America Betrayed: Bush, Bin Laden, & 9/11 Part 1


Reagan and Bush were in power when Sadat was assassinated. Those implicated in the assassination include Osama bin Laden, Saudi Arabia, Libya, as well as terrorists linked to Iran and the Sudan (22,27). In the early 1990s, the Sudan would become yet another base for Osama bin Laden (26).

Likewise, although there are different terrorists groups linked to Iran, one Iranian terrorist organization was Paris-based in 1981, and was linked to the Paris-based bin Laden organization (9,33) which in turn is closely allied with the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Royal family, the bin Ladens, and a number of Saudi Arabia’s richest families have also provided millions of dollars in aid to bin Laden and his terrorist network (26,33,34,35,36,37). Some of those funds were laundered through banks and corporations located in London, Geneva, Paris, and the Sudan—banks and corporations which are owned or controlled by the bin Laden family or their associates including members of the royal family (3538).

For example, the Saudi government and the wife of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to the United States, provided over $100,000.000, each, to Osama Bassnan, a Saudi agent who made arrangements for 9/11 hijackers, Khalid alMidhar and Nawaq alHazmi, to live in San Diego. Osama Bassnan even paid their rent. The payments from the Saudi government and the Saudi royal family continued up until the 9/11 hijackings.

Moreover, some of these same high ranking Saudis, includ ing Prince Bandar and members of the bin Laden family, have been business partners with the Bush family, including “Mr. George W. Bush of the CIA” (38). All are heavily invested in the Carlyle Group—whose board members included a number of exCIA heavyweights. Bin Laden, in turn, had been working with the CIA, since 1978 or 1979 (26,39).

Thus, it could be reasonably argued that the bin Ladens, the Saudis, the CIA, George Bush, and the Reagan-Bush administration are implicated to varying degrees, as having played some role in the assassination of Sadat as well as terrorist acts that have resulted in the assassination of a number of foreign leaders. As we have seen in earlier chapters, Bush and the CIA, as well as previous Republican administrations, have been linked to terrorism, mass murder, torture, and the assassination and attempted assassination of a number of foreign presidents and prime ministers, including Italian Prime Minister Moro and Allende of Chile (1,2,32).

Likewise, as to the Libya and Iran connection to the Sadat assassination, there is substantial evidence to indicate that the CIA was providing illegal financial or military aid to both countries either prior to, during, or after the assassination, and that part of the motive for this illegal activity was to curry favor and gain influences on Libyan and Iranian terrorist and intelligence organizations (19,20,40,41,42).

Although an arm’s embargo and other sanctions were in place against Libya and Iran, and presumably, vigorously enforced by the CIA, State Department, and Reagan-Bush administration, the facts indicate otherwise (19,20,40,41,42). Indeed, the CIA had been providing weapons and technology to Libya since 1977. Like wise, despite its being a “terrorist” state, it is now well established that the Reagan and Bush administration were supplying weapons and related technology to Iran —despite laws forbidding any such trade with this “terrorist” state (40,41,42).


According to official records, including those of the “Inde pendent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters” (40) and the Tower Com mission (41), the Reagan-Bush administration were also illegally selling arms to Iran in 1985 though in fact, the evidence suggests that the CIA and the Reagan-Bush administration had been trading with the enemy, since October of 1980 (43). And the evidence indicates that the Reagan-Bush team utilized the services of the bin Laden family in carrying out these illegal terrorist related actions.

According to a number of independent sources including French Intelligence, and as reported by PBS Frontline, and “Be hind the Scenes in the Beltway” columnist, Al Martin (43), Bush, along with Salim bin Laden and Amiram Nir (an intelligence agent with Israel’s Mossad), personally met with Iranian government officials and offered unspecified bribes, in October of 1980. These meetings took place in Paris. Paris is also a corporate base for the bin Laden family, and a number of other Saudi business men implicated in funding Osama bin Laden and other terrorist groups (33).

The purpose of these meetings was to persuade Iranian offi cials to keep 52 American hostages imprisoned in Teheran, until after the November, 1980 election—men and women who had been taken hostage at the U.S. Embassy in Iran, after the U.S. provided sanctuary to the deposed Shah of Iran. That is, George Bush met with representatives of a terrorist nation, in order to persuade them to keep American citizens hostage long enough to help insure the defeat of President Jimmy Carter and the election of the Reagan Bush ticket (43,44).

The Reagan-Bush administration, and George Bush, were not just dealing with Iranian terrorists, but the bin Ladens.

As also noted by Frontline (2001), “if the French report is correct, it points to a longstanding connection of highly illegal behavior between the Bush and bin Laden families.”

That Bush would conspire with terrorists and put his own interests above those of the American people, is consistent with everything we know about this man and his family.

Bush, of course, claims that these meetings never happened. Nevertheless a number of independent witnesses, including French Intelligence agents, observed George H.W. Bush and Iranian officials in Paris in October, when these meetings took place.

What other evidence do we have which indicates that these Bush bin Laden Iranian meetings actually occurred, and that bribes were offered?

For one, we know that the Iranians held off on freeing the hostages until after the November elections. They were freed on the day Reagan and Bush were sworn into office.

We also know that the Reagan-Bush administration illegally provided arms to Iran (40,43).

The evidence indicates that the “bribe” offered to Iran included offensive weapons, and that in return for the promise of weapons, Iran continued to hold American hostage until after the election.

As scientists, we do not believe that “coincidence” is a scientific explanation.


As noted, not only George H.W. Bush, but Israeli agent, Amiram Nir, and the bin Ladens played a prominent role in the October 1980 meeting in Paris. These same individuals also played a significant role in the illegal operation code named “arms for hostages,” i.e. the illegal provision of offensive weapons to the Ira nian regime, and the provision of illegal funds to terrorists operat ing in bases outside Nicaragua.

Amiram Nir and Salem bin Laden played a significant role in arming not just the Iranians, but Central American terrorists.

To quote the New Yorker (11/5/01), “During the nineteen eighties, when the Reagan Administration secretly arranged for an estimated thirtyfour million dollars to be funneled through Saudi Arabia to the Contras, in Nicaragua. Salem bin Laden aided in this cause, according to French intelligence.”

Yet another coincidence, Salem bin Laden died in a 1988 air crash in Texas. Nothing was ever proven, but Salem bin Laden’s death led to speculation that he might have been “eliminated.” If he was in fact purposefully killed, his murder may have been related not to the Contras, but to the illegal arms trade with Iran and the Paris meeting in 1980.

Likewise, Amiram Nir died in a plan crash after departing Texas and while flying over Mexico, presumably in route to South America. His death, too, may have had little to do with the Contras, per se, but with operation code named: “arms for hostages,” and the Paris meeting where Bush traded the lives of Americans to en hance his chances to be elected VicePresident.

As will be explained, the Contras were a terrorist army wag ing a terrorist campaign of murder, torture, and terrorism, against the people of Nicaragua. The contrast were funded, trained, and equipped by the CIA, with the assistance of the Saudi royal family, including the bin Laden family and Salem bin Laden.


By 1980, 50 patriarchs of the ruling Saud family had become multi-billionaires. The royal family’s budget was estimated be between $6 to $7 billion annually. The king’s palace, in 1980, was estimated to beworth $17 billion. Saudi Arabia, the richest and thus the most powerful state in the Gulf region, is also the most repressive and the most inscrutable. The population is kept under extremely tight control, women have almost no rights, and Jews are forbidden entry except under exceptional condi tions, i.e. U.S. diplomats who are Jews (15,45).

Foreign researchers and reporters are almost always refused en try into the country unless specifically invited. They are then accompanied wherever they go.

American soldiers and oil company staff are required to live in prison-like compounds, which are fenced off to prevent unsupervised interaction with Saudi citizens.

Arrest and imprisonment without trial, torture, solitary confinement for years on end, political executions, beheadings, amputation, and the most barbaric of criminal penalties are imposed on men, women, and children, for crimes such as criticizing the Royal family. A typical case reported by Amnesty International: a ten year-old child was tied to a rope and left exposed to the merciless desert sun until he died of expo sure.

Likewise, the armies of foreigners who labor at extremely low wages in Saudi Arabia. have no rights, are denied citizenship, and are ruled with an iron hand (15,45).

It is a suffocating world of the most extremist oppression. In November of 1990, as U.S. forces began to arrive in preparation for war in Iraq, 47 Saudi women did the unthinkable: They drove cars. The women were covered from head to foot. There was nothing un-Islamic about their appearance. However, they had broken Saudi Arabia’s version of Islamic law and the religious police pounced. The women were ar rested, branded “harlots,” “bitches” and “whores” and threatened with death.

On March 15, 2002, over a dozen Saudi girls burned to death, when they were not allowed to escape a burning school building. Saudi Arabia’s religious police stopped the schoolgirls from escaping the blaze because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress (headscarves and black robes—abayas). Because the girls, in their panic, refused to return to the burning buildings, the religious police—also known as the Com mission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice—began beating them and tossing them bodily back into the inferno. Men who stopped and tried to help the girls, were warned back by the religious police because “it is a sinful to approach them.”

These incredibly repressive policies have been fully supported by a succession of U.S. Presidents, who, like the Kings of Arabia, know that it is in the strategic and economic interests of the bankers, oil men, and the arms merchants, to keep the kings in power and the people under control. Indeed, Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest single oil producer, and thus controls the spigot which provides the major life blood of the world’s economy, oil, that is (12,45).

Because of its police state mentality, the exclusion or confinement of foreign visitors, and its hyper-secrecy, Saudi Arabia is thus the perfect partner for men of power who wish to engage in criminal acts or commit terrorist atrocities against the people and leaders of other countries who do not share their views. All becomes permissible, nothing is forbidden, if there is enough secrecy. Saudi Arabia is a religious fascist state which under the cloak of secrecy seeks to impose its world view and its repressive interpretation of Islam, on other countries and peoples.


The Bush family—with its Nazi connections, the Saudi royals—with their Nazi connections—and other rich and influential Saudi families were naturally drawn to one another as they share similar ideologies and goals: the “new world order” which is to be governed and controlled by a small ruling class elite, that is, the “Brotherhood” (15,46). In the 1960s, and certainly by the 1970s, they were all doing business together (38,43).

However, in the case of the Saudis, that new world order will be a worldwide Islamic state, governed according to Sunni Wahhabi interpretations of Islam (15). Although that goal is not shared by the Bush Wall Street corporate elite, the Bush team and the Sau dis are nevertheless willing to work closely together, to increase their wealth and their power, and to combat and eliminate common enemies and competitors for world domination, such as the Soviet Union and its communist allies. In the 1980s, these “communist” enemies targeted for elimination included those in South and Central America which, despite its distance from the Persian gulf, is a perfect target for Islamic extremists.

Indeed, due in part to Saudi efforts, since the 1980s, Islam has become the fastest growing religion among Latinos in the Americas (47,48). This is not entirely surprising, as Islam has a long history in Spain, beginning with the Spanish rule of the Mus lim Moors from the 700s to the 1400s. It is Spain, with its Muslim colored culture, which conquered Mexico and South America during the 1500s.

In fact, in the semi-isolated jungles of countries like Peru (e.g., in a region called Cañete) as well as in cities such a Lima, there are houses which resemble Muslim Masjids. Peasants of many villages sill dress in turbans and thobes—Arab robes (49).

Although the peoples of South and Central America are pre dominantly Catholic, Islam has made strides by stressing and pro moting the idea that converts are actually reverting back to their original religion. For example, Ibrahim Gonzalez, raised as a Catholic, says he “didn’t convert to Islam” rather, he says, “I reverted. We’re returning to a religion that we once belonged to and was very much a part of our historical heritage” (48).

The Saudis thus looked to Central America as another breeding ground for their brand of Sunni Wahhabism. The Saudis were happy to assist the Reagan-Bush administration in funding terrorists who would be unleashed on South and Central American countries such as Nicaragua.

As the CIA and the Reagan-Bush administration were working with the Saudis to unleash terrorists on Middle Eastern countries, it was only natural that they would work together in promoting terrorism in South and Central American countries.

As was the case in the 1980 Paris meeting that Bush held with Iranian officials, Salem bin Laden would act on behalf of the Saudi royal family for the Central American operation.

As confirmed by French Intelligence sources, and as reported by PBS Frontline (43), during the 1980s, “Salem bin Laden, Osama’s oldest brother, [was] one of the two closest friends of Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd. As such, he often performed important missions for Saudi Arabia.”

Thus, the CIA, Bush and associates, and various Saudi fami lies and Saudi officials, including Prince Bandar and the bin Ladens began working hand in glove (40,41,43) to help support terrorist organizations, including the Contras who were raping, torturing and terrorizing the people of Nicaragua (50).

Bush business partner and friend, Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi billionaire oil and arms trader, admitted in a televisioninterview, that he funneled $5 million dollars to help finance arms shipments to the Contras who were terrorizing Nicaragua. In addition, the Sultan of Brunei — the richest man in the world — pitched in another $10 million.

According to the Tower Commission, led by Senator John Tower (41) Saudi officials linked to Saudi King Fahd donated from $1 million to $2 million a month from July 1984 to April 1985, over 32 million dollars, to support the Contras. According to the New York Times the contribution may have been part of a 1981 secret agreement between Riyadh and Washington “to aid anti communist resistance groups” in return for “sophisticated American AWACS radar planes, according to United States officials and others familiar with the deal.”

As detailed in the “Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters” (40) “Saudi Arabia had contributed to the support of the Nicaraguan contras at a time when Congress had forbidden the use of appropriated funds for this purpose.” The re port goes on to say that the Reagan-Bush administration were soliciting “foreign countries including Saudi Arabia … to provide funds for the contras, and that … Saudi Arabia was providing $25 million in assistance to the contras.”

The Saudi royal family was intimately involved in these illegal activities.

“During the period between 19841987…daily diary notes record at least 64 separate contacts with Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi Ambassador to the United States….” the subjects dis cussed ranged “from political strategy for handling the revelation of the Iran arms sales, and included discussions of helping Saudi Arabia acquire United States weapon systems.”

Some of those who attended or were privy to those meetings included the Secretary of Defense (Caspar Weinberger), the Direc tor of the CIA, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (40), as well as Bush and Cheney.

Although Bush later claimed he was “out of the loop”, Secretary of State George Shultz later told the Tower Commission (41)

that George Bush was completely aware of the complex arrange ments between the Saudis, the Reagan-Bush administration, the Contras, and even the operation coded named: “arms for hostages.” Likewise, according to Reagan Press Secretary James Brady, “Bush” was “functioning much like a co-president” and was “involved in all the national security stuff because of his special back ground as CIA director. All the budget working groups he was there, the economic working groups, the Cabinet meetings. He is included in almost all the meetings.”

In the “Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/ Contra Matters” (40) it is also noted that Reagan-Bush administration officials repeatedly lied and perjured themselves by attempting to cover up these illegal activities. The Independent Counsel also concluded that “Prince Bandar” repeatedly made false state ments including: “Saudi Arabia is not and has not been involved either directly or indirectly in any military or other support activity of any kind for or in connection with any group or groups concerned with Nicaragua,” he claimed.

As an aside, this is the same Prince Bandar, who, some 15 years later, and again acting as a spokesman for the terrorist re gime of the Saudi royal family, refused to let U.S. investigators interview the families of 15 of the 9/11 hijackers, all of whom Saudi citizens. It was the wife of Prince Bandar, and the Saudi government which also provided over $200,000.00 to Osama Bassnan who in turn provided cash to 9/11 hijackers, Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaq alHazmi.

Just as we know that the Saudi royals and other Saudi families helped finance the 9/11 terrorist attack on the United States (3437), we also know, based on Reagan-Bush administration documents which escaped destruction in the 1980s, that “Saudi Arabia had agreed to give financial support to the Nicaraguan contras during the period when U.S. funds for the contras were virtually exhausted and Congress had refused to appropriate additional funds” (40). In yet another administration note it is written: “Bandar is giving $25 million to Contras.”


“Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.”

—President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

For two generations the Somoza family had used terrorism, torture, and mass murder to intimidate and control the people of Nicaragua and to remove all opposition as they systematically plundered the country and became multimillionaires. Although a small clique of closely aligned Nicaraguan families, and of course, the CIA, supported the Somoza dictatorship, the people of Nicaragua did not. In 1956, Somoza Garcia was gunned down. Unfortunately, for the people of Nicaragua, his son Anastasio Somoza Debayle, “the vampire dictator,” took control. The Somozas continued to plunder Nicaragua (51).

In 1972, Nicaragua and the Somoza dictatorship were rattled by a massive earthquake which injured and killed over 100,000 Nicaraguans. The Somoza family, however, capitalized on the mis ery of the people, by seizing, with the help of the National Guard, over $30 million in international relief (51).

In 1979, Somoza was finally overthrown by a rebel group who called themselves the Sandinistas. The Sandinista National Liberation Front, founded in 1962, was named after General Cesar August Sandino, a revolutionary hero who had been murdered by Somoza Garcia.

When the Sandinistas came to power, they formed a demo cratic government which accepted help from Cuba and the Soviet Union, as well as from the World Bank. The Sandinistas offered a social program that was designed to improve education, health care, and social services. The Carter administration, and the World Bank, pledged over 100 million dollars in financial support to the new regime, and the country prospered. The World Bank called its development projects “extraordinarily successful” and “in some sec tors” of Nicaragua “better than anywhere else in the world.”

Improved health care, education and social services? Wall Street and the CIA became alarmed (50).

When Reagan and Bush took office in 1981, they canceled all financial aid to Nicaragua, which they accused of being a “Marx ist” and “communist” state. The Reagan-Bush team imposed an embargo in an attempt to destroy the economy and overthrow the government. On November 17, 1981, President Reagan signed National Security Directive 17, which authorized covert support to anti-Sandinista terrorists who wish to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicaragua. Over $19 million was provided initially, to train a guerrilla force which would operate and launch terrorist attacks from training camps in Honduras and Costa Rica (50,51,52).

Thus, the “Contras” were born.

The Contras consisted of former Somoza National Guard units, men who had ruthlessly used Nazi tactics during the rein of Somoza, to keep the people terrified and under control. This was the same National Guard, who helped Somoza steal over $30 mil lion in international relief.

Now, with the backing of the Reagan-Bush administration, the Contras were turned loose on the citizens and cities of Nicaragua. The Contras proceeded to blow up schools, health centers, bridges, boats, government offices, and massacred tens of thou sands of innocent men, women, and children (51,52).

These attacks were not entirely random. Doctors, nurses, and teachers were singled out, as were volunteers in the health and literacy programs.

The targeting of those who provide health and educational services had been a tactic first refined by Adolf Hitler and the SS. Opponents who are ignorant, sickly, and unhealthy, are easier to suppress and control (54).

By 1983, the Reagan-Bush team had armed and trained 16,000 Contra terrorist troops. They were christened the Nicaraguan Democratic Force (FDN). However, by 1984, the FDN, de spite its use of terror and intimidation, had failed to win the hearts and minds of a single village (50).

The FDN were feared and hated—which is exactly what they desired. The aim of the Contras was to use terrorist tactics to stop Nicaraguan development projects in economic, education, health services and political organizations. It was through terror that the FDN hoped to come to power, and it was through terror that they hoped to remain in power.

The Contras, with Saudi, CIA and US backing, raped, murdered, kidnapped, and massacred tens of thousands of peasants and government officials. They burned crops, killed farmers, and blew up bridges, civilian power plants, schools, and hospitals (50,51,52).

An American Protestant organization, “Witness For Peace” and the human rights organization “Americas Watch” documented thousands of incidents where the Contras attacked farms and villages, and captured, tortured, and maimed children, women and men. The Contras cut off hands, arms, legs and feet, pulled out the tongues of their victims, gouged out eyes, castrated men and boys, bayoneted pregnant women and cut open their bellies, and tossed babies and children into fires or dashed their heads against the ground.

One survivor of a Contra raid reported: “Rosa had her breasts cut off. Then they cut into her chest and took out her heart. The men had their arms broken, their testicles cut off and their eyes poked out. They were killed by slitting their throats and pulling the tongue out through the slit.”

Rosa, was not an isolated cases. Similar atrocities were being carried out all over by the Contras—men Ronald Reagan and George Bush called “freedom fighters” and “the moral equal of our founding fathers.”

In October 1984 the Associated Press and the Boston Globe disclosed the discovery a 90 page CIA terrorist warfare training manual called “Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare.” This document, which this author has examined (54) was later authenticated by the House Intelligence Committee as a CIA manual that provided helpful terrorism tips for the Contras. The manual provided advice and instruction on political assassinations, kidnappings and blowing up public buildings and the use of “shock troops” to disrupt public and political meetings. The “Shock troops” the manual instructs, must be “armed with clubs, iron rods and placards, and if possible, small firearms, which they shall carry hidden [as well as] knives, razors, chains, clubs and bludgeons.”

Once a village meeting began, the Contras would attack.

The manual also instructed the Contras in the “Selective use of Violence” and to “neutralize carefully selected and planned tar gets such as court judges, police or state security officials, etc. [and to] kidnap all officials or agents of the Sandinista government.” The manual called for “implicit terror” and stated: “If possible, professional criminals will be hired to carry out selective jobs.”

In Congress, the question was asked “Is this not, in effect, our own state-sponsored terrorism?”

The Contra leadership readily admitted that they committed atrocities. They were proud of it:

“It is cynical to think that the Contra respect human rights. During my four years as a Contra director, it was premeditated practice to terrorize civilian noncombatants to prevent their coop eration with the government… No serious attempt has been made to stop because terror is the most effective weapon of the Contra.”

— Contra Leader, Edgar Chamorro

In the years from 1981 to 1984 the contras assassinated 910 government officials, attacked nearly 100 civilian communities and caused the displacement of over 150,000 people from their homes and farms. Bridges, dams, port facilities, granaries, water and electrical power stations, telephone lines, health centers, hospitals and schools were destroyed (52,55). And all this was orchestrated by the Reagan-Bush administration—the inner circle of which included men such as Dick Cheney.

Finally, the Sandinista government of Nicaragua filed suit against the U.S., in the World Court at the Hague. In 1986, the World Court ruled against the United States for blockading Nicaragua, mining its harbors, and for providing training and financial support for the terrorist acts of the Contras. In issuing this Judgment, the Court also demanded that the U.S. pay reparations to Nicaragua.

Being labeled international outlaws and terrorists mattered little to the Reagan-Bush team, who refused to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the court. The U.S. also vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution to enforce the judgment of the World Court. In fact, in 1984, the Reagan administration legalized “murder,” i.e. “pre-emptive” self-defense against civilians and other targets in Nicaragua and other nations that sponsored “terrorism.” Terrorism teams, directed by the CIA, would be “shielded… from legal action under

U.S. law if they were acting in good faith” (56).

The Reagan-Bush administration were proud sponsors of murder and terrorism.

Should we be surprised that when Cheney and 300 other former Bush administration officials again came to power and joined the new Bush administration in 2001, that terrorists would again be unleashed? This time against U.S. cities and U.S. citizens?

A man who orders others to commit murder or acts of terror, is still a murderer and a terrorist, regardless of where the crime first took place. And those who employ terror and murder, are the most likely to again resort to murder and terror if its suits their needs.

In order to put a halt to U.S. sponsored terrorism, Congress passed the “Boland Amendment” which read in part: “None of the funds provided in this Act [the Defense Appropriations Bill] may be used by the Central Intelligence Agency or the Department of Defense to furnish military equipment, military training or advice, or other support for military activities, to any group or individual… for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Nicaragua” (57).

Not only was the Boland Amendment quite clear in its in tent, but so was the penalty for doing so. It would be an “impeachable offense.”

This did not stop the Reagan-Bush administration, however. George Bush, like a true Hegelian Bonesman, created a shadow government, outside the law and in violation of the U.S. constitution (60). This shadow government was formed to carry out covert policies: to make war when the constitutional govern ment had decided not to make war; and to support enemies of the nation (terrorists and drugrunners) who were the friends or agents of the secret Bush government.

The true number and nature of the many secret, non-constitutional government agencies created by Bush will never be known. What is known from the discovery of secret memorandum, is that Bush created illegal agencies and then named himself the chief (40,41,60).

According to one memo: the “National Security Decision Directive 3, Crisis Management, establishes the Special Situation Group (SSG), chaired by the Vice President. The SSG is charged… with formulating plans in anticipation of crises.”

The “Standing Crisis PrePlanning Group” (CPPG) was yet another illegal government agency, the purpose of which was to gather intelligence for covert action by Bush’s SSG, against any one or any group or state, including American citizens, that Bush deemed to be an enemy. The members of the CPPG included not just Bush, but members of the National Security Council, CIA, and State Department (41,60), i.e. Caspar Weinberger, Admiral Poindexter, Ollie North, et al.

As also revealed by the same secret memo, the CPPG also served to provide “cover” that is, a cover up, if any of these illegal actions came to light.

Those illegal activities included selling weapons to the gov ernment of Iran (40,41,42) a state that was sponsoring terrorism and which had held American citizens as hostages, and then con tinued to hold them hostage at the request of George W. Bush in return for military assistance.

In July of 1985, and under the pretext of combating terror ism, when in fact he was fomenting terrorism, Bush became head of the newly formed Task Force on Combating Terrorism (or Terrorism Task Force).

In addition to Bush, members of The Terrorism Task Force included Marine Corps Lt. Col. Oliver North and Amiram Nir who was also a Counter-terrorism adviser to Israeli Premier Shimon Peres. North and Nir would play a central role in providing not just U.S. arms, but Israeli arms to the Islamic government of Iran (40,41)— the sworn enemy of both the U.S. and Israel.

As a cover for these traitors and impeachable offenses, the entire illegal deal would henceforth be code named operation “arms for hostages.”

On December 18, 1985, Charles E. Allen, a CIA official and member of George Bush’s Terrorism Task Force, wrote a memo providing an update on the “arms for hostages” deal with Iran (60): Rafsanjani [Speaker of the Iranian Parliament] believes Vice Presi dent George Bush is orchestrating the U.S. initiative with Iran. In fact, according to Subject, Rafsanjani believes that Bush is the most powerful man in the U.S. because in addition to being Vice President, he was once Director of CIA.”

On December 31, 1985, a Paris-based CIA agent Bernard Veillot, was informed by Iranian arms dealer Cyrus Hashemi that Vice President Bush was offering 3,000 American TOW missiles, that is, $2 billion in secret arms to Iran, and that the secret deal was “going to be signed by Mr. Bush…on Friday.”

What we are told is that the Bush team intended to over charge the Iranians for missiles and that the surplus funds would be diverted to the Contras (40,41).

What we have also learned is that Salem bin Laden, the brother of Osama bin Laden, played a direct role in the transfer of arms to Iran, as well as the funneling of cash to the contras.

On January 6, 1986 President Reagan met with George Bush and then signed a “Presidential Finding” that called for shipping arms to Iran through Israel (41,60)—a deal that was in direct violation of the National Security Act, but, which according to the “Presidential finding” was “important to the national security of the United States… The USG [chaired by Bush] will act to facilitate efforts by third parties and third countries to establish contacts with moderate elements within and outside the Government of Iran by providing these elements with arms, equipment and related materiel in order to enhance the credibility of these elements.”

Although Bush later claimed he was “out of the loop” Secretary of State George Shultz later told the Tower Commission that George Bush completely supported the arms for hostages deal (41).

On January 18, 1986, the Bush-Reagan administration, in collusion with the CIA, prepared to ship 4,000 TOW antitank missiles to Khomeini’s Iran (40,41,60). It has been alleged that Lt. Gen. Colin L. Powell was assigned to handle the arrangements for the illegal arms transfer which would first enter Israel and then be shipped to the terrorist government of Iran.

On July 29, 1986 George Bush traveled to Jerusalem and met with Nir who was to handle the transfer of the missiles from Israel to Iran. He instructed Craig Fuller, his chief of staff, to pre pare a secret memorandum of the meeting (41,61).


Why did Bush sell arms to a terrorist state?

It should be stressed that there never was any clear indication in the documents that came to light, that the purpose of the “arms for hostages” operation was to obtain funds for the Contras, or to free hostages held in Lebanon. Although Oliver North, for example, wrote that $12 million of the $15 million expected to be paid by Iran for the arms could be “set aside for the contras” (40) it was never established that the reason for selling arms was to obtain funding for the Contras. In fact, the Contras never did want for funds during this period. The Contras were flush with cash, and had never stopped terrorizing the people of Nicaragua. That cash, as always, was coming from drug sales (58), from the Saudis (40), from the CIA (60,61) and the U.S. government which was divert ing up to 100 million dollars earmarked for other programs, to the Contras (40,41,42)—and the provision of this assistance was not just illegal, but an impeachable act.

Rather, the facts suggest that the links between Iran and Nica ragua are much more complex and multifacted, and that the pri mary purpose in supplying offensive arms to Iran, was, to supply arms to Iran.

As noted earlier, many of the same Saudi families and orga nizations which were providing support for the terrorists who had attacked Egypt, were also providing financial support for the “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan and the Contras who were terroriz ing Nicaragua. A tangled web of motives made for common ground that linked the Saudis to Reagan-Bush.

One common motive concerned the only other superpower, in the 1980s, the Soviet Union, and involved the desire to pry away, from the Soviet orbit, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the central Asian states, which the Bush team and the Saudis wished to gobble up.

A CIA position paper in 1985 detailed this thinking, by con cluding that whichever superpower got to Iran first would be “in a strong position to work towards the exclusion of the other” so as to gain domination over the oilfields of the Middle East and Central Asian States (41). Indeed, CIA officials (41), and Reagan-Bush administration officials (41) were in agreement that by providing offensive arms to Iran, they were “on the way to something that can become a truly strategic gain for us at the expense of the Sovi ets.”

The Reagan-Bush administration’s explanation that they were illegally selling arms to Iran to get money to illegally buy arms for the terrorists waging war against the Sadinista government in Nicaragua, or to free hostages held in Lebanon, is just another in a series of endless cover ups within cover up within cover ups.

And then, on October 5, 1986, everything went terribly wrong. The secret arm’s deal began to unravel. A C123k cargo aircraft was shot down by a groundtoair missile. “10,000 pounds of small arms and ammunition, consisting mainly of AK rifles and AK am munition, hand grenades, and jungle boots’’ which was meant to be air dropped to the Contras was found in the wreckage. CIA operative, Eugene Hasenfus, the only survivor, was taken prisoner (59).

Later that same day, CIA operative, Felix Rodriguez made a phone call to the office of Vice President George Bush.

Six days later, The Washington Post broke the story (59): “Captured American Flyer to be Tried in Nicaragua. Bush is Linked to Head of Contra Aid Network.”

Bush who was gearing up to run for president at the end of Reagan’s second term, responded by lying and orchestrating a massive coverup. Bush spokesman, Marlin Fitzwater responded to the charges by stating in a press conference that: “Neither the vice president nor anyone on his staff is directing or coordinating an operation in Central America.’’

Bush’s entire career was on the line. If it could be proved that he had been directing gunrunning into Latin America, not only would he not be elected president in the upcoming election, but he could be impeached. And if he were impeached, the ensuing investigation could lead to the uncovering of almost 30 years of crimes and illegal behavior.

Repeatedly Bush proclaimed his innocence: “To say I’m run ning the operation … it’s absolutely untrue.’’

And then the dam broke and the entire “arms for hostages” deal came to light (40,41,42).

Bush, who was “involved in all the national security stuff because of his special background as CIA director,” repeatedly pleaded ignorance. “I was out of the loop” Bush whined over and over again.

President Reagan went on TV to announce: “We did not repeat did not trade weapons or anything else for hostages. Nor will we.”

As the special prosecutor (40) and the Tower Commission (41) began its investigation in the Fall of 1986, the coverup went into overdrive. Pressure, promises, bribes, and threats were made. Those intent on pursuing the investigation were threatened that secret FBI files with damaging dirt would be leaked to the press and that they’d be ruined.

Five months later, on February 26, 1987 “The President’s Special Review Board” (also known as the “Tower Commission”), praised George Bush for his “vigorous reaffirmation of U.S. oppo sition to terrorism in all forms,” and then went on to blame White House Chief of Staff Donald Reagan for the “chaos that descended upon the White House” in the IranContra affair (41).

The cover up was a success. Bush had won again.

After Bush was elected President, Texas Senator John Tower, the commission’s chairman, received his promised reward. He was appointed U.S. Secretary of Defense.

When Tower was asked if his nomination was a “payoff for the clean bill of health” he gave Bush, Tower replied that “the commission was made up of three people, Brent Scowcroft and Ed Muskie in addition to myself. I wonder what kind of payoff they’re going to get?”

Brent Scowcroft received his payoff when Bush appointed him his chief national security adviser.

Who else received a payoff? Admiral Poindexter.

Poindexter, as national security adviser, played a key role in the covert sale of U.S. armaments to the government of Iran, and the diversion of funds from the arms sales to support the contra terrorists in Nicaragua. On March 8th, 1990, Poindexter was brought to trial in Washington, D.C., and was found guilty of five criminal charges, including conspiracy, obstruction of Congress, and mak ing false statements to Congress.

Poindexter took the fall, tried to accept full responsibility in order to protect Bush and Reagan, and one year later, with the help of now President Bush, a federal appeals court panel reversed the conviction on November 15th, 1991.

Ten years later, Admiral Poindexter was hired by the new Bush administration and the Pentagon, and appointed head of DARPA, which is a counterterrorist office which will be used to spy on Americans.

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