It was a nightmare. A really bad one.

April 14, 2018 Independent Press 0

I was afraid to look. She is in a red dress, dark hair, the impaling is on a beach in the middle east. Impaled from vagina through mouth. The thumb of one deep state player, in a hanger, is severed, and in its place a tracker.

Boycott These CNN Advertisers. With Extreme Prejudice.

March 31, 2018 Independent Press 0

The Children’s Crusade didn’t end well. And it won’t end well this time, either. The script is simple. The network is promulgating a demagogue and crisis actor as we can see in this video shot by a schoolmate regarding his 26 year-old debate partner from California who lied about being at the shooting.

Cognitive Biases That Make Us Dumb Asses

March 28, 2018 Independent Press 0

We all have them. From psychologists identifying them to marketers who exploit them to manipulate others, we all have them. These are the cognitive biases, the critical breakdowns in logic and reason we are all subject to daily. Which is your favorite, as in, the one you’re most vulnerable to?

Rachel Maddow’s Bell’s Palsy Will Worsen With Each Lie

March 21, 2018 Independent Press 0

It is worsening the more she lies. Why, you would think trying to push America into World War III would warrant a supernatural response from an opposing spiritual force. It’s like someone put a curse  on her! It’s like a prophet, an Elijah type, redirected the harm she intended for others and let it eat her away in proportion to the malice she metes out on millions of people she doesn’t even know, people that never harmed her. Some might call it a curse, but it is really a mirror deflection of harmful psychic, or quantum, energy.

FBI Files: George H. W. Bush’s Top Secret CIA Drug Running Empire

March 5, 2018 Independent Press 0

On the anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy’s death, on June 5, 1989; Sen. Edward Kennedy asked the FBI to secretly brief him on George H.W. Bush’s history with the drug trade and CIA. The top secret document revealed that the CIA to entered into the drug smuggling business, in a total and complete fashion. Each of the five planners had their own field to handle. Bush would be the secret head of ONA and handle all the shipping of the drugs under forged waybills. [Richard] Armitage would be the “gopher” for the group and the intermediary with any “undesirables”. General Landsdale would handle all the distribution network and collection services within the military in Vietnam.