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July 2017

Soros’ Media Matters, Rachel Maddow Dares You to Boycott Her Sponsors

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 18 U.S. Code § 2385 – Advocating Overthrow of Government:“Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or...

CNN, Your Tears Are Delicious!

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"Those who would destroy our lives with lies, will themselves be destroyed by truth." Cicada 3301.Hmmm. Yummy, CNN, your tears are delicious.Looks like CNN, and the mainstream media has so much contempt for you they don't even think you deserve the right to feel upset about anything but what they want you to. Literally. They think you don't have a right to care about the things that really matter to you, so right now, these swamp nobles have decreed that you must drop everything, and care about only what matters to them, and right now it's President Trump tweeting mean things about CNN, and that should take precedence over everything in your sad little flyover lives. Specifically, you should personally be offended by a meme of Trump wrestling a CNN logo. Yep. That's it. They want you to lose sleep over this, to march over this, to beat your kids for not caring, to self-immolate like a Buddhist monk in protest over this, to divorce your wives and husbands if they're not upset about this too.

Intimidation 101: The Unspeakable DNC Gaslighting of Seth Rich Family

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The bottom line is, the grief of one family does not supersede the fate of the nation and free elections in America, especially without Seth Rich's say. The DNC's use of the Rich family as human shields is one of the most damning red flags, for in a very real sense, every time Brad Bauman opens his mouth, he kills Seth Rich again. We also have two key players (recipient and possible conduit) say it was Seth Rich, with one even willing to testify (Kim Dotcom). Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange virtually confirmed it was Rich in an interview, so it's time to ask about intimidation and the DNC gaslighting of a grieving family. (Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity.) Mike Cernovich put it best: in contrast to Wikileaks and others, the DNC has offered $0 reward, $0 for investigation, but has gone out of its way to "protect" the Rich family from anyone investigating an unsolved murder case wherein they are the immediate suspects.

How to Deal With Terrorists Calling for the Murder of Julian Assange

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Be careful what you wish for. Julian Assange is a nice guy. But Assange has a lot of friends, and some ain't so nice. They don't like to see their friends threatened for trying to do the right thing. They may not be as forgiving as Assange, and they will not ask him for permission if anything happens. Why? because you fucking killed him, that's why. Martin S. Friedlander, Nathan Hale, Jonathan Levine, Michael Grunwald, et al, you made Santa's naughty list. Knock that shit off, Santa hates terrorists. These plebeians will have to weigh their own influence versus that of the target. That said, let's see how the Russians, Israelis, and our own spooks deal with terrorists, since you want to play with the big boys by killing someone under diplomatic protection.

Inspiring! Trump’s Fiercest Enemies Offering Helpful Twitter Advice

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Eschewing their natural instinct to kill a political rival, Trump's enemies in the establishment GOP and the Democrats gathered together to offer President Trump warm, helpful advice on how to improve his messaging, so he can beat the shit out of them again with even more alacrity in the next cycle. "We love you Donald! We just want you to do well and make our country prosperous and work with us on health care and the economy! We know this Twitter thing is how you got elected and that it is a direct line to your base, a nervous system of the Trump machine that shatters the false reality constructs of so-called rational thinking spawned from General Semantics, the linguistic human engineering of groomed elites.... You know, the same the Rhodes Scholar media uses to manipulate Americans."

Podesta’s “SHE BROKE ME!” Moment, Gets Ruined by Brilliant Maria Bartiromo

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"SHE BROKE ME!" Now there is a real journalist, Maria BartIromo shows us how it's done and punches the spirit cooking weirdo in the vagina. Podesta loses it as he is asked directly about his own ties to Russian investments, the sale of US uranium to Russia, and why he didn't turn over the "hacked" DNC servers to the FBI or DHS, which we know now to be LEAKS. The topics, key as as they were, were verboten because they challenged the Russian conspiracy theory peddled by much of the media as a pretext for military action with Russia. Even FOX wouldn't go there, so this was bold. BEST. ANCHOR. EVER.

Katy Perry Stumps Neil de Grasse Tyson: “Is math related to science?”

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Neil deGrasse Tyson gets stumped by Katy Perry, the smartest girl in the world. PewDiePie delivers once again.Perry: Is math related to science?[crickets]Tyson: Most people who could be born, will never be born. Will never even exist.Perry: Like sperm...Tyson: Well, sure, yeah yeah-Perry: But it's science!Tyson: The rest don't.Perry: So where do they go?Tyson: They're dead!Later, Perry waxed philosophical.Perry: I wanna become a scientist now.Tyson: NO! uh, we need you, we need you on the stage. When you're done on the stage then we'll take you in.Perry: I might be done on the stage.

June 2017

3rd Dimension Physical Reality a Light Projection of 4th Dimension Unified Consciousness

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What does this mean? That the 3rd dimension physical reality is a focus-based light projection of an infinity of 4th dimension potentialities. It is spirit based, accessible at least partially in the dream state, and it is connected to the unified field of human consciousness.

MIT Animal Communication Device Reveals Surprise Whale Concern

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A new MIT project hoping to produce an animal to human communication device has succeeded in creating a new language framework common to humans and whales. The first messages regarding the tragic whale beachings around the world were stunning. "The mass suicides evident in the beachings, " said one, "are mostly due to constantly being compared to Amy Schumer. Mental health care in the whale community is very poor, and such trauma can become emotionally lethal. One despondent whale said "You humans can be total dicks. Yeah, we get it, we taste good to some, got that ambergris thing going on, and we expect to be mindlessly killed for it from time to time. But that verbal abuse is constant. We surf the web and all we see is 'Amy Schumer is a whale' which clearly implies we are mean-spirited, unfunny, and politically naive as that woman. We have enough problems  with our self-image and weight problems, you fat shaming motherfuckers."

CNN’s Fake Russian Conspiracy Part of Ongoing Media Pretext for Major War

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Let us first define fake news: fake news is “advocacy journalism.” Advocacy journalism is news that relies on the reporter’s confirmation bias, a logical fallacy, to spread stories that fit a common narrative. Fake news is literally destroying us, and this stooge above personifies fake news, or he wouldn’t be so angry. Bombing Syria to protect Americans, or to avenge the world for “gas attacks,” that is another narrative you will hear often. The western reporters, and anchors, will rely on their own confirmation bias to divert them from the unpleasant reality that they themselves are now making the deaths of innocents inevitable, including Syrian children we were supposed to protect from Assad. They will cherry pick any data that supports the false notion that a violent regime change will not create more carnage. This is war advocacy, and it’s a favorite of the neocons. A media that pushes for war on a false pretext is an enemy of the people, it is a very deadly enemy of the people and enemy of all of mankind. Of course the thinking man fucking hates you.

White House Relents, Gives CNN’s Jim Acosta a Seat at the Table

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After much criticism, gnashing of teeth, tantrums, and holding of his breath, CNN's Jim "Pajama Booties" Acosta has prevailed against President Trump in his battle for White House access. Trump at last relented to his stern demands and offered the reporter "a highly coveted seat at the table." Here, a proud Acosta announces the breaking news to a global audience. A night of hard-hitting news would follow. The first was Juice-box Gate. "Everyone here got one juice box, " Acosta said solemnly, tears welling in his eyes, lips slightly quivering as he relived the traumatic moment. "President Trump got two juice boxes and even a crazy straw. He got two. It makes you wonder about the fairness and character of the man, and where the nation is going."Later, at a CNN panel discussing the "controversial breach in White House protocol," the panel nodded in sober, unanimous consent. "It's time for an independent investigation of the matter, perhaps led by Maxine Waters," Don Lemon argued. "We've seen this before. It's a disgrace to our country. Russia's hand in this scandal is clear to all."

WH Gravely Warns Syrian President Not To Poison Children Unless He’s Governor of Flint, Michigan

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The White House gravely warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad not to poison children. Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced Monday that U.S. intelligence indicates Assad could be preparing a chemical attack that would “likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children.”  They would “pay a heavy price,” Spicer said. "You don't ever poison innocent children without expecting to pay a heavy price." Spicer than paused for a moment, adding "Unless Assad  is in Flint, Michigan, then he could do us a solid, perhaps, if he takes the blame for that lead poisoning, all that lead in the drinking water that's poisoning American children. That might be acceptable. That's some pretty evil shit from Obama's time and we still haven't washed that stain off own conscience in this administration."