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  1. Motivational Aspect. It is a step by step procedure which involves repetitive practice of the techniques concerned, using each new insight as a means of penetrating farther during the next practice session. But the rate of progress is so much faster with the Gateway approach than it is with transcendental meditation or other forms of mental self-discipline and its horizons seem to be so much wider that the discipline needed to practice it would seem to be within the means of even the impatient, result oriented, skeptical pragmatist of our society. Unlike yoga and other forms of eastern mental discipline, Gateway does not require the infinite patience and total personal subservience to and faith in a system of discipline designed to absorb all the individual’s energies over most of a’ lifetime. Rather, it will begin to produce at least minimal results within a relatively short time such that enough feedback is available to motivate and energize the individual to continue working with it. Indeed, the speed with which an individual may expect to progress seems less a function of the number of hours spent practicing than it is a question of the speed with which he or she is able to use the insights gained to release anxieties and stresses within both the mind and the body. These points of energy blockage seem to provide the principal barriers to achieving the Enhanced energy states and focus of mind needed for rapid progression. The more compulsive, the more “uptight” the individual may be at the outset the more barriers he or she will initially encounter to achieving a deep or immediate experience, but as the insights begin to come and the blockages begin to dissolve, the way ahead becomes increasingly clear and the value of Gateway moves from the status of a matter of intellectual assessment to one of personal experience.
  2. Conclusion. There is a sound, rational basis in terms of physical science parameters for considering Gateway to be plausible in terms of its essential objectives. Intuitional insights of not only personal but of a practical and professional nature would seem to be within bounds of reasonable expectations. However, a phased approach for entering the Gateway Experience in an accelerated mode would seem to be required if the time needed to reach advanced states of altered consciousness is to be brought within more manageable limits from the standpoint of establishing an organization-wide exploitation of Gateway’s potential. The most promising approach suggested in the foregoing study involves the following steps:
  • Begin by using the Gateway Hemi-Sync tapes to achieve enhanced brain focus and to induce hemisphere synchronization.
  • Then add strong REM sleep frequencies to induce left brain quiescence and deep physical relaxation.
  • Provide hypnotic suggestion designed to enable an individual to induce deep autohypnotic state at will.
  • Use autohypnotic suggestion to attain much enhanced focus of concentration and motivation in rapidly progressing through Focus 12 exercises.
  • Then repeat steps A and B following use of the autohypnotic suggestion that an out-of-body movement will occur and be remembered.
  • Repeat step E to achieve facility in gaining out-of-body state under conscious control. Alter hypnotic suggestion to stress ability to consciously control out-of-body movement and maintain it even after REM sleep state ends.
  • Approach Focus 15 and 21 objectives(escape from time-space and interact within new dimensions) from the out-of-body perspective.
  • Use multi-focus approach to solve problem of distortion in terrestrial information gathering trips. This approach involves the use of three individuals in the out-of-body state, one viewing the target object here, in time-space, one viewing it at Focus 15 as it slips into the immediate past, and one viewing it at Focus 21 as it slips from the immediate future. Debrief all three and compare data gathered from the three points of view. If care is taken to insure that the three all go out-of-body together, in the same environment, their consciousness energy systems should resonate in sympathetic oscillation. They can tune in to the same target on different planes(dimensions) with greater effectiveness.
  • Encourage pursuit of full self knowledge by all individuals involved in the foregoing experiments to enhance objectivity in out-of-body observation and thinking, and to remove personal energy blockages likely to retard rapid progress.
  • Be intellectually prepared to react to possible encounters with ‘ intelligent, non-corporal energy forms when time-space boundaries are exceeded.
  • Arrange to have groups of people in Focus 12 state unite their altered consciousness to build holographic patterns around sensitive areas to repulse possible unwanted out-of-body presences.
  • Encourage more advanced Gateway participants to build holographic patterns of successful attainment and rapid progress for advanced colleagues to assist them in progressing through the Gateway system.


If these experiments are carried through, it is to be hoped that we will truly find a gateway to Gateway and to the realm of practical application for the whole system of techniques which comprise it.


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