no role in the creation of his own name. Hence, you would have to sue his mom. And then, because she has nothing to do with the site or his fetish, you’re screwed. And much less would you have a right to sue those who refer to this man by his given name.

You may ask him to change his name, however. And he may even do it. Legally, however, you cannot force him to do it. Nor can you sue his mother for naming him Gylarian or for refusing to pay you royalties.

Wait. Actually, you can. Again, you can sue a man for breathing but…

In this particular case, you stand to lose more money than you’d earn on royalties or sales. In US courts, the plaintiff is liable for court fees when and if the case is lost, and my lawyers are hungry for litigation, because they smell blood.

All of which is to say, you’re a goddamned fool and the only reason I’m even bothering to address your claim is to illustrate the abuse of copyright law to censor online content. My ISP did take my site down completely for a few minutes, I’m not sure if you had anything to do with it. (We’re still investigating this.)

You should hope it was not on your account, because if it was on account of your threat, this actually did result in a triable grievance, and if anyone has cause for legal action it certainly isn’t you.. Even though impiousdigest.com was offline for just a few minutes, the legal department here is debating whether or not your false accusations to our ISP constitute a serious libel on your part, if indeed they did, as a false pretense, result in the interruption of this site’s operation.


Clair Field’s Harry Potter Guide is still online.


Pissed off DeMolay Mason Insists he’s No Tool

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 17:15:27 -0800 (PST)

“Thou tard. Behold thyself, and be not proud. Craftsman and Black & Decker never made a better tool.”

From: Kyle Corwin <kj_corwin@yahoo.com>

To: editor@impiousdigest.com

I am a Georgia Demolay state officer, and I totally disagree with your OPINIONS on the Knights Templar, Masons and Demolay. and in my Opinion you are WRONG totally WRONG!! and I think if you had any sense what so ever you would be dangerous have you ever been to a masonic meeting? or a Demolay meeting? i think not!

Dear Kyle,

First, of all, you simp, it’s DeMolay, not Demolay. Second of all, your argument is a simple “you are WRONG” and nothing else. This is just below the1st grade counter-point “I’m rubber, you’re glue, everything you say bounced back to you!”

Are you so clueless as to believe for a second that just because you’re a mason your credibility is unimpeachable? You defend things you know nothing about because from day one you’ve agreed to have these same things hidden from you.

You say I’ve never been to a meeting? I suppose you say this because your meetings at the lodge, much like your sexual indiscretions with your kin, are all done in secret. I suppose you say this because you are convinced not one high-level Masonic leader has defected to the “profane”; to the interests of the security of the nation. And though your Apprentice Eye-view is charming if not pathetic, I wouldn’t worry. You can watch National Treasure on the 19th of November and see the Templars more “honestly portrayed”. Oh yes, and when you watch that movie, make sure to write back if you find the buried treasure.

Not all Masons are bad, provided they’re Ex-Masons. Unless the yoke of unknown masters is off your shoulders, and your tongue is free to speak, you’re just a tool and help no one but yourself.

In Georgia, ex-DeMolay leaders were instrumental to uncovering the truth about the Atlanta child killings. What have you done for your country, while still dragged by the cable-tow? And whatever it was that you did do, is it anything you would dare tell a fellow American?

You want truth? Well, apron-boy, start digging and open your fucking eyes. Question your blind allegiance to unknown masters.

 The Ed

From: “jerry vanek” <lnlproductions@netzero.com>

To: joe_mahma@impiousdigest.com

“Most unholy tool, thou art a shittohead.”


i, too, oppose abortion, as any person with a moral conscience should.

however, your silly comments about ann coulter and rush limbaugh defy common sense.

it would appear that you are just insanely jealous because either of these two brilliant people could eat your lunch, any day of the week, and are far more respected and well-known than you could ever hope to be.

rush is “full of shit”? what a pathetically dull comment. rush is brilliant, and so is ms. coulter.

i think when it comes to weighing n on the phenomenon of talk radio and conservative commentators, you should actually leave that to people who actually know what they are talking about, because clearly, you do not.

your problem, other than lack of discernment, is the lack of a sense of humor. both ann and rush are amazingly funny, witty, and piercingly accurate in their comments.

try laughing at liberals, it’s really the only way to deal with them. they are totally ignorant on

most every pressing issue. furthermore, both rush and ann have a track record of converting many, though you say that their methods and tone preclude that.

“All junkies should die like pigs in prison. Except me.”

can you say the same?

jv nashville tn

Joe Mahma Replies…

Dear Yammering Shittohead,

Can Rush eat me for lunch? Probably, his feedbag weighs more than I do. As for Ann’s skinny ass, I’m not sure. But I do know I have something she can swallow.

You say I am insanely jealous of these two, which is amusing. This implies I want a future in radio, and I don’t. In truth, I’d rather be a private gynecologist for the Swedish bikini team or Laker Girls. Of such a man I would be insanely jealous, and would lose sleep over it.

Rush’s catering arrives on flatbed truck.

As you can see in this photo, here’s Rush in his lonely little cubicle, doing his radio show. He goes home alone, he’s impotent, if he’s wanted by any women he is wanted not for who he is but for his fame.  And inside him, he knows this because before he ever made it big, he couldn’t find a date for the life of him.  This kind of reality tends to sour a man.

This is the height of your aspirations, not mine. Obscured by a gut that’s half Cheetos and half bile, this man has never seen his own penis, and consequently, his life has been one of profound confusion, self-doubt and rage.  Should he squat to pee or stand? If women lied to him about their love for him, maybe they also lied to him about seeing his penis… and maybe all women are evil.

Rush is a drug addict who instead of showing compassion for those who share his affliction, hypocritically condemns them and no doubt would endorse Kerry himself for a bottle of Vicodin. He’s good at what he does though, and that’s propaganda. He can turn people against the poor with shameless piety, prod a reluctant nation to war, sow racism and intolerance where there was none before. Yes, he is a master of propaganda. But that is like saying someone is good at spontaneous public masturbation or eating paint chips… it impresses no one. Except you.

Ann “Orexia” Coulter Pie Incident

In late October of 2004, Ann was giving a speech at an Arizona university when two men attempted to pie her. Little did they know Ann’s instinctual aversion to food would save the day

Ann picks her nose and holds up a bloody finger too show she’s not doing coke or methamphetamine

You also imply that talk radio is the best medium for making informed decisions, as opposed to  research and objective analysis. But maybe giving each opposing view consideration, reading legislation or bills rather than have it all spoon fed to you by radio pundits is too much to ask of you. Studying legal decisions or reviewing the actual voting records of any given candidate is, perhaps, also too much to ask of you.

Every radio broadcast is filled with “facts”, as you say. But how do you even know if the sources he cited are factual unless you ask for the show’s transcripts? This is not a medium that is designed for informed decisions, only for a type of knee-jerk persuasion that rarely involves anything other than psychological manipulation; appealing to the primal instincts of man, from sex to hate and fear.

Ann Coulter (right) and unnamed freak. WARNING: Do NOT mouse-over this image unless you want to see Ann naked, like below.

Then there’s Ann, the goose-stepping Meth Bunny and Patron Saint of Aryan Nation Biker Gangs. Some have the nerve to question my assertion that Ann’s rabid prose, speeches, and pale bony ass have nothing to with methamphetamine abuse. I suspect a connection, however, and defy you to read her articles and books and not come to the same conclusion.

Ridiculing liberals is just as appropriate as ridiculing right wing wackos, and I do, since both see the world in black and white. They cannot tolerate ambiguity. To tolerate ambiguity means the brain actually has to think for itself so it can resolve conflicting ideas or concepts objectively as possible. It is, in fact, the ultimate in wishful thinking: that evil never hides its face and can be avoided if you choose the right party.

Simps like yourself imply that membership in a given party is the difference between good and evil, and that any crime against humanity can be pardoned if you offer  money and votes to Republicans.

This makes you no different than the leftist baby-killing twat who believes the Democratic party has never erred and remains a virtuous party in touch with Americans, when in fact, the GOP could never control all three legislative branches without their help. Nor is this party any less elitist. Democrats are still in denial. America, in 2004, made it clear they didn’t want them in power, and its time to ask why. Especially since the alternative party is so corrupt.

The GOP’s strength is that it says what the voters want to hear. But it doesn’t act on those promises. and eventually, it’s gonna cost them dearly. For example, the GOP has controlled the House, Senate and Presidency for the last four years. This is the best case scenario for any party, the first time any party has controlled every major legislative branch and could control every bill to be heard on the Senate or House floor. If Lincoln had this much control in Washington DC, there would have been no Civil War.

What then, have they done about abortion, a matter on which we both agree? This was their chance to affect the greatest human rights issue since slavery itself. And they blew it. You would think that after all this time, something would have been done about something as important as finding a legal definition of what human life is, and when it begins. How can we truly have human rights when we refuse to legally define exactly what a human is? It’s true a ban on some forms of late term abortions was passed in 4 years and signed by the president… but it was immediately blocked by the courts and they knew it would be. And it will always be blocked until human life is legally defined.

After 4 years of a best case scenario for the GOP, even a public service announcement from an abortion survivor would have been nice. Do you really think it’s a priority when corporate tax cuts are now the cure-all for every American malady from low wages to rectal warts? Why go after the Enrons and  Kenneth Lays of the corporate world when you can go after some 12 year old downloading an mp3?

As for Rush and Ann debating me, they’re still dumb asses, but smart enough not to give me a podium. But I welcome the chance. Oh yes.

Joe Mahma

Others Disagree with Jerry in Regards to Rush and Ann…

Conservatives Sick of Ann

From: CoulterWatch <coulterwatch@yahoo.com>

Subject: Ann Coulter To: joe_mahma@impiousdigest.com

Dear Joe,

I am the President of Citizens for Principled Conservatism (www.PrincipledConservative.org) and am unalterably opposed to everything that Ann Coulter represents (www.CoulterWatch.com). My essays and talk radio appearances have been highly critical of Coulter and her extremist worldview. Essay examples include: Ann Coulter’s Paradigm, War Heroes and Villains and Ann Coulter Defames Jesus Christ.

Please contact me regarding Ann Coulter.

Thanks in advance.

Dan Borchers



Missing Content on Communism


To: editor@impiousdigest.com

Very impressive website…..almost too much to handle!

“Jesus hated the poor.”

I am wondering a bit more about the connection to communism.  You address the dialectic of hegel, rasputine and some comment on stalin, but that seems to be some important content that is not addressed ( I may have missed the links).

…….(did I give you some more to do?????)

thanks for all your time in the development of this site.



Dear John,

Communist connection to what? Please clarify as this seems to be a good question.

The Ed

Are You the Anti-Christ?

“Friends don’t let friends email while Witnessing.”

From: CATHERINE VILLEGAS <catherine_vir@yahoo.com> To: editor@impiousdigest.com


 Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity DO YOU WANT TO PLAY GOD?



I was debating whether or not to include the attachments you sent, but finally decided against it as a courtesy to our many readers– two of them, in fact, both web bots from search engines. (Two attachments were passages from the Bible and one was some article on polar shifts and/or polar bears.)

First of all, mocking Joseph Smith or the Jehovas Witnesses is not mocking God. It’s a public service. And what makes you think I’m anti-family? because I’m pro-life?

As for your question: no, I am not the Anti-Christ. If I was, I’d be editing the New York Times, running FOX News, or be in charge of your church.

The Ed

Scottish Rite Now Accepting Tards…

“You defend things you know nothing about because from day one you’ve agreed to have these same things hidden from you.”

From: “Miller Service Co.” <millerservice@comcast.net> To: <editor@impiousdigest.com> Subject: Scottish Rite Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 22:01:53 -0500

I can’t believe the propaganda that you are spewing forth!  I am an 18th Degree SR Mason and in all my years here in MO, I have never heard of such rubbish!  In order to get these degrees, a great deal of work goes into it.  I have never heard of nor has it been indoctrinated into me by my bretheren (sic) that the KKK is involved or that the SR sponsors the death penalty.  Nonsense to say the least!  I hope you are proud or your agenda.

-Bryan Miller

Dear Bryan,

There are times when charges are so obscene, the implications of one’s certainty so devastating and grievous, you WANT to be wrong. You forsake the petty ego gratification of knowing you were right in favor of the humbling sting of error; maybe people are kinder than you thought, maybe man does know a limit to cruelty in the treatment of his brothers, even the “profane” as you masons call fellow Americans outside the Craft. This is one of those of those times.

You’ll never know know what the 33rd degree has planned for you until you get to the 30th degree. If you tell me you know the secrets of the 33rd degree masons, I’ll know you’re lying, because if you did know, you’d STFU and realize only someone from the inside could have known what’s being discussed. Speaking of hard work, enlighten us, won’t you? Just what did you have to do to advance? donate money? fund raise? corrupt a jury? intimidate a judge or bribe a coroner to make 36 stab wounds a suicide, not murder?

You’re kept in the dark by degrees for a reason– to be used for ends you know nothing about, because had you known it all from the beginning, your sense of decency would make you recoil in disgust or horror.

The fact remains your ilk created the Klan and defends them to this day. They have to, because the SR’s complicity in covering the ass of Klan indiscretions, if fully exposed, would leave none of them in office. Look at the Oklahoma City Bombing trial. Look at the efforts to conceal Klan involvement the minute Tim McVeigh’s ties to the Aryan Republican Army and Elohim City surfaced. Why do it? because the SR has members in both parties. Al Gore is Scottish Rite. So is Newt Gingrich, Trent Lott, etc. Look at Sen. Robert Byrd, a Democrat and Scottish Rite member also. Do you think the FBI doesn’t know of his presence in at least one major Klan lynching of a black gentleman in W. Virginia? He was a Klan recruiter. The SR continues to dominate politics in the the South, regardless of party.

I never said the practices of the Templars, real and alleged, still continue today. I am saying that in many cases, as with the Klan, they are exceeded. The Templars spit and urinated on the cross in initiation ceremonies, but as a test. It’s why Pope Clement the 5th pardoned them (albeit to no avail) circa the Templar persecutions which culminated in 1314’s execution of Grand Master Jaques DeMolay.

The Templar Knights of the Ku Klux Klan burn the cross: so in terms of desecration, how does this compare to spitting on it? Moreover, the man who created the ritual of the cross burning was a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Sovereign Grand Commander, Albert Pike. Research it yourself, read both sides of the story and not just the elder-sanctioned paperbacks at your lodge library.

Here’s my challenge to you:

If you can prove the Klan was not founded by Confederate Scottish Rite masons, in particular Albert Pike… I’ll shut down the site and offer an apology.

But if you cannot prove your claim, you owe everyone an apology, for breathing and for wasting our time.

Click to enlarge
One of over 3,000 FBI documents pointing to white supremacist involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing which were withheld in the McVeigh Trial. (Click to enlarge)

It seems to me you expect us to believe you just because

  • you say so
  • because you’re a mason

Isn’t that a tad arrogant?

Bryan, obviously you’ve spent too much time in the company of men who don’t expect you to think for yourself, who expect you to believe everything they say at face value. And thus, it makes it easy for you to assume we will take your word at face value, as well.

Not a chance, apron boy. Not all of us abandoned our natural sense of reasoning and objective analysis for a secret handshake– for petty masonic privileges and the false sense of superiority that comes with them.

You cannot prove a thing with secrecy. Thus, you cannot hope to win this argument when you defend things you know nothing about because from day one, you’ve agreed to have these same things hidden from you. You’re obviously clueless as to the history of the Scottish Rite when you didn’t even know a Klan founder lies entombed in the SR’s temple headquarters in DC. And you’re 18th degree? At least they lowered the bar. It’d be nice, and certainly fitting, to see the Shriners parade in a little yellow bus for a change.

Someone once said “For men loved the darkness because they knew their deeds were evil.” Tell me who it was who said this. And why your society embraces and protects those who burn his symbol on the lawns of Jews and blacks; if not bombing and burning his churches.

The Ed

Just a thought

From: DrDreydenAOD@cs.com Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 21:47:30 EST

Subject: just a thought

To: editor@impiousdigest.com

hello, editor.  I am one of open mind, though my views tend to be sueded more liberally than some.  I’ve read quite a few of the works and many good points are given, but some things are missing.  Firstly, with the Masonic accusations, I’d like more information directly about the Masons- are these the same Masons that do charity and ride around in parades? Granted, the KKK does charity work, too, but I need more Masonic folly to accuse my late grandfather of following such a way.  Second, your disregard of women’s rights caught me quite off guard.  Why does abortion need to be kept legal?  Well, it isn’t the best thing, in my opinion, but when such limits are put on to freedom, where, then, do they stop?  Certain Muslim society persecutes women for various “infractions.”  For example, if a woman is raped, she is imprisoned for longer than the man.  If a woman has a miscarriage, she is imprisoned for infanticide.  If a woman has an abortion (to avoid the growing popularity of “honor killings”) after being raped or for health endangering reasons, she is sentenced to death or imprisoned for great lengths of time.  And this doesn’t even cover the world-wide (yes, even in America) vaginal mutation of women (called “female circumcision).  Look into it a little just once, and you may see the horrors of oppressing women across the globe.  Finally, I call one thing in to question that you so profusely attack- the Klan itself.  Now, I can’t understand how you can accuse the KKK of so many abuses without parralleling it to the power it gets from the NRA.  HOW did you miss this?  And please, rest assured, there are many more dangerous invisible empires out there than a dying principle, and an even older cause in the KKK.  The things you accuse go WAY PAST the KKK…..  the KKK is the surface, a diversion.  There’s even more dangerous white supremacy groups- tradition is meaning less and less and the society is dying with the old politicians.  Good Illuminati referance, though, and the Masonic image on the dollar bill was also pleasing.  But I’m going to try to help you out here and point to Russia and ask you- how, exactly, knowing what you know, did mobsters take over Russia?  And you need to think about, what does that have to do with the Middle East war zones directly?  It seems obvious, but it’s not as obvious as it looks, that’s all I can say- o, and try to get that American connection in there- Ronnie Reagan??? hmm…. anyways, keep up the good work


Dear Alcibaides,

My disregard of women’s rights? Stop yourself right there doc. What gives you the right to speak for all women? I didn’t, why should you? The pro-life movement in America is spearheaded by the same woman who gave us abortion via Roe vs. Wade. To imply all women support and promote abortion is an insult to them and a gross generalization.

Norma McCorvey, the Roe in Roe vs. Wade, is in court right now trying to change this decision. No one is forcing her to do it. If anyone is oppressing women, it’s the courts who block McCorvey’s attempts to re-examine the case.

The Klan does charity work? since when? I’m not sure you’re in America or know anything about our history, but these are terrorists and remain so.

As for the NRA, I know they’re crooked bastards. If you read It Was Johnson, you have some 900 pages of documentation and videos on everything you asked regarding the masons.

The Ed

From: Dan Cook [mailto:DanielECook@comcast.net]

Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2004 5:18 PM

To: editor@impiousdigest.com

Subject: Moon landing hoax?


Go there, they say that the moon video (on your site) was faked. Then go to http://www.moontruth.com/. I don[t know where you got that clip from originally, but it seems to of been faked. I am still at a loss of what to think of this moon landing, although I would like to think it’s real. The faked video is, however, very good.


Dan Cook

Dear Dan,

Gullible Englishman is crying now, but wait until he finds out about the moon landing and the crooked bastards at NASA.

Yeppers, the video is a fake. You’re right, Dan. My understanding was that the video was made to demonstrate how easy it was to fake a moon landing. Initially I wanted to see how many people would believe the landing was faked upon viewing it, as opposed to how many would cry it was a fake. Then I pretty much forgot all about it since no one really believed the landing was real anyway, except for two people in 200,000:

How to Fake a Moon Landing This might explain why we haven’t built a moon colony after 30 years of technological advances; or why we can’t even put the space shuttle in lunar orbit. Or it might not. Tell us what you think, email the editor@impiousdigest.com.

We can’t put the space shuttle in lunar orbit because the astronauts wouldn’t survive the Van Allen radiation belt. We haven’t built a colony because we never went. And the moon craters pictured on Apollo’s descents are exactly the same as craters photographed by Soviet satellites over Area 51. There are adults that still believe in Santa after a lifetime of unanswered letters to the North Pole.  If they enjoy being tools, paying for NASA’s stairway to heaven, getting pimped by one of the most crooked agencies ever to be funded by the US taxpayer, that’s their right, I suppose. But keep this in mind…even if the hoax was true, the footprints on the moon, and the US flag, would be undisturbed for thousands, if not millions of years. There are no winds and there is no atmosphere on the moon.  Sooner or later a country like China, Japan, Russia or France may send a satellite over the moon to verify whether or not we landed there. And those satellite pictures and video feeds will be verified by objective and credible American observers who answer to Congress. The political ramifications of the fraud exposed will be severe, because the only thing Americans will discern is an attempt to pour more money into the hands of charlatans and criminals.  It’s best to just shut down NASA now, salvage the technology we can use through a new agency, and move on. We shouldn’t kill the space program by any means, but NASA needs to go. Permanently. And any political leader wary enough to know which way the wind blows should distance himself from NASA, as soon as possible.
The Ed

Credit Card Companies

Shakespeare sayeth unto the credit card companies: “Your doom in hell? priceless.”

From: “Tom Downey” <xxxxxxx@hotmail.com> To: editor@impiousdigest.com Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004

Dear Sir,I’m an avid reader of your website, and was reading an article last year sometime about how credit companies control consumer spending. I was looking around and couldn’t find it anywhere. I would really like to print out a copy and show my co-workers, as I feel this article to be very true. If you could help me out and send me the link, it would be much appreciated.

Dear Tom,

Here ya go…the source page is here.

“It was through the introduction of paper debt and fractional reserve banking that…enabled the banking dynasties to loan vast sums of ethereal credit to nations which quickly accrued an un-repayable debit due in the material currency of gold or silver. Thus the power brokers were able to move in and seize control of the financial and economic apparatus of the target nations in question.

“If you find this confusing, apply this principle on an individual level.  Credit cards follow the same principle– they provide unmaterialized credit, more than you can pay at once or in the near future , and through interest, extended payment plans and fees, the lender quickly assumes control of your  financial assets and purchasing power.  The extended payment plans at first glance seem to favor the consumer, but the longer the payment plans are extended, the more severe a penalty they can impose for default.  Chance itself dictates that within any twelve month period, for instance, the typical consumer will miss a payment or two due to unforeseen expenses or loss of wages.  Soon the consumer  collects bad credit ratings, and finds himself unable to purchase a car or home. Thenceforth, as the consumer struggles to rebuild his credit standing,  the lender controls not only his assets, but his purchasing power.  The control of consumer assets, such as your home, usually comes through unpaid second mortgages.

“Nations, like individuals on a credit frenzy, spend an eternity repaying a massive debt, with their version of the Master Card replaced by the International Monetary Fund. And when these nations default on their paper debt, they surrender whatever material assets they have at their disposal– ore, precious metals, oil, etc.”

The Ed

How do we stop them?

“Be thou not a slave to unseen masters, for behold, thou shalt bind thyself to evil and the enmity of a wronged and trusting nation. Then seeth thou whom art ‘profane’, beeyotch!”

From: xxxxx@aol.com Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 13:28:15 EST Subject: HOW DO WE STOP THEM? To: editor@impiousdigest.com



Hey dude,

Lose the caps man. You almost got automatically deleted.

But in regards to your question, the following pages may interest you:

The Patriots John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, John F. Kennedy. What do these presidents all have in common? they spoke out against freemasonry.

The Anti-Masonic Party This was a major political party in 1830, and the answer to your question lies within The Proceedings of the United States Anti-Masonic Convention; Address to the People of the United States:

“Shall we forego, in behalf of’ freemasonry, or through fear of it, the primary purpose of civil organization? If we are true to ourselves it is certain we need not forego it; we can practically enforce it: for the rights of election remain. In these may be found full means– not of punishing the criminals– but of precluding any repetition of their crimes– of giving us that security against them, which is better than punishment; which is, indeed, the only proper object of all human punishment. The use of these means we advocate. Our adversaries reprobate it, and represent it as oppressive and persecuting.

“The exercise of the elective franchise is as much a function of our government as any one performed, by legislatures, executive magistrates, or judges. And the honest, intelligent, and fearless use of it, by all to whom it pertains, is as much a duty…Such a use of the elective function is the duty most imperious, because it is the great corrective, in the last resort, of all other functions.

“To say that the powers of government should not be applied to the masonic outrages at all, would be so preposterous, as justly to excite suspicion of being implicated in them…”

Catholicism and Freemasonry Pope Leo XIII’s Anti-Masonic Encyclical

The Scottish Rite’s KKK Project yep, you guessed it, the Klan is a freemasonic fraternity in structure and origin.

The Modus Operandi it’s not just your town in Indiana. Look what they did in Chicago.

Local judges and prosecutors have to be elected. Awareness and grassroots mobilization (such as in churches) is the best bet, if indeed, they are as crooked as you say they are.

So the simplest advice? Don’t elect them.

The Ed

What Are Your Credentials?

“Hey Al, count this too… I voted Nadar!”

From: “Robert & Dennell” <rc_dc@evansinet.com>

To: <editor@impiousdigest.com> Subject: Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004
What are your credentials, I am trying to determine who’s perspective this is written from. Thank you.
Robert & Dennell Callagher

Dear Human,

As for credentials, I’m a humble journalist that has stumbled on a sobering realization. What is it? It’s that this profession is not sacred here, no one realizes that in a democracy like ours, the press is anything but free. It is gagged by corporate advertisers, it is gagged by editors hungry to please political affiliations, it is gagged by self-interest. And the sacred trust of a vulnerable public is one violated daily.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote “the only honest part of a newspaper is the advertising” and that still holds true.

As the editor I can only speak for myself. I’m neither Democrat or Republican, but do vote from time to time. I do so with my nose held and a troubled conscience when there’s only two parties to choose from, and one is faced with choosing a lesser evil. If there is a 3rd party, it generally has my vote not because I think such a candidate can win, but because in a tight race supporting such a candidate will force the major parties to be more responsive to constituent concerns.

As for perspective, it is independent.

In 2000, for instance, I supported Ralph Nadar, particularly after the Gore campaign made a concerted effort to keep him from participating in any major debate, and succeeded. As you know, the election was the closest in history, but the Gore team treated Nadar and his supporters like excrement, rather than valuable swing-voters that could throw their votes to the Dems when and if the Greens endorsed their party. The Gore team locked out Nadar from the debates, though as a candidate Nadar had easily made the ballot in most states.  The reason given was that Nadar could not possibly win, and hence, it was pointless to include him the debates. This, of course, prevented a fair election, and was an affront to free speech and the Green Party. Had Gore allowed Nadar’s his right to debate as a candidate, and it was a right, it’s likely Nadar would have given Gore his endorsement since both were pro-environment and leaned to the left. And Gore would have won handily with those Green votes. Unfortunately, Gore was a pompous and short-sighted asshole and he deserved what he got in Florida.

Is a vote for Nadar a vote for Bush? That’s the cry now, and I’m pleased. Eventually, both candidates will have to address the issues raised by Nadar because they can no longer assume a landslide is a done deal. If Nadar wants to debate on the hard questions reporters dare not ask, he can. And the Dems and GOP will have to answer those questions, or appear incompetent and/or corrupt.

Did I answer you question? if not, eat me.

The Ed

Moon Landing Hoax? Say it ain’t so!

From: “Dan Cook” DanielECook@comcast.net

“Mayest thou land on this!”

To: <editor@impiousdigest.com>

Subject: Moon landing hoax?

Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004

The Moon Landing, in my opinion was not a hoax. But the video you have on your site certainly says otherwise. The video is a definite contributor to the growing opposition to the idea that the U.S. landed on the moon. The video could’ve been faked. I’d like to point out some strange occurrences.-When the light hits Armstrong, there is a bright flash.–I paused during the flash, and the entire screen was a single color, grey (Although this might have been real-players fault, I’m not truly sure)–Notice that the original video and this video are different in a few ways. The original has a sort of radio sound to Armstrong’s voice–Also listen to the voices in the video. First you hear Armstrong, say ‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for…’ Then you hear something that sounds like a small buzzer go off twice, followed by someone saying “no I (can’t/don’t?) want to do it again. After this you hear someone say ”ok’-From what I can tell the camera is positioned at an angle different that that of the original.–When the light falls there is no reduction of light behind it. Granted, there is a strong possibility that the there are hundreds of lights aside from the ones that fell, but what about the shadow’s under the rover. Bringing the lights down to that level might bring the pitch black shadows to a lighter color.-

I’m not trying to talk sense into you or anything. You present a very powerful argument, and personally if the lunar landings were faked I would want to know rather than be lied to. I think you and I both know that it is possible to fake a video like that, but even at this day in age when we have all this technology it will still be a mighty challenge.

I think it is time the American people find out for sure. I’ve heard rumors that Japan is building a satellite or some sort of a rover for the moon which will be able to confirm whether or not we actually made it.

I encourage you to submit this clip to as many news sources as you can (starting with the BBC).

On a different thought, I think it would be cool to put together a video showing just some shocking footage. Almost like a documentary. It would go through and point out the irony the last 100 years. You can almost string together all your videos to do this kind of thing. Just a suggestion…

Furthermore , Your TWA 800 info is excellent, well researched and well presented. I think the way you point out irony and why we never stopped terrorism is great. But, from what I can tell you don’t side with a political party. I don’t like the democrats for even suggesting that people go to prison for life for downloading music, and I don’t like republicans for a lot of the things they do. My question is how do you feel about the War in Iraq. Personally, I would spend the Billions of dollars we have spent out there building up defenses on the home front. As you said, a the KKK’s plan to blow up a power plant was foiled by police. I don’t see why terrorists would have a hard time doing that to a power plant, or a skyscraper. It seems illogical to me for us to invade an oil rich nation over places like North Korea which already have nuclear abilities and wind up with nothing.

On a final note, I would like to ask for any advice you might have for starting up a site for writings like this. I am planning on it.

Thank you for your time,

Dan Cook

Age: 16 (This is important because it shows that I’m a smart kid)

Dear Dan,

You raise some good questions.

The question of the moon landing hoax was already addressed convincingly on national television. FOX TV aired a special titled “Did We Really Land on the Moon?” It made a much stronger case than anything presented here. If you can find the video or DVD, buy it. It’s very well done and surprisingly objective.

The Japanese moon trip is not a rumor, it’s true- a satellite was planned to orbit the moon and take pictures. I have no idea if they went yet, or if they will talk if they do find something amiss. It was supposed to take place in 2003.

What do I think about Iraq? we need to be there. Saddam was funding the suicide bombers in Israel and domestic terrorists in America, particularly the Klan via Imperial Wizard Dennis Mahon in Oklahoma City, and it is no surprise that the fiercest opponent to the war in Iraq, Dixiecrat Sen. Robert Byrd, was a Klan recruiter.

If North Korea was funding domestic terrorists, I’d support a war there too. But to my knowledge this is not the case, they’re actually starving over there.

As for advice on making an opinion page, you should ask the author of The Greatest Page in the Universe, Maddox. He kicks ass.

The Ed

CNN vs. Weekly World News

From: “Dennis” <abuzedfruit@hotmail.com>
To: <editor@impiousdigest.com>
Subject: How can one tell what’s really real?!?
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 20:38:58 -0500
I saw a website about bombs going off inside of the WTC in a controlled demolition and something other than a Boeing hitting the Pentagon. I was just curious if you got a chance to look at those and what were your thoughts. The website was Physics911.org. I’m in no way involved with this site but I figured it was right up your alley and I would like to know the truth. Another talking point was (and I don’t know if it was doctored or not) the footage of a black object flying off screen, way to fast to be part of the plane itself and obviously passing through the black clouds of smoke above the first building, With all the bullshit on the net a little clarity is in order. Get back at me with some knowledge.
Dear Dennis,
Secrecy is prone to invite speculation, and those who embrace it have no right to complain.  There’s a lot we don’t know about 9-11, other than the fact both political parties made it possible. The truth, and clarity, will come in due time. But don’t hold your breath for CNN.

In the meantime, read the Weekly World News. If one must wade through bullshit, at least it should be entertaining.

The Ed

Moon Landing Explained- Badly
From: r.dennis2@lancaster.ac.uk

Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 16:31:03 +0100

Subject: Moon Landing

To: editor@impiousdigest.com

“This might explain why we haven’t built a moon colony after 30 years of technological advances; or why we can’t even put the space shuttle in lunar orbit.” I assume thats (sic) not a serious qestion. (sic) Of course the moon landings took place. Rock samples taken from the moon agreed with rock samples taken by a russian (sic)probe later on. Getting to the moon isnt (sic) difficult with enough funding, and is easily possible with ’60 technology. The space shuttle cant go into lunar orbit cos (sic) it was never designed to.

Dear Gullible Englishman,

It was a serious question. Let me address each stabbing pain of idiocy you have inflicted upon the wary skeptic:

“We’re number one!”

1. “Rock samples taken from the moon agreed with rock samples taken by a russian (sic) probe later on.” The rock samples agreed? Agreed on what? how much of a tard you are? Martian rock samples have been discovered in the South Pole. Did they travel here via shuttle? of course not. They were, it is believed, propelled here by asteroid or meteor hits on Mars that sent projectiles hurling into space. Now, Mars has an atmosphere to slow them down. The Moon does not, and is much, much closer. Thus, Moon rocks on earth are not as rare as you might think.  And if you look at the Moon’s craters on a clear night, you would know that it is and has been constantly bombarded by meteors and asteroids. When that happened, there was little to slow the projectile’s launch into space and into Earth.

In other words, I got your Russian rock samples hanging right here.

2. “Getting to the moon is easy with enough funding, and is easily possible with ’60 technology.”  It is 2004. If we could land a man on the moon in 1969, then landing a probe on Mars would be child’s play, no? We did it in 1976, supposedly. It’s 2004 and we can barely land a rover on Mars and have it call home…and we only just did it after numerous failed attempts, which calls into question any claims we had already done it 25 years earlier. You guys tried it and failed this year. Has your Beagle Mars probe called home yet?  No. And I’m sorry to hear it. The truth is, your technology is as good as ours. The only difference is, if your probe doesn’t call home, you’re most likely to be told the truth about it. It’s not because your government is more honest- it’s not. It’s because your space program isn’t the giant establishment tit that it is here in America.

3.  “The space shuttle cant go into lunar orbit cos (sic) it was never designed to.” Hmm. Okay bright boy. Look up the word “shuttle” and ponder the implication. What then, was it designed to do? If it was just to study Earth from space, it would be an orbiter, not a shuttle. Semantics aside, let’s cut to the chase: the space program of the 60s and early 70s had virtually unlimited funding and practically no oversight for the billions funneled into the program. A staged landing would enrich quite a number of people in the military industrial complex who would be employed in providing missile and electronic technology. Werner VonBraun, the ex-Nazi rocket scientist of the V-1 and V-II fame, came from the military wing. Since it was a “space race” with the Russians they could charge exorbitant prices for nothing at all, and basically spend the rest on a studio broadcast of a landing and launch into space. The Johnson Space Center and Cape Canaveral wouldn’t have been built as stage props, they would serve a purpose in perfecting missile technology for the military.  (Remember the 800 dollar toilet seat on the shuttle? You think there was oversight?)

You may think it sounds like a wild conspiracy theory, and that’s fine. If you want to believe elected leaders in America are incapable of misleading their constituents, embezzling, or bribery, well, you’re free to do that. And you’re free to blow me. There is the way the world works, and the way television (in your case the Disney Channel) says it works. You still have a few questions to answer though.

If we did land, why the fuck don’t we have a lunar base 30 years later?

This year, President Bush just proposed a 15 year plan aimed at achieving what you claim we can already do: establish a lunar base. What do you know that our President does not, eh genius?

If we did land, why can’t the space-based Hubble Telescope take a picture of the flag we left, or any other signs of arrival? NASA has been asked the same questions time and time again, and not surprisingly, have now decided to shut down the Hubble Space Telescope program.  They have quite an aversion to aiming that telescope at the moon…is it too close? I think so- to exposing the lying, crooked bastards.

The Ed

On Senator Byrd and The Klan

“Thou fool, doest thou not know the lynched, the scapegoat and oppressed need attention first?”

Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 09:13:31 -0800 (PST)

From: Anna Hridaaya <prayforfoes108@yahoo.com>
Subject: re your article on byrd
To: editor@impiousdigest.com
It is my hope that I can some day be totally forgiving which means living totally in the present… releasing the past of all including myself..
As Senators Gruening and Morse stand out as the only 2 who voted against the lies of Tonkin Gulf so Senator Byrd stands out now..
he has changed he has grown he has become Love Full Blown no longer Bud

God give you the grace to join the peace movement and support Byrd and Einstein and Buddha and Gandhi and Jesus and all the hundreds of millions of nameless women

Dear Anna,

Sen. Byrd in a peace movement?! Are you comparing a cross-burning Klansman to Jesus, to Einstein, Gandhi or Buddha?

Listen you yammering Hari Krishna: take your tambourines, your leaflets, and your shaven empty skull away from me…and dance your way on to the airport runway, hopefully into a jet engine. It is not a matter of forgiving, I’m not Byrd’s maker nor do I presume the right to free him of his sins.  You say it is time to forgive Byrd’s past as a Klan recruiter and ignore his fervent stand against the Civil Rights Act of 1964; which makes any opposition to the war in Iraq pointless in terms of demonstrating a social conscience.  Besides, if we had listened to this bumpkin, Saddam would never have been captured and he’d still be bankrolling the fifth column in this country. You also fail to note that forgiveness is meaningless unless those you forgive demonstrate some kind of genuine remorse.

Contrary to popular belief, once you’re in the Klan you’re in for life. You may stop associating with these domestic terrorists, you may call yourself a former Klan member, but you are bound to keep their secrets, and never testify against them and if on a jury, to acquit them.Sen. Byrd, to my knowledge, never testified against the Klan, nor did he have any role in the 1960s failed attempts to root out their influence in Washington DC during the House Committee on Un-American Activities’ Klan Investigation.  Had Sen. Byrd been remorseful in the least, he would have exposed those he brought into high office and laid out the Invisible Empire’s organizational structure from top to bottom, from the local Klaverns to Washington DC, which at that time, had two “former” Klan members on the Supreme Court.  To this day, Sen. Byrd has the power to deal a  crushing if not fatal blow to the last elements of this terrorist foothold in high office… but he refuses to do so. Is it because he loves peace, or despises it?Is it for love of country? ask the children of Oklahoma City, if you can speak to the dead. So I think not. Is it from fear for his life or that of his loved ones? If so, then he is obliged to step down and give an uncompromised candidate a chance to replace him.

The Ed

A Rebuttal by Schwarzenegger’s Political Consultant

“Thou fool, political consultants are hired to lie.”

From: George Gorton [mailto:xxxxx@xxxx.com]

Sent: Sunday, December 21, 2003 7:14 AM
To: editor@impiousdigest.com
Subject: From Schwarzenegger’s political consultant
Hi, my name is George Gorton, and, as you identify in your article, am one of Governor Schwarzenegger’s political consultants, and yes, I had a bit part in Watergate 31 years ago (in the book but didn’t make the movie).
I’m writing because your article misinterprets a statement in All the President’s Men , and then states that misinterpretation as fact.  It is indeed embarrassing, as you point out, and it is not true.
Let me be clear.  I did not conceive of, discuss, contemplate or direct Ted Brill or any one else to plant drugs on Quakers or anyone else, and would never do so or allow anyone else to do so.  Ted Brill did not do so to my knowledge, nor did anyone else.
Further, it would be immoral in the extreme to plant drugs on anyone, and it’s most likely a felony.
No one at the time, including Bob Woodward, nor anyone in the succeeding 31 years, has said I did such a thing, except you.  You’re out there all alone on this one.
I don’t know what Bob Woodward meant by “set up” a drug raid, but he didn’t mean plant drugs. I know this because the book is based on the press coverage.  The Washington Post never printed an allegation that drugs were to be planted by anyone.
In fact contrary to the embellishments and/or fabrications by the student (Hilligass) quoted,  who had no first hand knowledge of anyhting, [sic] but was relating his version of stories told to him that both Brill and I have denied, the only thing I know about drugs and Ted is that one day he called me and said non Quaker radicals who were there were going to have a drug party and I told him to get out of there.  I told him to do so for his own protection.  I did not pass the information on to anyone, or do anything with it.  That is the only thing I know about drugs and the White House Quakers.
Also, I was not fired by the CRP and I have never been fired by anyone.  I served as National College Director until the end of the campaign without a hint of problems, and was hired by the Inaugural Committee controlled by the same people.  I then went to work for Commerce as a 90 day appointment and I still have the US Government personnel papers that show my appointment, and that my appointment expired uneventfully whereupon I moved back to San  Diego.
So this sort of thing is used by other political consultants in hit pieces and could easily cost me clients and my carear, [sic] not to mention anger and disdain from the public and opinion leaders.  So in the interest of fairness, good journalism, truth, and doing the right thing, would you puleeeaase print a retraction, to wit:  Contrary to reports in our publication, George Gorton, National College Director for The Committee to Re-elect the President in 1972, did not conceive of think about discuss or arrange for drugs to be planted on anyone, did not arrange a drug bust of any kind, and was not fired from the Committee to Re-elect the President.
Thanks, let me know.  You may have questions and If you want to talk, give me a call at XXX XXX XXXX. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you and your family.

George Gorton

Ahh yes. Truth. I’m glad you brought that up. Let us examine your greatest claim to fame, your role in getting Gov. Pete Wilson into the California governor’s mansion.You know, it’s not like I’m running those divisive “they keep coming” ads you commissioned in 1994.  Honestly, if that ever happens, then you should worry, especially if it’s true that the “INS border footage” of immigrants pouring over the Mexican border was actually staged for effect.Now, if the anti-immigrant hysteria of Prop 187 wasn’t enough, your team also promulgated the attack on affirmative action, Prop 209, another racially divisive measure. You may not think either was racially divisive, but let us look at the result as reported by the San Francisco Examiner in 1995:
This activity of yours in 1994 and later fits into a pattern you exhibited during the Watergate era, and it does so perfectly. In that case, you were accused of  trying to set up some Quaker war protesters to appear as drug users, hippies: in other words, a crass attempt to scapegoat an innocent class of people: Vietnam war protesters.  Whether immigrants, minorities, Quakers or war protesters, you and these scapegoats have a knack for being at the same place, at the same time.
Whether intentional or not, the Klan and Aryan Nation were mobilized in this state thanks to the immigrant bashing of Prop. 187, which you and Wilson earnestly championed.  The Aryan Nation’s leader, Richard Butler, in fact, made Wilson Aryan Nation Hero of the Year in 1995 for his support of both aforementioned measures. This made national news, and it didn’t help in his disastrous bid for the presidency.

“[California Governor Pete] Wilson received unsolicited praise from Aryan Nation leader Richard Butler at the annual Aryan World Congress in Idaho on July 21, 1995. Butler bestowed hero status on Wilson for his successful assault on affirmative action. ‘Wilson is beginning to wake up to Aryan views.'”

–San Francisco Examiner, July 23, 1995.

Now you tell me, where does your heart have to be, how transparent must your hatred be to win the admiration of white separatists and terrorists like the Klan and Aryan Nation? After all, these are people who masturbate to the likes of Adolf Hitler and Tim McVeigh.

That said, let me direct your attention to events in Dallas as recent as Nov. 26, 2003. Have a look at Dallas news coverage of the Klan’s attempts to blow up a power plant in 1997; and the recent FBI arrests in a poison gas plot late last month, in Dallas also. (For more, click here.)This is a matter taken so seriously by the White House that Bush had been briefed daily on it as events transpired.
Speaking of blackouts: was it just yesterday that San Francisco was blacked out? Are we not presently in an ORANGE ALERT? Was it not last summer that the whole northeastern grid was blacked out? Should we worry at all that the Klan has such an insatiable interest in blacking out major US cities, when any military strategist knows the only reason anyone would bother to blow up a power plant is as a prelude for a military strike, be it guerilla or otherwise?In other words, consider this:blackout + poison gas attack= maximum civilian casualties.
Now, I’m not saying it was the Klan/neo-Nazis behind the northeastern blackout, or perhaps even the one this weekend in Northern California. Maybe it was an accident, maybe someone tripped on the cord and shut down the generators and it just so happened it came during an Orange Alert. I’ll let you decide that on your own.

Regardless, it’s these domestic terrorists- the Klan and Aryan Nation-  who see a hero in your little friend, former California Gov. Pete Wilson, your ideological mirror image whom you advised and influenced.  It’s these domestic terrorists who would love to see our state and nation divided, who would love to have a flag-bearer at Arnold’s ear.

Have I misconstrued many of your own positions? If so, my apologies, but unless you give me sources other than your word alone, there’s no reason for me to believe you.  Spin is your bread and butter George, you’re a political advisor, you engineer political campaigns. You know better than to ask ANYONE to take you at your word alone. Asking me retract an article just because you say so means slapping my own sources in the face.  Now, if Bob Woodward himself were to ask me to do it, yes I’d retract it. After all, he wrote the book in question, and the article quoted directly from his Woodward’s book.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, George.

The Ed

11-26-03 Dallas news coverage of the Klan’s attempts to blow up a power plant; recent FBI arrests in a poison gas plot.

Mac Wallace Fingerprint

“Verily, I gotteth thy latent print and straw man right here.”

From: “James K. Olmstead” <Thpa2d@onecom.com>

To: <editor@impiousdigest.com>

Subject: Mac Wallace fingerprint

Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 17:26:39 -0800


I would like to discuss the issue of the Mac Wallace fingerprint on your site.

First question is which latent from Box A are you comparing?

Second question is why is the Wallace print presented a “composite” of two images?

Thanks very much

James K. Olmstead

Dear James,

Well guess what?  I would not like to discuss the issue of Mac Wallace or Box A or anything other than why Johnson didn’t have  manifest culpability in the assassination. It states plainly, on the front page, why the superimposition of the prints was done:  for comparison.  The prints are the least of the story. The Johnson tapes denoted in the video stream, the history of pardoned Klan atrocities since 1963, and other more recent developments damn him with unshakeable certainty. Why I am even answering this is a mystery, because you obviously didn’t read of the paragraph describing the print’s origin or any of the pertinent material on the page.  Read it again, and then write back. The answer was already there.  If you are a federal investigator, and are asking for help in re-opening the case or help with any similar attempt to correct an unfathomable national tragedy, we’ll talk at length. If this be the case, forgive my rudeness, my lack of patience.  Otherwise…

Pity I don’t see you asking me why his own lawyers are asserting Johnson’s guilt in the assassination. I don’t see you asking or seeking to discuss anything relevant to the issue at hand, that Johnson was responsible.  If you want to discuss other “theories” this isn’t the place.  This humble little website has a lot of work ahead of it to challenge 40 years of propaganda, and if you think we’ll waste our time with straw men or nitpicking over silly diversions, you’re cordially invited to blow me.

The Ed

Latest batch of oral sex donations…

Oral Sex Donations Accepted





You have received a donation of 4 acts of fellatio from dinalicious (diphunk@yahoo.com).

The donor added this comment:

I’m really good at it–let me know if you want more!

“Thou giveth men and beast the unholy embrace of thy deflowered colon.”

NOT Acceptable:


You have received a donation of 50 acts of fellatio from mark (hotmale@hotmail.com).

The donor added this comment:

i will take anal too.

To All Future Fellatio Donators:

Please guys, I know the thought of my anaconda-like ambassador of vaginal good will brings any dude to question his sexual identity, but I’m straight. Women only please.

The Ed

Violence against Mimes not cool

SlingbladeCarI@aol.com Mon, 09 Jun 2003 07:29:15 -0600

“Mimes are from France.”

Subject: Encouraging violence not cool

To: editor@impiousdigest.com

What’s with the bitch slap a mime campaign? that supposed to be funny, motherfucker, encouraging people to beat up on performing artists? What’s next? kick a street musician in the face? My dad is a mime and he makes more money at one gig than you will see in your whole pathetic life.  You’re a sick and twisted fucker and I hope all the people who send in money get their asses kicked. Your site sucks and i will never visit it again.

I should hunt you down and kill you. But I will call a lawyer instead…

Please just die asshole.


Dear Carl,

I was wondering whose dad that was in the picture of the bitch slapped mime. So it was yours, huh?

Listen man, mimes are evil. I’m tired of going to the mall and consoling little children scared shitless by unfunny and annoying mimes. I’m not alone in this. A recent Gallop poll noted 97% of all women fantasize of slapping the shit out of mimes during sex. This includes your mom.

Also, mimes are from France. Enough said.

Abortion is not funny

“Abortions tickle.”

From: GirlPawerSpice@aol.com

Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 23:02:00

EDT Subject: Abortion is not funny

To: editor@impiousdigest.com

To hoom it may concern

Me and my friends used to like your web site, for the Madonna videos and stuff, but this time you have gone too far.

I don’t know what difference your stupid site will make, cuz abortion will always be legal no matter how many movies and digusting pictures of dead babies you put online, which I’ll bet are probably fake!

i’m sure your a man and never had to have one, so you dont know how hard it is on a girl to have an abortion.

i think your site is bad for free speech and womens rights and I will make sure to email all my friends and tell them to boycott your fruit juice sponsors

your a coward and a showvanist and I bet you dont have the guts to post this email.  I am contacting my friends at NOW and Planned Parenthood so they will take down your stupid site.


Dear Cloe,

Allow me to answer your email item by item.

It must be conceded that your efforts to launch a full-scale boycott against our “fruit juice sponsors” has made me question the wisdom of posting controversial material on this site. As you requested in the follow-up letter, here’s the contact information of this sponsor. This olive branch is extended in hopes that you and other concerned readers may reconsider and retract your threat of boycott:

Representatives of the Fool Aid juice box company can be emailed here: foolaid@isnotrealyoudumbfuck.com. You may also fill in a complaint at their website here: http://foolaidneverexistedyoudipshit.com

How could you not notice the juice box advertisement is an obvious Photoshop fake? Doesn’t the idea of a retarded kid on a fruit juice box that reads “now fortified with paint chips!” strike you as even a little bit fishy?

And where, in any of the editorial posts is abortion treated as a joke?

As for the “fake” photos. The photographs in the abortion editorial are not fake.  In fact, the people at the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform which provided the photos sued and won in cases against abortion providers “hoom” tried to prohibit their public display on university campuses.

“Smell my finger. Doest thou recognize thy mom?”

Feel free to contact your friends at NOW and Planned Parenthood or anyone else to “hoom” English is not a second language. They may not shave their pits and their breath may always reek of Summers Eve or Vagisil, but at least they can spell.

Finally, before you go and launch your next boycott of another company that doesn’t exist, please note that our “showvanist” sources are perhaps the most credible and compelling you will ever find. And why is that?

“Thy art truly is deserving of the coveted  Impious Artist of the Month

Hacker Chivalry

From: sk8erKiNg@aol.com

Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 16:58:05 EDT

Subject: you’re inmature

To: editor@impiousdigest.com

hey asshole

that wuz pretty fucked up how u answered Cloe.

Cloe is my girlfriend and you know what? I had never seen her cry until she saw what u posted about her email. did that make u happy? that was fucked up, man

I know a hacker friend or two and we’ll see how funny it is when they DoD ur stupid ass

you think your right about everything but guess what? your not! you don’t know how to treat a real lady. stupid fag

Dear sk8erKiNg,

DOD my ass? You’re gonna Department of Defense our ass, you retard? or did you mean DOS our ass, launch a denial of service?

You almost had me scared there, geek boy. So scared I had to scour the earth to find your picture so I could defend myself. And this is what I found. Don’t ask me how I got your picture. I won’t tell. And by the way, for another candid shot of you before you gained all that weight, click here.

San Francisco low on gay guys?

Click to enlargeFrom: KenMDo@aol.com

Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 16:58:05 EDT

Subject: queer

To: editor@impiousdigest.com

hey fagget i heard sanfransisco  is low on gay guys. im not one hundred percent% sure but i think this may be your calling.        all be talking to you soon see’ya when i see’ya

Dear Ken,

Truly, your attached caricature and photo was an inspired work of genius.  In fact, it’s some of the best art I’ve seen in weeks, worthy of MoMA. Congratulations, you’ve won yourself a Lovin’ Lamb® Inflatable Sheep and are hereby declared Impious Artist of the Month!

As for the gay guy deficit in San Francisco, I hear that only happened after you moved to West Hollywood to write Mentos and tampon commercials.

According to my Sep. 2002 issue of Stupid Roving Homosexuals of North America, it reads “Ken’s departure loss left a huge vacuum in the gay community…a hole, unfortunately, not so easily or readily filled as his own chocolate love canal…”

Who appointed you the gay guy census bureau, anyway?

Congratulations Ken! You’ve won a Luvin’ Lamb!!


Official Impious Digest Consolation Prize

UPDATE: This is Ken after he received his Luvin’ Lamb prize. He was so delighted he had just had to send us a pic.