Shark vaginas have the most pubic hair of any sea creature. Source: CNN Lampreys have developed a symbiotic relationship, and groom their hosts with pube braids. Source: NBC I'M WITH HER: Joy Behar plays follow the leader. A botched circumcision left George Soros with a ball sack for eyes. Embittered ever after, this created the greatest super villain ever known, Globalist Man. Source: CNN Scroll Down

Hillary, Obama Music Vids March 16, 2013 If you judge these two candidates by the supporters they gather, only one avoided embarrassment. KEEP READING Equal Air Time for Child Molesters! October 1, 2014 Back in July of this year a Washington Post headline read "BBC admonished for giving climate change deniers equal air time." This isn't unique to the BBC, however, and the Washington Post itself hosts... KEEP READING How to Make DaVinci Cry March 1, 2013 "All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals of this novel are accurate" of the most questionable "facts" Dan Brown lists in the opening page of The DaVinci Code. KEEP READING On B's January 17, 2014 Boys in blue are a brigade of brigands with burnished badges brandishing batons beating bums and bringing blacks bereavement. Blatantly breaking the boundaries of bad behavior, they block blossoming businesses, and burn bridges in... KEEP READING Video Faves March 27, 2013 Video Favorites KEEP READING Anti-Drug Ads Too Scary to Air February 11, 2013 And I thought meth was cool! Then along came this... This may well be the scariest anti-drug ad you will ever see. If there are children in the room, you are well-advised to ask them... KEEP READING Insultatron 7000: Robots Are Better Than Humans March 7, 2013 I was watching television the other day, and I realized robots are better than humans. The survival of your stupid ass species depends not on the advancement of one nation, but all nations, and... KEEP READING The Incarnations of Yangil Kim: Charlemagne February 26, 2013 His empire did not long survive his death due to the hideous mongoloids and schizophrenics his seed had caused to be birthed during his lifetime. Yangil Kim ended this life in bed, cackling madly... KEEP READING The Incarnations of Yangil Kim: Confucious February 26, 2013 Confucius was born and buried in the state of Lu. As a boy, This incarnation of Yang liked to set up sacrificial vessels and ejaculate into them. At the age of nineteen he married,... KEEP READING Joe the Plumber Predicted by The Onion in '93? March 24, 2013 May 29, 1993: The Onion's story about Roy the Forklift driver becoming a media darling of the conservative movement becomes, apparently, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or has talk radio dumbed us down so much what... KEEP READING Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck March 25, 2013 An honors student died in the crash today, leaving the nation to wonder why the grisly experience of burning alive was not reserved for Glenn Beck. KEEP READING The Incarnations of Yangil Kim: Buddha February 25, 2013 The insincere priests traded on religion and only paid lip service to the now mythical Yangil Kim. They were quite irreligious. In the name of religion, people followed in the footsteps of the cruel... KEEP READING Local Man Can't Wait to Share Wisdom Gleaned from Cable News Panel July 16, 2017 Local man Haywood Tapper, 34, excitedly told reporters today that he just can't wait to tell his friends and family about what he learned from listening to pundits overnight. "I am just so glad... KEEP READING Hillary in the House March 17, 2015 This auditory holocaust's introduction regarding the White House, i.e., "we need a woman to clean it up..." has an inadvertently sexist undertone that evaded all of the women here. The middle-aged white "rapper" seems... KEEP READING Celebrity Psycho Therapy March 23, 2014 My name is Dr. Hugh Janus and I am a psychologist. I have been commissioned to analyze the following celebrities with only their public behavior and writings to guide me through the twisted wreckage... KEEP READING Maureen Dowd and Flag Pins Will Decide the Election March 21, 2013 Oh Maureen, Maureen! I thought I knew you! Gone now, are your glory days when you were the answer to my most pressing exigencies; when on a wall by my bed, affixed to a... KEEP READING Hillary's Garden Hose Nervously Waiting to Be Blamed For Election Loss September 22, 2017 It's coming. You know it, I know it, her garden hose knows it. KEEP READING Sen. Robert Byrd's Private Art Collection March 4, 2013 He wad a senior Democratic Senator best known for his virulent stand against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a contempt for "white niggers" and an unrepentant past as a Klan recruiter. But look... KEEP READING On the Execution of Gilligan February 27, 2013 Behold Gilligan's Island according to stark reality and probability. After fucking up every opportunity to get off the island, the castaways (unless they were as retarded as Gilligan himself) would eventually decide to get... KEEP READING Article Slideshow January 11, 2015 erc_90_1428472297 Article Slideshow of all Impious Digest stories. A virtual roulette of impious foolishness with a spattering of more serious content. KEEP READING