Battered Pundit Joy Reid Posts Hillary’s Bail After Lover’s Quarrel

Battered Pundit Syndrome often results when the abuse and scandalous, criminal behavior of a politician causes pundits to publicly humiliate themselves when defending or endorsing them. As their credibility is destroyed, the emotional battering and cognitive dissonance becomes impossible to bear. Sometimes, in extreme cases, the politician will go the extra mile to personally beat the shit out of them too.

As a case in point, Hillary’s sycophantic secret lover Joy Reid posted Hillary Clinton’s bail today just hours after receiving one of the worst beatings of her life. The fight, police say, started after Joy asked how she would respond to DNC Chair Donna Brazile’s revelation that the primary was rigged, cheating Bernie Sanders and ultimately stealing 222 million from Bernie’s donors, which was channeled into her campaign after he was forced out.

Police were called to her New York apartment last night after neighbors heard shouting and saw a television fly through her window, smashing into a car. A drunken Hillary then stuck her head out the window, vomited, and hurled obscenities at male passers-by.  Witnesses report screams of “fucking sexists” late into the night before police arrived.

Reid, also November’s Stockholm Syndrome poster girl added “She beats me because that is the only way she can express her love for me. Yet, she scissors me with the utmost tenderness, and only calls me a ‘brown cow’ or ‘water buffalo’ when confusing me for her other ‘nubian delight’ Donna Brazille.” See video…

Psychologist Harry V. Jyna noted that Battered Pundit Syndrome is very similar to Battered Wives Syndrome, but with an element of capture bonding. “With Battered Pundit Syndrome, they are so used to constant abuse, lies, cheating, and denigration that any small act of kindness keeps them going. They bond with their abuser this way. It doesn’t matter how much public humiliation this subject must endure, they cannot see the true cause and become experts at making excuses. If they get beaten, they say it’s because they earned it or because she loves them. The biggest tell is that unlike battered wives or people with Stockholm Syndrome, people with Battered Pundit Syndrome never had any dignity to lose. This is what makes them attractive to abusive people like Hillary.”

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