It was a nightmare. A really bad one.

I was afraid to look. She is in a red dress, dark hair, the impaling is on a beach in the middle east. Impaled from vagina through mouth. The thumb of one deep state player, in a hanger, is severed, and in its place a tracker.

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Quantum Entanglement With the Future: Lincoln Dreams of His Assassination

In April of 1965, less than two weeks before he was gunned down by an assassin's bullet, President Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own assassination. Lincoln told this dream to his wife and to several friends including his long time companion Ward Hill Lamon (1911) who was Lincoln's personal friend and former law partner. According to Lincoln:

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The Philosophy of Natural Magic

A COMPLETE WORK ON Natural Magic, White Magic, Black Magic, Divination, Occult Binding, Sorceries, And Their Power. Unctions, Love Medicines And Their Virtues. The Occult Virtue Of Things Which Are In Them Only In Their Life Time, And Such As Remain In Them Even After Their Death. The Occult Or Magical Virtue Of All Things, etc.

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Past, future are equally undetermined, equally exist simultaneously with the present

"In the past, behind us, lies not only that which really happened, but that which could have been. In the same way, in the future lies not only that which will be, but everything that may be. "The past and the future are equally undetermined, equally exist in all their possibilities, and equally exist simultaneously with the present..."

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Washington Post Exposes Trump’s Top Secret DARPA/CERN Time Travel Project

The Washington Post bravely risks it all to reveal that by 2016, Donald Trump used his access to Gen. Michael Flynn to quietly direct DARPA, then in secret works with CERN in Switzerland, to commission the first  time machine ever constructed.  Billions had been spent on Project Icarus Rex by DARPA alone. A handful of Swiss and American scientists had initially planned to intervene in a past timeline to prevent World War Three, prevent the African famines, etc. As for President Trump, his first stop was World War Two, but he wasn't there to stop Hitler. Trump was there to "talk shit about Anne Frank and challenge her to an epic rap battle."

The Elite’s Mathematically Constructed Language Meant to Construct a False Reality

Simply speaking though, what Korzybski developed was a mathematically constructed version of human language designed to be used only by the elites (those worthy to govern) and meant to construct a false reality for everyone else.

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The Confessions of Jacob Boehme

JACOB BOEHME, who reveals to us in this book some of the secrets of his inner life, was among the most original of the great Christian mystics. With a natural genius for the things of the spirit, he also exhibited many of the characteristics of the psychic, the seer, and the metaphysician; and his influence on philosophy has been at least as great as his influence on religious mysticism.

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Tertium Organum

Four-dimensional space. “Temporal body”–Linga Sharira. The form of a human body from birth to death. Incommensurability of three-dimensional and four-dimensional bodies. Newton’s fluents. The unreality of constant quantities in our world. The right and left hands in three-dimensional and in four dimensional space. Difference between three-dimensional and four-dimensional space. Not two different spaces but different methods of receptivity of one and the same world.

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Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment

One who does not himself intend to follow the path to higher knowledge, but is interested in the facts it reveals, can ask: How does the seer arrive at these facts? To such a one this book is intended to picture the path in such a way that even one not following it can nevertheless have confidence in the communications of the person who has done so. Realizing how the spiritual scientist works, he can approve, and say to himself: The impression made upon me by the description of this path to higher worlds makes clear why the facts reported seem reasonable. Thus this book is intended to help those who want their sense of truth and feeling for truth concerning the supersensible world strengthened and assured.

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The Secret of Kings: A Monograph

"He looked about fifty, is neither stout nor thin, has a fine intellectual countenance, dresses very simply, but with taste; he wears the finest diamonds on snuff-box, watch and buckles. Much of the mystery with which he is surrounded is owing to his princely ." Another writer, who knew him when at Anspach, says: "He always dined alone and very simply; his wants were extremely few; it was impossible while at Anspach to persuade him to dine at the Prince's table."

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