After angrily yelling at supporters in a labor union, implicitly blaming them for not getting out the word about Trump which helped cause her woeful drop in the polls, she asks why she is not 50 points ahead.


Happy Hillary


Dem strategists hope to redeem themselves by making her look more presidential, competent, mammalian and hopefully, less odious. On a serious note, this does lend credence to reports that after a town hall with Matt Laur, she exploded afterwards and went after her staff, going into a tantrum, blaming them and calling DNC Chair Donna Brazille a “brown cow” who “stared at the wall like a brain dead buffalo.” Well, look at the way she addresses union supporters, taking no responsibility for her role, and then see below.


“Brown cow”? not cool, Hillary. Truly racist.



Team Hillary debate training video.

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