Shark vaginas have the most pubic hair of any sea creature. Source: CNN Lampreys have developed a symbiotic relationship, and groom their hosts with pube braids. Source: NBC I'M WITH HER: Joy Behar plays follow the leader. A botched circumcision left George Soros with a ball sack for eyes. Embittered ever after, this created the greatest super villain ever known, Globalist Man. Source: CNN Scroll Down

Pricey Hoes, Big Jugs and Unshaved Beavers March 25, 2013 Give the people what they want, I say. Here now, a celebration of unshaved, natural beauty, large, firm jugs and expensive hoes. Discretion advised. KEEP READING Article Slideshow January 11, 2015 erc_90_1428472297 Article Slideshow of all Impious Digest stories. A virtual roulette of impious foolishness with a spattering of more serious content. KEEP READING DEVELOPING: Collapse of Russia, China and EU Predicted January 24, 2015 As the world moves away from the petrodollar and towards BRICS, Statfor, a major US think tank that outlines global developments within the next ten years, predicts Russia will disintegrate, the EU will also disintegrate,... KEEP READING Prison Break's Funniest Moment March 10, 2013 This should have been tragic but wasn't. In fact, it was funny, and it got funnier inasmuch as the scene called for pathos. The character was so one-dimensional, her actions so predictably stupid and incongruous... KEEP READING Yangil Kim March 3, 2013 “In her mind he was the answer to her fervent prayers, a man villainous enough to slam it in her tail pipe without warning.” And the more celebrated reincarnations… Ghandi Yangil Kim pictured here, in... KEEP READING Sen. Robert Byrd's Private Art Collection March 4, 2013 He wad a senior Democratic Senator best known for his virulent stand against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a contempt for "white niggers" and an unrepentant past as a Klan recruiter. But look under... KEEP READING 7 Subliminal Hit Film Sponsors March 23, 2013 If you're sick of seeing product placement in movies and television, you're about to get sicker. Now you'll have a mental association of a brand based on a film title alone. You wont have to... KEEP READING ZIONISIS: Bullies as Victims October 2, 2014 Don't play victim when you have the Senate, Congress, the US media, Hollywood, the United States armed forces and intelligence agencies under your thumb. You're a fucking bully, everyone knows it, and you're embarrassing yourself.... KEEP READING William Shatner's Crimes Against Humanity March 30, 2013 If after watching this video you are still not convinced a special UN tribunal for Shatner's crimes against humanity is warranted, then listen to William Shatner's rendition of The Beatle's Lucy in the Sky with... KEEP READING The Great Accomplishments of Hired Skeptics August 15, 2015 Shermerism: (noun) A delusional, pedantic belief system wherein all scientific wisdom is presumed already known. “Behold my marvelous Shermerism. I am so smart I know all science laws and paradigms and that includes future mathematical... KEEP READING Who's Your Daddy, Lady Cameron? September 17, 2015 112,000 signatures on a petition to debate Israeli Prime Minister's status as a war criminal after slaughter over 2,200 civilians in Gaza over the suspicious killings of three Israeli youths. He gets a hero's welcome,... KEEP READING Ho Ho Ho February 28, 2013 Hoe Ho Ho Here, Athenian critics weep as Yangil Kim announces Santa Clause is dead. KEEP READING Equal Air Time for Child Molesters! October 1, 2014 Back in July of this year a Washington Post headline read "BBC admonished for giving climate change deniers equal air time." This isn't unique to the BBC, however, and the Washington Post itself hosts the... KEEP READING The Wisdom of the Dead March 6, 2013 Have you ever found solace in morbidity? Have you ever found comfort in that which others find objectionable? I remember a time in my life; a time in which the driving force of my young... KEEP READING What Exactly is a Mullet? March 5, 2013 Is it a ray-finned fish found in coastal temperate, fresh and tropical waters? or is the truth more sinister: that it is a hairstyle for an unfortunate few trapped in the 1980s, when the mullet... KEEP READING John Stossel Bitch Slapped - Literally March 12, 2013 In a pinnacle of investigative journalism rivaling Woodward and Bernstein's work in Watergate, John Stossel makes the startling allegation that wrestling is fake. In rebuttal, he is bitch slapped like the steaming pile of dog... KEEP READING On the Execution of Gilligan February 27, 2013 Behold Gilligan's Island according to stark reality and probability. After fucking up every opportunity to get off the island, the castaways (unless they were as retarded as Gilligan himself) would eventually decide to get medieval... KEEP READING Norm McDonald's Fatal Attraction March 2, 2013 Resigned, Norm sighed and wrote another poem to be stacked among the undelivered, tacit sentiments that weighed so heavily upon his heart. But glancing curiously over his shoulder, I saw the poem titles alone discouraged... KEEP READING "Gollum" Erdogan's American Twin January 6, 2015 Clinton adviser James Carville, Turkish dictator Recep "Gollum" Erdogan, and more miscreants separated at birth. KEEP READING Fooled by Spoof Book: Confirmation Bias Hits The New York Times, Pelosi July 12, 2017 SMH. Project Icarus Rex, the "top secret" DARPA/CERN time travel project commissioned by President Trump claims another gullible lawmaker, and The New York Times. As of yet, no retraction. Confirmation bias is simply this: sometimes you... KEEP READING