It was a nightmare. A really bad one.

This was maybe a month or two ago. In the dream I was watching the fate of the elites, and the war machine. Brad Pitt was there, representative of Mattis, perhaps, sent in to win an unwinnable war. The proud walked right into a trap.

Towards the end, as the deep state oil men, media titans, and Silicon Valley techs try to fly to safety, their planes all crash into or explode over the sea. The wife of one is impaled through her vagina, like Vlad the Impaler style, as a warning. It appears to be Melania, not sure, I was afraid to look. She is in a red dress, dark hair, the impaling is on a beach in the middle east. Impaled from vagina through mouth. The thumb of one deep state player, in a hanger, is severed, and in its place a tracker.

Another part shows what happens when blacks are shown their true enemy. It was a famous rapper, Easy-E, that was killed, his body stuffed with cocaine, and “possessed” artificially. The CIA connection noted.

It was just bad. The gist of it was that all that hate against blacks was returned 7 times over by the entire world.

In fact, some of the imagery is too brutal to describe. Hollywood is called Babylon because it governs perception, global perception, and often deceives and perverts. Governing mass perceptions means governing mass reality.