More Talking Points to Sound Like a Complete Fucking Idiot, Courtesy The View's Respected Political Scientists April 27, 2017 Joy Behar, an internationally respected political scientist and intellectual powerhouse, made another compelling observation sure to heal a divided nation. The "Daytime Noam Chomsky" and "Plato of Punditry" whose wisdom is heeded by leaders... KEEP READING Entertainment, Fake News, Independent Press, JAG, Propaganda SCROLL DOWN MI6 REPORT: ISIS and McCain Exchanged "Dirty Sanchez" for Fake Trump Dossier January 11, 2017 A former MI6 official, who wishes to remain anonymous, alleges that Sen. John McCain is the person responsible for giving the FBI the discredited "Golden Showers" Trump dossier, which was covered in The Guardian.... KEEP READING Fake News, Independent Press SCROLL DOWN If you listen close enough, you can hear his spirit shatter. February 10, 2017 Watch as White House Press Spokesman Sean Spicer ruins a self-important journo babbling about a Trump tweet. Behold the question so dumb it shamed everyone in the room with contact stupid. If you listen... KEEP READING Donald Trump, Entertainment, Fake News, Independent Press, JAG SCROLL DOWN Heartwarming! Not Gay Chris Matthews Spends Broadcast Focusing on Putin and Trump's Crotch July 10, 2017 In Brief: Not gay Chris Matthews spent a recent broadcast focusing on Putin and Trump's crotch as they sat at the G20. "They're man-spreading, big time. Man-spreading all over my heart." KEEP READING Entertainment, Fake News, Independent Press, JAG SCROLL DOWN White House Relents, Gives CNN's Jim Acosta a Seat at the Table June 27, 2017 After much criticism, gnashing of teeth, tantrums, and holding of his breath, CNN's Jim "Pajama Booties" Acosta has prevailed against President Trump in his battle for White House access. Trump at last relented to... KEEP READING Fake News, Independent Press, JAG SCROLL DOWN Fake News 101: "You furnish the pictures, I'll furnish the war" August 8, 2018 A media that pushes for war on a false pretext is an enemy of the people, it is a very deadly enemy of the people and enemy of all of mankind. “The German and American... KEEP READING Cyrus the Stray, Fake News, Featured, Independent Press, JAG, Propaganda, Yellow Journalism SCROLL DOWN Q: These reporters and networks colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign June 16, 2018 These reporters and networks have been named in the WikiLeaks to have colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle: KEEP READING Fake News, Independent Press, JAG, Psyops, Q, Yellow Journalism SCROLL DOWN Fooled by Spoof Book: Confirmation Bias Hits The New York Times, Pelosi July 12, 2017 SMH. Project Icarus Rex, the "top secret" DARPA/CERN time travel project commissioned by President Trump claims another gullible lawmaker, and The New York Times. As of yet, no retraction. Confirmation bias is simply this: sometimes... KEEP READING Donald Trump, Fake News, Gratuitous Impiety, Independent Press, JAG SCROLL DOWN The Ruling that Made it Legal for the Media to Lie December 12, 2016 Back in 2006, a major news network went to court to defend their right to lie. This is the ruling that made it legal. "In a stunningly narrow interpretation of FCC rules, the Florida... KEEP READING Cloak and Dagger, Fake News, History, JAG, Politics, Propaganda, Psyops, Yellow Journalism SCROLL DOWN Disgraceful, Awful Man Misleads Viewers, As Does Adam Schiff January 19, 2018 Awful, awful man misleads viewers once again, and so does Adam Schiff. KEEP READING Fake News, Humor, In Brief, Independent Press, JAG, Video SCROLL DOWN British Media Publish Hoaxes on Syria. Special Investigation on White Helmets' activities February 28, 2018 The Guardian article from February 6, 2018, titled “Biggest airstrikes in a year hit Syria after rebels shoot down Russian jet” claims that “Russian and Syrian jets have bombed up to 18 towns across... KEEP READING Fake News, Foreign Affairs, Investigations, Organized Crime, Politics, Propaganda, Sophie Mangal, Yellow Journalism SCROLL DOWN ABC News Reporter Martha Raddatz Warned, Faces Death For Treason After Killing Of US Soldier February 4, 2017 To Martha Raddatz’s “complicity/association” in the death of US Navy SEAL William 'Ryan' Owens, this report details, involves an SVR intercepted telephonic communication, on 26 January, made by her husband, Tom Gjelten, who covers... KEEP READING Donald Trump, Fake News, Investigations, Sorcha Faal SCROLL DOWN US Mainstream Media Unwittingly Plunges Into “Trump Trap”—Learns “Art Of War” Is Real May 20, 2017 The Syrian deconfliction talks currently ongoing between the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and the US Department of Defense (DoD) reveals an astonishing exchange between the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General... KEEP READING Donald Trump, Fake News, Sorcha Faal, Yellow Journalism SCROLL DOWN Taibbi: It's official - Russiagate is this generation's WMD March 24, 2019 The Special Prosecutor literally became a religious figure during the last few years, with votive candles sold in his image and Saturday Night Live cast members singing “All I Want for Christmas is You” to him featuring the... KEEP READING Books, Donald Trump, Fake News, FBI, Featured, Hillary Clinton, Investigations, Non-Fiction SCROLL DOWN Chuck Todd Has No Respect for Women January 22, 2017 How many of you men out there would embarrass yourselves by talking to a powerful woman this way, your manhood so threatened you’re more focused on proving that you're smarter than her rather than... KEEP READING Fake News, Propaganda SCROLL DOWN Russian Conspiracy Cult Intervention for Bad Journos July 22, 2017 "This is a sex cult masquerading as a political movement. The idol, as in phallocentric cults and religions of long ago, is not the penis but the vagina. In this cult, the underlying belief... KEEP READING Donald Trump, Fake News, Gratuitous Impiety, Hillary Clinton, Independent Press, JAG, Yellow Journalism SCROLL DOWN Thousands of Male Models Mass Suicide Over Rumors of Joy Reid Marriage, Assange on Suicide Watch July 11, 2017 According to Reid, Julian Assange on suicide watch "after I got him to spurn celebrity babes like Pamela Anderson for false hopes of my sweet booty." How did she do it? She texted him... KEEP READING Entertainment, Fake News, Independent Press, JAG, NBC SCROLL DOWN CNN to Normalize Pedophelia, Start Red Scare Against Trump, Putin, Assange May 19, 2017 CNN and other CIA media assets to go on offensive after devastating illegal spying disclosure and re-launch a red scare like we've never seen before, targeting Trump, Putin and Assange. Will include massive use... KEEP READING Donald Trump, Fake News, Hillary Clinton, Independent Press, Investigations, JAG, Psychology, Psyops SCROLL DOWN Russia Warns “Battle of Avdiivka” Is Spark Being Used To Ignite World War III February 7, 2017 Shortly after US Senators McCain and Graham “fired up” these Ukrainian-Nazi forces, this report grimly notes, they began a massive bombardment against Russian rebel forces in violation of the Minsk II Agreement that was... KEEP READING Cloak and Dagger, Donald Trump, Fake News, Psyops, Sorcha Faal SCROLL DOWN Novelist Stephen King Calls For Trump Removal, Pentagon Urgently Convenes August 13, 2017 Defense Secretary James Mattis also added "Look, we know that would mean civil war. Many, many American lives would be lost, in the millions. Russia or China could take sides with any potential rebellion... KEEP READING Fake News, Independent Press, JAG SCROLL DOWN Chris Hayes Rocks Cable News, Media Still Circle Jerks to War Mongers August 30, 2017 Don't know why this is news, but it's supposed to be important because cable news public relations firms say so, albeit they plant stories in high traffic sites passing off as news but they... KEEP READING Cloak and Dagger, Fake News, Independent Press, JAG SCROLL DOWN In Brief: Putin Praises McCain for Patriotism, McCain Burns US Flag and Screams "Death to America" June 9, 2017 After Russian president Vladimir Putin noted "I like Senator McCain to a certain extent. And I’m not joking. I like him because of his patriotism, and I can relate to his consistency in fighting... KEEP READING Fake News, Independent Press, JAG SCROLL DOWN Rachel Maddow Wows with New Haircut November 7, 2017 Sexy! KEEP READING Entertainment, Fake News, Gratuitous Impiety, Humor, Independent Press, JAG, NBC SCROLL DOWN The Fake News Is an Enemy of the People February 18, 2017 The chance you have an honest press since 1963 is poor, at least 100 thousand trillion to one. NYT editor John Swinton, even back in 1880, noted that “There is no such thing… in... KEEP READING Cloak and Dagger, Fake News, Independent Press, JAG, Propaganda SCROLL DOWN "Nobody walks away from this." Q March 26, 2019 I would say run but that implies there's hope for you seditious miscreants. KEEP READING 8chan, Fake News, Q SCROLL DOWN

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