This is for you Colin, for bringing attention to the flaws of a person long dead because you have none to speak of. Who made this guy a moral authority? You don’t see the Pope doesn’t go around disrespecting flags and national anthems on state visits.

The insidious aspect to this virtue-signalling nonsense is best explained in how children whom are constantly being told they are bad, defective, inadequate, unlovable take that with them for the rest of their lives. Now this narrative, taken on a national scale, teaches children we should be ashamed of the anthem that brings this nation together because the author was a flawed man. Francis Scott Key was not a mass murderer, he was not tyrant, he was politically incorrect for believing what everyone believed in the 19th century: the white man is superior to all.

Kaepernick’s subtle guilt by association translates to children being ashamed of their own people and therefore themselves. How is that a good thing, given children have a hard enough time with bad parenting or an abusive environment at school? Same thing with the flag. Symbols are powerful. Burning the flag of a nation means those who respect that flag as a symbol of their identity are inferior and not to be respected. Civilized people don’t do this to others with opposing political ideologies. Intelligent people don’t do this. Simple and hateful people do. Moreover, expressing hate to condemn hate in others is like beating a child to condemn beating a child.

This isn’t to say Colin expressed himself in a hateful manner, on the contrary. It is to say that it is a clear effort to make Americans ashamed of a past they couldn’t control, never had a part in, and guilt by association.  Where we as Americans choose to focus our attention is important. We can look back and hate ourselves, living in the past, or we can focus on the here and now and how we can make this a better world to live in.; in whatever small or big way we can.

To the base, all things are base. To the pure, all things are pure. Those who perceive the world through a dark filter where they assume they’re always being judged because of their race is a reaction to what they are already doing: judging people without the nuances of circumstance and environment.

Listen closely to people who can’t stop talking about racism or sexism and see it everywhere they go. Why is that first and foremost in their minds, assuming a moral superiority because other people have bad thoughts but presumably, not them? People who are not racist know better than to generalize any group of people and save such a condemnation for people who have actually wronged them on those grounds. Everything else is punishing someone with prejudice and bias before even knowing their background or hearts.

You can look into any world figure, any hero, and find something evil or dark about them. They’re human. So What Kaepernick is doing is not heroic, it’s simply an attempt to make people ashamed of being American, and by extension, ashamed of ourselves for something we are not responsible, for the racist beliefs of a man who died in the 1800s.

Maybe he’d have a point if the national anthem was about how great slavery was, or how superior white people are, or something that really made sense. Even then, it should be a side note, not the basis of some social revolution where taking a knee somehow magically solves all the racism and problems in the world.

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