cwy1jicxeaafmkaThe deep state knows all about

state secrets sold

and they are displeased

they know the things you also know

they taught you some

but not the full

about the serpent’s ruse

cwy0tciwiaagchcof 3, and 6, and 9

of numbers simple and divine

but know also

wherein there lies true might

now that it’s shadows versus light

they know about the Law

and those who break it

and if the fate of Jezebel is any clue

you may be looking at your due

the victories you’ve gained

cwa_0nfuaaajqlewere plotted in the Master’s game

before your birth

perhaps to find hidden defenders

perhaps to snare the shadow army whole

and make them plain

so the evergreen has fallen

in great deceit

her mouth entangles

grim fate awaits

within Thoth’s angles


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