False Terrorist Confessions Behind Iraq War

Of course 162,004 casualties is an estimate, since many suicides go unreported and under-counted. It is serious, enough, however, that it has had a devastating effect on our troop numbers, so we’re actually recruiting undocumented soldiers now.

One of over 104,390 army suicides from our "War on Terror," psychologist Alyssa Peterson, who killed herself rather than participate in torture.
One of over 104,390 army suicides from our “War on Terror,” psychologist Alyssa Peterson, who killed herself rather than participate in torture.

Now, in the face of an ebola pandemic, we are dealing with neocons that gave us the anthrax plot and tried to blame the Muslims. It is an ebola threat which one way or another, they will also try to blame on Muslims too. Look for it on FOX.

Incidentally, neocons and neoliberals are interchangeable terms as both are slaves to Wall Street and proponents of indefinite war and income inequality.

Here we have a CIA analysis of how torture is used to brainwash  an enemy or subject:

Click to access CIA-Brainwashing-from-a-Psychological-Perspective1.pdf

CIA Brainwashing from a Psychological Perspective highlights use of torture, which can easily make you believe you did things you didn’t do, which is critical for false confessions (coerced-internalized confessions).

We didn’t just “torture some folks.” We tortured some to death.

So this is why internationally, Bush and Cheney are recognized as war criminals, and have been convicted of war crimes. Just because our media won’t cover it doesn’t mean it isn’t true, as it has always wagged the dog. What their silence does suggest is a bipartisan complicity so deep the Democrats dare not blame Bush or Cheney in war crimes investigations. The Democrats, after all, are cancerous with neo-liberal hawks, such as Hillary Clinton, who spent much of her time in the State Dept. lobbying for defense contractors like Boeing. You also have Joe Biden diddling himself to Bush’s New World Order agenda on Air Force campuses and speeches, and not even ambiguously at that. He specifically mentions “New World Order.” On the Republican end, they gave us this “War on Terror” and are still trying to sell it, so they are no alternative and in many ways are much, much worse because the Koch Brothers and company, without hyperbole, deliberately recruited morons to run for office to promote an anti-science oil dependency.

The unfortunate truth is this: this problem cannot be resolved at the ballot box. Only boycotts and mass, concerted strikes in all sectors of industry and other forms of peaceful civil disobedience can hope to make an impact.


During the Bush administration a concerted effort was made by the corporate media to condition Americans into ignoring the fact that torture is a violation of the Geneva Convention; to believe torture is wrong when other countries do it but not when we do it. To this end we had television and radio personalities  infest the airwaves in a pro-torture black psy-op campaign [the promulgated falsification being that torture is not a war crime]. On FOX you could always count on Bill O’Reilly and men who Henry Rollins, with comparative euphemism, referred to as “over-fed, Baby Huey, coward bitch motherfuckers” like Sean Hannity to promote the use of torture by calling it an “enhanced interrogation technique” and going so far as saying it was consistent with his Christian values. Maybe Jesus would appreciate the irony: he was tortured to death.

But it wasn’t just FOX News by any means. You had these propagandists on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, you name it. They always had plenty of airtime. For example, this scat-muncher and his ilk from a Disney owned station in San Francisco at KSFO suggested we could violate the Geneva Conventions in the good old days but not anymore…

Lee Rogers:
“I would say first we cut off your finger, next we go for your penis.”
[ca_audio url_mp3=”http://www.impiousdigest.com/ksfomp3clips/bstorture.mp3″ url_ogg=”” width=400 height=25 skin=”regular” align=”none”]

“I would say first we cut off your finger, next we go for your penis. What do you want? Okay? I’ll tell ya what. The guy says nothing? We cut off the tip of the finger first. Just the tip of the finger, that’s all. I got news for ya he’s gonna start talking quickly. We can’t do any of that now…”

Of course we can’t do that now, Lee, you ignorant racist fuck. It’s a war crime! We never could. This is America. What is wrong with you? The point of an interrogation is to find the truth, not to assume it is already found and need only be extracted through torture. That’s putting the cart before the horse, and an indefensible position from a moral, practical, and legal perspective. Not that it matters now, since Lee Rogers is dead. But this was one sick puppy. Here is a man that on any objective scale, forces one to wonder if he amused himself by torturing small animals as a kid. It’s also interesting that for a homophobe his first thought was to fantasize about handling another man’s penis.

It is a disturbing mentality indeed that one would want to mutilate a man before even determining guilt. That’s the type of sadist that one would actually be more embarrassed to know than a terrorist himself.

Regardless, the rest of the world eventually called the Bush Administration on its embrace of wantonly violating the Geneva Conventions and engaging in war crimes, and we had this national embarrassment happen…

One Way to Extract a False “Terrorist” Confession: A Torture Method Dating back to the Inquisition

cheney_rumsdXCIA says it made, destroyed interrogation tapes Dec. 6, 2007: The CIA acknowledged making videotapes to document interrogations of terrorism suspects that used techniques critics have denounced as torture,and said on Thursday it had destroyed the recordings. Central Intelligence Agency Director Michael Hayden told employees in a letter that the videotapes were made in 2002 as part of a secret detention and interrogation program that began with the arrest of suspected al Qaeda lieutenant Abu Zubaydah…. Continued

Water Boarding Featured in Medieval Torture Museum

“In order to best carry out this form of torture, the accused was placed on a kind of ‘rack’ that consisted, in one of its forms, of a large table with a raised center. After tying the hands and feet of the victim to the edges of this table, the torturer proceeded with his work in one of several ways. One of these methods involved forcing the victim to swallow large amounts of water with the help of a funnel, then striking his swollen and arched abdomen repeatedly with heavy blows. Another form of water torture involved inserting a cloth tube into the mouth of victim, forcing it as deep as possible into this throat. The tube was then filled slowly with water, swelling up and choking the victim. If that weren’t enough, the tube would then pulled violently from the victim’s throat, causing internal abrasions.” Tortures Devices (St. Petersburg museum, Russia)

Used Against Us, It Was Always a War Crime

“In 1947, a Japanese soldier who used water boarding against a U.S. citizen during World War II was sentenced to 15 years in U.S. prison for committing a war crime.”

What is Water boarding?– Howstuffworks

All of the G20 world leaders refused to shake an American President’s hand. Think about that. He was and is recognized as an international war criminal or justifiably treated as one, just like Henry Kissinger. That’s just sad. The war-mongering felch bubbles that dribbled out of Nixon’s ass, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, really did a number on this country. John W. Dean, a former counsel to the president, writes:

Dean Koh minced no words when he stated, “in my professional opinion as a law professor and a law dean, the Bybee memorandum [assistant attorney general to the Bush administration’s legal justification for torture] is perhaps the most clearly legally erroneous opinion I have ever read.” And he proceeded to spell out no less than “five obvious failures” within the memo.

According to Dean Koh, the memo’s blatant flaws include its ignoring the existing “zero tolerance policy” on torture, and its defining torture so loosely that it would tolerate “the things that Saddam Hussein’s forces did” such as “beating, pulling out a fingernail, burning with hot irons, suspension from ceiling fans” to name a few. Also, Koh noted, the memo so “grossly overreads the president’s constitutional power” that, under its logic, the president could “order genocide or other kinds of acts” and neither Congress nor the courts could stop him.

Additionally, the memo’s advice that “executive officials can escape prosecution if they are carrying out the president’s orders as commander in chief” is, Koh noted, the same I-was-following-orders “defense which was rejected in Nuremberg and is at the very basis of our international criminal law.” Finally, Koh noted, Bybee’s memo tolerates “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment,” which is contrary to the existing law.

Other international law, and law of war, experts tell me that Bybee’s memo (not to mention a few others) is damning evidence suggesting a common plan on the part of the Administration to violate the laws of war. Strikingly, such a “common plan,” or conspiracy, is itself a war crime.

An important thing to remember is that love of country does not mean you must love an elected official. Love of country and love of  elected officials are not interchangeable terms. Elected officials  change but the country, and your countrymen remain. You often heard that if you did not love Bush or his foreign and domestic policies, you did not love your country, and that’s bullshit. Don’t ever swallow this fascist propaganda and don’t ever trust anyone who implies as much.

No wonder Elvis shot his television set.




Fuck Yoo very much…

John Yoo, that is. He was a chief architect of Bush’s torture policy. In the video above he is teaching a class of Berkeley law students, apparently, the fine points of detainee torture.

Click to access Conti-article-the-psychology-of-false-confessions.pdf

The Psychology of False Confessions

“First Do No Harm”

Hippocrates, Greek physician, Author of the Doctor’s Hippocratic Oath

Click to access doing-harm-health-professionals-central-role-in-the-cia-torture-program.pdf

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