Gratuitous Impiety" data-lazyload="//" data-parallax="off" data-panzoom="d:10000;ss:120;se:100;" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Shark vaginas have the most pubic hair of any sea creature. Source: CNN Gratuitous Impiety" data-lazyload="//" data-bg="p:right center;" data-parallax="off" data-panzoom="d:10000;ss:200;se:100;" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Lampreys have developed a symbiotic relationship, and groom their hosts with pube braids. Source: NBC Gratuitous Impiety" data-lazyload="//" data-bg="p:center bottom;" data-parallax="off" data-panzoom="d:10000;ss:200;se:100;" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> I'M WITH HER: Joy Behar plays follow the leader. Gratuitous Impiety" data-lazyload="//" data-bg="p:right bottom;" data-parallax="off" data-panzoom="d:12000;ss:200;se:100;" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> A botched circumcision left George Soros with a ball sack for eyes. Embittered ever after, this created the greatest super villain ever known, Globalist Man. Source: CNN Scroll Down

Moron_5withtattooedguy" width="636" height="478" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Hi. JK Rowling's Two Cents on BDS... October 24, 2015 "Hi. JK Rowling's two cents on BDS amouts to the whole of my geopolitical awareness. I agree with JK Rowling on the BDS thing and her opposition to boycotting Israel, although I don't know... KEEP READING yang_cal" width="221" height="184" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Yangil Kim March 3, 2013 “In her mind he was the answer to her fervent prayers, a man villainous enough to slam it in her tail pipe without warning.” And the more celebrated reincarnations… Ghandi Yangil Kim pictured here,... KEEP READING wwmd" width="800" height="600" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Select Children's Books by Madonna March 26, 2015 I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like Madonna's sham. Would you like her shitty books here or there? I would not like them here or there. I would not... KEEP READING MichaelMoore-640x480coffin" width="640" height="480" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Doctors: Morbidly Obese Michael Moore May Not Make It Next Four Years February 10, 2017 "At over 300 lbs. the mortality rate in his age group is very high. Such individuals are at a high risk of heart disease and cardiac arrest. With a body mass index well over... KEEP READING yang_socratesdeath" width="348" height="223" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Ho Ho Ho February 28, 2013 Hoe Ho Ho Here, Athenian critics weep as Yangil Kim announces Santa Clause is dead. KEEP READING jeb-dumb1" width="800" height="529" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> "Please clap." February 18, 2016 Please. (The Editor) KEEP READING Insultatron 7000: Robots Are Better Than Humans" width="480" height="360" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Insultatron 7000: Robots Are Better Than Humans March 7, 2013 I was watching television the other day, and I realized robots are better than humans. The survival of your stupid ass species depends not on the advancement of one nation, but all nations, and... KEEP READING ted-cruz-busted" width="600" height="396" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Sen. Ted Cruz Guilty of "Unspeakable" Crime... March 23, 2015 This should be obvious... I mean, look at the guy. KEEP READING eeweww" width="4629" height="3113" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Hillary is Political Herpes, a Gift That Keeps on Giving July 15, 2017 Political herpes Hillary Clinton is a gift that keeps on giving, and she's flaring up again in time to lose again in 2020. KEEP READING dowd" width="249" height="207" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Maureen Dowd and Flag Pins Will Decide the Election March 21, 2013 Oh Maureen, Maureen! I thought I knew you! Gone now, are your glory days when you were the answer to my most pressing exigencies; when on a wall by my bed, affixed to a... KEEP READING marie_barf" width="690" height="388" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> The Dumbest Propagandist Since Baghdad Bob September 6, 2014 Marie Harf wasn't dropped at birth, she was dribbled. It's like she's stupid and she really means it. KEEP READING Prison-break-s1-intro" width="250" height="141" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Prison Break's Funniest Moment March 10, 2013 This should have been tragic but wasn't. In fact, it was funny, and it got funnier inasmuch as the scene called for pathos. The character was so one-dimensional, her actions so predictably stupid and... KEEP READING lastpper" width="289" height="229" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> DaVinci Code Sequel Previews March 4, 2013 "Your book's precious conjecture that Jesus wasn't crucified, that he had children with Mary, then moved to France and thus became a royal blood lineage that exists to this day... It all serves tyranny... KEEP READING Screenshot_1" width="984" height="670" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Audio Proves he's Batshit Crazy April 15, 2013 Now this is Hubbard in his own words, his own lectures. They have not been tampered with and are consistent with member accounts. Video features artwork of L. Rick Vodicka and actual Hubbard audio... KEEP READING Actual Elephant Art vs. Jackson Pollack" width="480" height="360" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Actual Elephant Art vs. Jackson Pollack March 3, 2013 Who is Jackson Pollack? According to legend... One day after wiping his posterior, the untalented but determined art school reject had an epiphany. He was staring at the smears on his soiled bathroom tissue, and... KEEP READING fuck-yoo466" width="446" height="290" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Fuck Yoo Very Much March 2, 2013 Fuck Yoo very much indeed. John Yoo, that is. He was a chief architect of Bush's torture policy. In the video above he is teaching a class of Berkeley law students, apparently, the fine... KEEP READING ChelseaHandlerTrumpLoser-640×480" width="640" height="480" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> IN BRIEF: Chelsea Handler Introduces Tube Sock Line Modeled After Her Breasts April 3, 2017 News in brief. KEEP READING -9oxc5fi" width="1600" height="837" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Rachel Maddow Wows with New Haircut November 7, 2017 Sexy! KEEP READING download_anonymous_2_by_paullus23-d6sq1x5" width="1131" height="707" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> On B's January 17, 2014 Boys in blue are a brigade of brigands with burnished badges brandishing batons beating bums and bringing blacks bereavement. Blatantly breaking the boundaries of bad behavior, they block blossoming businesses, and burn bridges in... KEEP READING House-tv-show-17censored-300×225" width="300" height="225" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Banned House Episodes March 7, 2013 Ever mindful of hurtful stereotypes, the producers made sure Foreman, the only doctor with a criminal record, was played by a black man. KEEP READING