Be Wise as Serpents, Part 2

Subchapter 8

John Paul II

m Springmeier1991The Catholic Pope today is John Paul II, a Polish Jew and a Freemason. Under his papacy all the corruption of the P2 lodges within the Vatican finances and the infiltration of the Masons in all positions of the Catholic hierarchy continues.

As a result of this, we now find the Rockefellers spending vast sums of money on various Catholic schools and projects. Laurence Rockefeller, multimillionaire gave the New Age Catholic Priest Matthew Fox a grant so that he could write the Satanic book The Coming of the Cosmic Christ.98 Mathew Fox is a Dominican Priest who believes in such things as phallic worship, reverence for “Mother Earth”, and Jungian psychodynamics.” Fox’s monism teachings are 3,000 year old Hindu teachings. Other new age Catholics like Kennith Wapnick are now spreading the good news of the New Age.

The Vatican under John Paul II undertook one of the largest projects in recent history. The Catholic Church with the blessings of the New-World-Order created the Solidarity movement in Poland and by 1986 it was estimated that the Catholic Church had sent over $100,000,000 to Solidarity.100 The purpose of this was all revealed before it happened by a defector from Russia who described in detail how communism had planned to allow Eastern Europe to open up. And how this was all part of a plan for the eventual unification of all Europe and Russia.


It is not surprising knowing that John Paul II is a Freemason that he has been placing many Masons into key positions.

All the barriers have come down to Catholics joining the Masons.

The barriers have slowly come down. John XXIII officially allowed tolerance of Masons, although the books still forbid Catholics from joining. The Masons had continually joined in increasing numbers from after W.W. I onward.101 In 1974, Pope Paul VI gave permission “in particular cases”, which conveniently allowed many American Catholics to join the Masonic lodge.102 Pope John Paul II placed into canon law a rule that took effect Nov. 27, 1983 that eliminates the ban on Catholics being Freemasons.103

Now Catholics are subjected to Masonic propaganda from their own official magazines. The U.S. Catholic Magazine of Mar. 91 56:22-33 is almost a recruiting article for the Masons. The article shows pictures of bricks, plumbline, and trowells to portray the false that the Masons simply are an extension of the construction workers. To explain what the Masons are all about they interview various Masons and their answers are duly recorded:

“They meet monthly to conduct their ancient ritual..and simply to socialize…This last item is really what the Masons are all about.” (p.31) “In many ways they resemble the Knights of Columbus, who can be thought of as Catholic Masons;…”(p.32) “The Freemasons are Boy Scouts for adults….Today the Masons are essentially a genial service organization…”(p.33)

The article quotes Masonic historian Williamson who guesses that there are hundreds of thousands of Catholic Masons today.

Toward’s the end of the article a low key recruiting suggestion can be seen in the subtitle in bold letters You’re Welcome.

Recommended for further study:

The Kingship of Christ and The Conversion of the Jewish Nation by Rev. Dennis Fahey. This Catholic book published in Ireland is so well written that all Christians would do well to read its expose of Judeo-Masonic naturalistic forces. Fahey provides good material on the Jewish desire to raise up a new messiah, and sets forth for the Catholic reader what the Church views as the scriptural plan for the future in contrast with the Judeo-Masonic plans. This 1953 book and Be Wise As Serpents should be enough to convince Catholics to reject the Masonic Pope John Paul II and his masonic hierarchy.

In God’s Name by David A. Yallup. This book’s cover says, “This extraordinary book, product of more than three years’ intensive investigation, unfolds a story so powerful in its revelations, so persuasively argued, so shocking in its inescapable conclusions that it is certain to make a stunned world take note.” The book reveals the details of the murder of Pope John Paul I and the masonic control of the Vatican. Along with this book Be Wise As Serpents, In God’s Name should be read by every Catholic who wants to know who is running his church.


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However . when the Jews were kicked out of England in 1290, nominal Christians stepped in and took over the practice of loaning on interest.

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The 1152 A.D. census of Venice shows 1300 Jews, they were required to pay 5% on their money lending operations.(Mullins, The Curse of Canaan, p. 77)

The Complete Talmud is available in 29 volumes. However, there are a few Christians that have dared to compile quotes from the Talmud to expose to Christians what it really teaches. It’s blatant hatred and planned destruction of the Gentiles is shocking. The Rev. I.B. Pranaitis compiled a good book The Talmud Unmasked, originally printed in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1892. He paid with his life for doing this.

Read Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Concerning burnings of the Talmud there are a number of historical documents such as Bull. Rom. Pont. IV, p.509.

This is according to Alberto Rivero, but whether he has any proof of this or not this Author is not aware.

Read Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

A leading Spanish historian who spent much of his life studying Columbus after years of research came to the conclusion Columbus was Jewish. His book puts this view forward. Interestingly, Geo. W. Baird, 33 degree Mason, also describes Columbus as Jewish in his article “The Discovery of American History,” The New Age Magazine, July, 1922, p. 404. Also Manly P. Hall writes in his book America’s Assignment With Destiny, pp. 50-58 various reasons for believing that Columbus was looking for Plato’s Atlantis when he sailed, that Columbus was from Greece, and that Columbus appears from his writings to have been working for Secret Societies.” There does seem to be much mystery and controvery about who Columbus was.

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Napoleon, his government, his army commanders, and his relatives were all deeply into Freemasonry. The Empress Josephine was initiated into adoptive Masonry. Napoleon’s brother-in-law Murat, Napoleon’s step-son and his nephew Jerome were also Freemasons.

Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Illinois, 1909, p.101.

Interview with ex-Catholic priest.

About the Jesuits Edmond Paris. The Secret History of the Jesuits. trans. from French. Chino, CA.:Chick Pub.,1975, p.27 says,

“The Order’s life of ups and down–there is not one country from which it wasn’t expelled–testifies that these dangers were recognised by all governments, even the most Catholic.” Further on page 74 Edmund Paris gives dates that this occured for example- Portugal 1834, Spain 1820, 1835, and 1868, from Swit. in 1848, Germany in 1872, and France 1880 and 1901. Malachi Martin in The Jesuits The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church gives the same type of details about the Order’s explusion but from his Catholic viewpoint.

Martin, Malachi. The Jesuits The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church. NY: Simon & Schuster, 1987, pp. 97-99 gives a Catholic account of Pope John Paul I’s struggle with the Society of Jesus and his replacement of Arupe.

Chick, Jack T. Alberto. Chino, CA: Chick Pub., 1979, p. 27-28

There are several sources that provide the details of how Freemasonry started Communism. The following are recommended, Occult Theocracy, pp. 489-496, and Fire in the Minds of Men by James Billington. Fire in the Minds of Men is a masterpiece of research that gives an excellent indepth look at how Occult Secret Societies have been behind all the revolutions—indeed they coined the very word “revolution”. It shows how they developed communism. Billington had been a historian that seemed to be part of the system. He was a CFR member! The System let the book slip not realizing what this great historian was doing. Since then, the System has tried to suppress the book.

Investigations into the Archduke Francois-Ferdinand discovered the co-conspirators of the asassination were all three Freemasons, and that the Masonic Lodge was behind their actions. Paris, Edmund. The Secret History of the Jesuits, pp. 116-118

Read The Secret History of the Jesuits, and Avro Manhattan’s The Vatican in World Politics. The New Age Magazine praises Manhattan’s book, “It is hoped that readers by the thousands will procure this book…” Humanists, Unitarians, Masons and other’s connected to the New Order endorsed the book in 1950. The reader should be alert that Chick Pub. is much into Avro Manhattan’s books, and some of their other policies are suspect too. However, even though Avro Manhattan had the support of the Freemasons, and Manhattan doesn’t disclose what the occult Secret Societies were doing, the book still contains lots of good research. The great “machinery” of Catholic influence at some point had to be brought under the New Order’s direction, so even books endorsed by the New Order exposing that machinery are helpful.

Read Jean-Michel Angebert’s The Occult and The Third Reich and Trevor Ravenscroft’s The Spear of Destiny.

Manhattan, Avro. The Vatican in World Politics. NY: Gaer Assoc, 1949, pp. 184-190.

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Read The Secret History of the Jesuits and Avro Manhattan’s The

Vatican Billions.

Hitler agreed that the Catholic church could send missionaries into the Soviet Union, as long as they were sent “through the German Catholic Hierarchy.” Manhattan, Avro. The Vatican In World Politics. NY: Gaer Associates, pp. 348-49, and others.

Read Stalin’s War, excellent research on how Stalin manipulated Hitler to go to war. Also read Eustace Mullins’ The World Order pp.

62-64 on how the International Financiers manipulated Hitler toward war. Also read about the British Intelligence operations and about how deep British Intelligence pervaded the Nazi command structure. Not only did the British secretly manipulated Hitler toward war, but their intelligence and knowledge of the German codes, made the war much more of a Turkey Shoot than is imagined or disclosed by the history books. It is documented how they allowed the Germans some success in order to keep secret their intelligence sources, for instance the German air raid on Coventry. The British allowed many civilians to die, rather than tip the Germans off. Hitler was aware that all his plans were showing up in Allied hands, that is why he personally did the planning for the offensive known as the Battle of the Bulge. For the role that Allied intelligence played in deceiving Hitler, note how Hitler’s chief-of-intelligence Gehlen went to work immediately for U.S. intelligence after the war. Note in the book The Secret of Stalingrad how Gehlen helped by Soviet intell. misled (or deceived) Hitler into the disaster at Stalingrad.

The benefits for the Illuminati from their W.W. II included such things as the creation of the United Nations, accumulation of vast wealth by the financiers, the creation of stronger intelligence services (secretly under their control), the transfer of vast amounts of material and technology to Russia incl. the material and technology from the U.S. to build an atomic bomb. And finally they were able to create the roots for another war, the Cold War, which would be essential as a cover to further consolidate their control and give them the excuse for much of the nefarious actions done in the name of the Cold War, that actually were to aid the New World-State.

Langer, Walter C. The Mind of Adolf Hitler. NY: Basic Books,

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Read In God’s Name by David A. Yallup

The Catholic Church challenged the authority of the Bible

itself in Canon Law 750. Salvation through faith in Christ was also

challenged by Canon Law 849. The Council of Trent 1545 is an

example of how the Catholic Church had some serious non-Christian


Mullins, The Curse of Canaan, p.98.

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cf. Occult Theocracy,

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