Michael Moore Truth Campaign Begins With Admission He’s Anorexic, Didn’t Know About Weinstein

June 4, 2018 Independent Press 0

Brave Michael Moore has come clean in his new Truth campaign. “I am only 95 lbs. and I am starting to worry about my weight,” he said sadly. “I may have anorexia.” When asked if there were other deeper truths he was finally accepting, he said “I also didn’t know about Harvey Weinstein or about the biggest open secret in Hollywood: Weinstein was a brutal serial rapist who attacked countless of my peers and friends. They never confided in me or asked for help, too, the biggest champion of the underdog that I am.”

Boycott These CNN Advertisers. With Extreme Prejudice.

March 31, 2018 Independent Press 0

The Children’s Crusade didn’t end well. And it won’t end well this time, either. The script is simple. The network is promulgating a demagogue and crisis actor as we can see in this video shot by a schoolmate regarding his 26 year-old debate partner from California who lied about being at the shooting.

Battered Pundit Joy Reid Posts Hillary’s Bail After Lover’s Quarrel

November 3, 2017 Independent Press 0

Battered Pundit Syndrome often results when the abuse and scandalous, criminal behavior of a politician causes pundits to publicly humiliate themselves when defending or endorsing them. As their credibility is destroyed, the emotional battering and cognitive dissonance becomes impossible to bear. Sometimes, in extreme cases, the politician will go the extra mile to personally beat the shit out of them too.

In Brief: Hillary Opens Campaign Office at Las Vegas Hospital

October 3, 2017 Independent Press 0

Before any of the bodies have even been buried, Hillary Clinton opened her 2020 campaign office in a Las Vegas hospital “to be accessible to family members for comfort, and to be responsive to their concerns about the first woman president, how I was cheated, reproductive rights, and how I am doing after my devastating loss to Donald Trump.”

Green Bay Packers Invite Fans to Interlock Arms During Anthem, Honor Rockettes Instead

September 29, 2017 Independent Press 0

Breaking: The Green Bay Packers invited fans to join them in interlocking their arms during the national anthem as a show of solidarity with the football team, and Broadway. Already gearing up for a potential Superbowl half-time performance, the Packers were not concerned about audience disapproval, it seems, and have been training with the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes in NYC.