Fake Polls Meant to Hide Hillary’s Vote Rigging in California Primary: Operation Pliers in Plain View

By |May 25th, 2016|

Operations Pliers Revisited:

If this notorious CIA voter suppression PSYOP (psychological operation) didn't exist then, it exists now, and admitted by media figures like Chris Matthews themselves. This time, it is waged against Americans, not Venezuelans. Here's the proof the corporate media sees Americans as an enemy to be subjected to black op level psychological warfare.


Chris Matthews actually boasts of network plans to engage in a PSYOPS used in Venezuela, but this time to suppress voter turn-out in California. The 2007 Operation Pliers Memo read: "Start to release data during the early hours of the afternoon [declaring a false win]... (in clear violation of election regulations) [the networks are already doing this by saying Hillary Clinton already won!]

First the fake polls. You will see psychological operations (PSYOPS), "that include contracting polling companies to create fraudulent polls" that show Hillary has already won. This is to create an acceptance of the fraudulent results. They will plant them  in news sources everywhere, and then news assets will begin to cite these news agencies where the polls where published. As Chris Matthews proudly admits, they will call the election for Hillary before all the votes are in by several hours; this to suppress turnout. Voters will miss the last hours left to vote because they will believe, falsely, that the election was won. This tactic, as you can see, was exactly the same as Operation Pliers outlined below, which the CIA was alleged to have used against Hugo Chavez in a bid for regime change.Now, it doesn't matter if the CIA used it or not. They said they didn't do it, and for the sake of argument let's say they didn't. That makes it worse for Matthews and the networks, because Chris proudly owns up to doing it before, and admits other networks plan to do it too. He is confessing to a distasteful tactic even the CIA would publicly distance itself from. Matthews is gloating about a PSYOPS used against the American people, not hapless Venezuelans, which supports a point made in earlier writings: the corporate media literally see the American people as an enemy to be misled, corralled, and controlled lest they find what has been done to them as publishers and broadcasters became the elites. The networks are also predicting violence, which is actually a key component of Operation Pliers, to plant the suggestion and then have fake supporters instigate chaos. This is what happened in Nevada.    

FBI: Through “Hillary for Victory” DNC itself may be “an accomplice or of being complicit in racketeering”

By |May 31st, 2016|

Hillary's coronation was strange indeed. From the beginning, the DNC was ruthlessly suppressing all challengers, and even members of Congress who supported Sanders were warned not to, or else.

Deleted By Huffington Post: “Hillary Clinton to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges”

By |May 31st, 2016|

"While there is an excellent cast to be made the Hillary committed treasonous actions, the strongest case the FBI has is charging both Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as the Clinton Foundation of Racketeering.  There’s no wonder why it’s taken this long for the FBI to bring forward a recommendation.  The rabbit hole is so deep on this one that it has taking dozens of investigators to determine the full extent of the crimes that have been committed.   Perhaps the most interesting question here is whether or not the FBI’s investigation will be able to directly link The Clinton Foundation with The Hillary Victory Fund.  If this happens, the DNC itself may be in jeopardy of accusations of either being an accomplice or of being complicit in racketeering." That would certainly explain the oddity of the rats going down with the ship.

Vindictive Clinton Camp Has Lost It: Blaming “Evil Bernie” Won’t Save Her Against Herself

By |May 30th, 2016|

Sad. Just sad. No candidate has ever recovered from a death spiral this bad. And her's is about to get worse.

Hillary’s Private Email Server Meant to Act Outside Presidential Authority; Proof the Russians Have Emails

By |May 29th, 2016|

Hillary broke the President’s chain of command, she made national security decisions, devastating ones like waging war,secretly and without oversight or Presidential consent. The emails from Hillary’s private email server describe her working with Stratfor in the Ukrainian coup plot, as we saw in her correspondence with Victoria Nuland. They confirm what our intelligence experts noted, that the Russians, and other nations, hacked her server. Even if Obama gave her the green light to plan this coup, it would lead us to events that nearly caused a nuclear confrontation with Russia. Because these actions were hidden from Obama, it can be strongly argued she acted, willfully, without his knowledge and authority. This is why, among other reasons, the matter is incredibly serious. We already know, for a fact, that Russia has them: they were used in a court case in Russia earlier this year. But the media pundits say it's ok. You can never trust them, though, especially those one television. Expecting a pundit to tell the truth is like hiring a man to discredit your own show. It is not going to happen, and publishers will not not publish writers who will discredit their papers.

May 5, 2016 headline, about three weeks before the State Department, hopefully, ended her political career. Dead wrong. Wanna try again, Nostradamus?

May 5, 2016 headline, about three weeks before the State Department, hopefully, ended her political career. Dead wrong. Wanna try again, Nostradamus?

There is a good chance the truth will come out anyway. As you are aware, the Justice Department, the FBI, and NSA have all yielded recent patriots who, in such circumstances, decided that whistleblowing – rather than silence – was the only way to honor the oath we all swore – to support and defend the Constitution.

"In fact, there have been reports that Secretary Clinton’s emails were, indeed, hacked successfully by foreigners. The Romanian hacker who goes by the name Guccifer claimed earlier this month that he had repeatedly hacked her email server. He described the server as “like an open orchid on the Internet” and that “it was easy … easy for me, for everybody.” Guccifer has been extradited from Romania and is now in jail in Alexandria, Virginia, where the FBI is said to be questioning him on the emails. There have also been credible claims that Russian intelligence and other foreign services were able to hack the Secretary’s server. [CONFIRMED]

"Apart from the guidelines for proper handling of classified information, outlined in Executive Order 13526 and 18 U.S.C Sec. 793(f) of the federal code, there is some evidence of a cover-up regarding what was compromised. This itself would be a violation of the 2009 Federal Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

"Numerous messages both in New York and in Washington have reportedly been erased or simply cannot be found. In addition, the law cited above explicitly makes it a felony to cut and paste classified information removing its classification designation. Retaining such information on a private email system is also a felony. In one of Secretary Clinton’s emails, she instructed her staff simply to remove a classification and send the information to her on her server."

"So the question is not whether Secretary Clinton broke the law. She did. If the laws are to be equally applied, she should face the same kind of consequences as others who have been found, often on the basis of much less convincing evidence, guilty of similar behavior."

Leaked Hillary Emails to Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddows Will be Worth the Wait

By |May 28th, 2016|

Anything to boost their sagging ratings. We're here to help. Here's a sample of what we have seen before: Hillary planting questions at 60 Minutes...