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Is This Why Hollywood, Fake News Really Hates President Trump?

Intercepted encrypted communications between the Independent Republic of California Embassy in Moscow and Beijing showing that hundreds of top Chinese military and political “subversive operatives” have begun mass purchases of homes and buildings in Seattle, Washington in order to further their occupation efforts of Western America once war begins. Most critical to note of this China-Hollywood alliance, this report says, are that many numbers of American radical-leftist actors, actresses, singing artists, directors, producers, etc., are now being employed as couriers shuttling messages between Beijing and their Democratic Party communistic [socialist] allies through, at least, 13 corporations owned by Wang Jianlin, China's richest man—and in order to escape US military electronic detection measures.

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Destroy the Party Where Klan and Slavery Thrived

Have at 'em, Antifa. The racist party that betrayed you and uses you is in plain sight, they're shattered, and you can make a new one now.

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US Media Plunges Into Epic Meltdown After Trump Downs Top FBI “Swamp Monster”

An (SVR) report is describing the entire leftist American “fake news” propaganda media establishment as having gone into “total meltdown” after forces loyal to President Donald Trump downed their first major “Swamp Monster” this week—and whom the SVR has identified as Peter P. Strzok II, who until yesterday was the chief of the counterespionage section of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) assigned to the team headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigating the totally discredited Russian hacking meme—and with Strzok II now placed in the FBI’s human resource section holding a desk with no duties assigned to him.  

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Lady Gaga is Not a Nazi, But Boy Did She Walk Into It

Might want to keep a keep a lid on the virtue signaling, my friend.

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