Top US Officials Confirm To Putin That Trump Is Preparing For Military Takeover Of United States

November 15, 2018 Sorcha Faal 0

According to this report, in meeting earlier today with Vice President Pence and National Security Advisor Bolton before the East Asia Summit, a gravely concerned President Putin inquired of these top US officials as to why the United States was repatriating massive amounts of military equipment and arms from Europe, and if this unexplained action was related to President Trump mysteriously withdrawing from the world over this past week.

In stunned silence, this report continues, these two top US officials confided to President Putin that President Trump is now solely focused on upholding his oath to protect the US Constitution—and though their exact words remain more highly classified than this general report allows to be openly written about, a clue to what they revealed slipped through (deliberately we think) by this report noting that Vice President Pence said the words to Putin: “Donny knows what’s happening, too”.

Mysterious “Watchers” Reappear In European Skies For First Time Since World War II

November 13, 2018 Sorcha Faal 0

A truly foreboding new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today calling on Israel and the Palestinians to stop hostilities as a full-fledged ground offensive nears and massive Israeli airstrikes continue to pound Gaza, notes with grave concern the warning just issued by the globally respected religious scholar Rabbi Pinchas Winston that Israel should be ready “at any moment” for the Biblical doomsday “Gog-Magog War” he says would last 12 minutes and encompass the entire world—and whose warning comes at the same time mysterious aerial crafts are now being reported in the skies of Europe—a reappearance of what many believe are the “Watchers” who flew throughout the European and Asian skies during the waning days of World War II before the first atomic bomb was used—and has spurred the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to order the construction of a new Christian church to protect the lives and souls of Russian soldiers who will try to save our world from the satanic forces now attacking it.

Trump’s Solving Of “Triffin Dilemma” Now About to Usher Golden Age

November 9, 2018 Sorcha Faal 0

There is a method to Donald Trump’s seemingly mad economic and geopolitical policies including tariffs and the reversal of the Iranian nuclear deal that Obama orchestrated…the Triffin’s Dilemma not only explains Trump’s political success and the reasons for his policies, but that we may be nearing a massive tectonic shift in global markets as a result.

Global Alert Issued After Los Angeles Terror Attack Kills 13

November 8, 2018 Sorcha Faal 0

According to this report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible under Russian Federation law to keep all citizens living abroad alerted to potential terror attacks, and in this instance includes the over 600,000 Russian peoples living in Southern California—and whose information used to issue these terror alerts comes from the Foreign Intelligence Service who is tasked under these same laws to constantly monitor terrorist activities throughout the entire world.

Trump Scores Historic Win In “Blue Trickle” Election

November 7, 2018 Sorcha Faal 0

President Donald Trump has now become an unstoppable force after his scoring an historic election win only accomplished only 5 times in the past 105 years with his loyal Republican Party expanding their control over the US Senate—which vastly overwhelms the “blue trickle” the Democrat Party used to barely retake control of the US House—and that Trump wasted no time in using by his targeting for criminal prosecution the globalist banking behemoth Goldman Sachs whom former President Barack Obama failed to prosecute for their crimes committed in the 2007-2008 worst banking collapse in modern history by his deeming them “Too Big To Fail”—and whose total destruction of Trump has begun as a part of his larger war on his nation’s Federal Reserve—whose full consequence of, though not known, or even explained to the American people, now has French President Emmanuel Macron calling for a new European Army he warns will be needed to protect these globalists from Russia, China and, most importantly, the United States.

Russian Military Expert Arrested For Treason Linking Him To Plot To Create “AI God”

November 5, 2018 Sorcha Faal 0

According to this report, now arrested for treason Vladimir Neyelov is a journalist who wrote about Russian private military companies for an organization named the Center for Strategic Estimates and Forecasts, and one of whose American contacts was University of Iowa doctoral candidate Joshua Tschantret—with Tschantret being a student of international military relations, studied extensively in China, and who received his undergraduate degree from the SUNY Center for International Development located in Albany-New York where he conducted background research on global governance topics.

Virus-Infected Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Threatening Trump Raises Russian Terror Concerns

November 4, 2018 Sorcha Faal 0

According to this report, defying all common sense, logic and care for their customers’ lives and safety, Unilever began flooding the United States with its Ben & Jerry’s virulently anti-Trump “Pecan Resist” ice cream flavor during the same week that the FBI captured a Trump “super fan” who had mailed over a dozen pipe bombs to President Trump’s leftist enemies—and whom, should this crazed bomber had known, would have most certainly placed Unilever on his bomb target list for its British government intelligence agencies’ role in colluding with the FBI to bring down President Trump—Unilever long supporting former President Bill Clinton and funneling millions-of-dollars to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 US presidential election through her money laundering criminal organization known as the Clinton Foundation—none of which is surprising for an international behemoth like Unilever who has been named as one of the most evil companies in the world.

Russia Predicts Shock Election Victory For Trump

November 4, 2018 Sorcha Faal 0

According to this report, with Hollywood actress Jane Fonda joining the growing leftist chorus calling President Trump a modern day Adolph Hitler, who was joined by communist US Senator Bernie Sanders claiming that Trump is the most racist president in American history—a comical claim to make as Trump doesn’t even come close to being as racist as past American presidents—one could rightfully awaken today believing that a time machine had transported them back to 2016 when these exact same claims being made about Trump by these leftists were being made, too.