Sorcha Faal

Saudi Arabia Displays Missile Wreckage That Took Out Refinery—All Of Which Was Made For NATO Forces

A classified at the highest level “Of Special Importance” new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today appearing to explain why President Donald Trump has stopped short of blaming Iran for an attack on Saudi Arabia’s largest oil refinery complex, as well as the Saudis themselves calling for a United Nations investigation of this incident, states that the missile wreckage displayed yesterday by the Saudis prove beyond all doubt that this was a “false flag” event—as evidenced by the fact that all of this missile wreckage came from advanced weapons made for NATO military forces—best exampled by one of the cruise missile engines found having been manufactured by NATO member Czech Republic military rocket producer PBS—a damaged cruise missile casing clearly identified with a NATO weapons number of MC 79050 which conforms to the Joint Electronics Type Designation System (JETDS) of identifying these weapons—with the letter “M” designating it as being a ground and/or mobile (fired from warplane) weapon, and the letter “C” designating it as an electronic jamming device—thus making this cruise missile one of the many produced by the Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP)—all of which the Saudis have confirmed were fired from the Iraq-Kuwait border region—and were actually captured on video flying over Kuwait on the night of 14 September 2019 when this attack occured—which the Kuwaiti government is now investigating.  […]

Sorcha Faal

“Deep State” Destruction Test Run Begins After Largest US Bank Hit With Criminal Enterprise Indictment

Yesterday in the United States US Department of Justice (DoJ) forces loyal to President Donald Trump stunningly slammed a criminal enterprise indictment on their nation’s largest bank JPMorgan Chase—the proverbial atomic bomb of indictments solely used to target only the largest of criminal organizations —and in this case sees Michael Nowak, a JPMorgan veteran and former head of its precious metals trading desk and Gregg Smith, another trader on JPMorgan’s metals desk being charged with masterminding a criminal scheme to manipulate the price of gold and silver—stunningly is an indictment filled with aggressive language embraced by prosecutors that reminds legal experts of indictments utilizing the RICO Act—a law allowing these prosecutors to take down “criminal enterprises” like the mafia by charging all members of the organization for any crimes committed by an individual on behalf of the organization—in this particular case seems to be these prosecutors using a sledgehammer to kill a gnat—unless, that is, this JPMorgan criminal enterprise indictment is being used to fine tune the intricate legal tactics Trump’s loyal forces will need to use in prosecuting the “Deep State” operatives who tried to overthrow Trump—an overthrow attempt so bungled and inept, it now even sees the final case prosecuted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “witch hunt” leftist minions collapsing into a comical farce—as evidenced by their appearing yesterday in the courtroom of  US District Judge Dabney Friedrich to astonishingly claim that she misinterpreted an indictment brought against a Russian company charged with funding a troll campaign to manipulate the American public during the 2016 presidential race—which in turn left Judge Friedrich “baffled” and this Russian company’s attorney shockingly stating that “even 18 months in we still don’t know what we’re charged with”—but saw Judge Friedrich making clear to Mueller’s leftist minions that she has no intention of catering to any suggestion to slow proceedings and this case would move toward the proposed 6 April 2020 trial date—with her further stating: “We are not going to let this case go for another year…I think if I left it up to you all I would be trying this case in 2021”—which is exactly what the “Deep State” wanted all along, as they knew this joke indictment was doomed from the start, and didn’t want it to explode in their faces during the 2020 election.  […]

Sorcha Faal

World Warned Is Days Away From Sleepwalking Into Total Nuclear War

A gravely worded new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the fast growing dangerous Persian Gulf Tanker War, which in the past 24-hours alone has seen Iran deciding to release a British-flagged oil tanker, then saw it seizing an Emirati-flagged oil tanker the Iranians accused of being used for smuggling, states that this conflict has now reached true catastrophic proportions after half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production was shut down due to an attack on one of its major refinery facilities—an attack which, also, exploded global oil prices 20% higher to its biggest rise in history—has US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blaming Iran for this attack, and top Trump-ally US Senator Lindsey Graham calling for Iran to be immediately attacked—and now sees the leftist US mainstream propaganda media establishment calling this attack a “Pearl Harbor Moment” of the kind that threw the United States into World War II—all of which has led to President Donald Trump authorizing the release of oil from his nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve if needed to keep markets supplied, with his further declaring that he’s “locked and loaded” for war on Iran—threats Iran has just met by its calling the accusations made against it “Maximum Lies”, and warning they “are ready for war”, too—and whose claim that they’re being lied about is substantiated by the fact that this vital Saudi oil facility was attacked by cruise missiles fired from Iraq whose skies are daily filled with US warplanes—a cruise missile attack coming from Iraq that even US intelligence confirms, but say were Iranian—and mirrors the 14 May 2019 attack on Saudi oil pipelines by cruise missiles fired from Iraq—but whose true perpetrators of top Russian defense expert Sergey Karaganov reveals are “callous Western elites who fear no bloodshed”—all of whom are now “sleepwalking our world into total nuclear war”. […]

Benjamin Fulford 

U.S. War College study shows 95-100% probability of Khazarian mafia defeat

The international military and legal campaign against the Khazarian mafia is “95-100% likely to succeed,” according to probability models tested by the U.S. War College, say MI6 and Pentagon sources.  This week’s anniversary of 9/11 is followed by a Friday the 13th and is a good time to push hard for their inevitable final defeat, the sources say. The key to the Khazarians’ defeat was handed over to the military by a group of Swiss mathematicians who analyzed 43,000 transnational corporations and traced their control to a group of 700 individuals, mostly bankers, MI6 sources say. […]

Sorcha Faal

Court Order Zeros In On Trump Assassins Whose Top US Navy Plotters Were Just Fired

It was not unexpected that President Donald Trump ordered the Navy Special Warfare Command to immediately fire three of their top US Navy SEAL commanders yesterday—most particularly because these US Navy SEAL commanders were implicated in the plot to smuggle into the United States radical Islamic snipers to assassinate Trump—a plot that included these US Navy SEAL commanders providing to these radical Islamic snipers a computer application named Obsidian 4 made by a secretive Silicon Valley company named American Technologies Network (ATN)—is an application used to control rifle scopes and allows snipers to get a live stream, take video and calibrate their gun scopes from either an Android or iPhone device—has led to an unprecedented court case filed by the United States Department of Justice against Silicon Valley tech giants Apple and Google demanding that they turn over all information about everyone who downloaded this application—and which a US Federal Court has historically upheld in a never before seen ruling ordering both Apple and Google to immediately comply.  […]

Sorcha Faal

Putin Offers To Protect America After US Marines Admit US Navy Is Obsolete—But Notes They Didn’t Accept His Warning Two Days Before 9/11 Attack

Russia and the United States cannot afford the luxury of losing the New Start nuclear treaty… this assertion is based upon shock findings just revealed by US Marine General David Berger—the 38th Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) whom President Trump installed in power on 11 July 2019—who then quickly presented to his Commander-In-Chief President Trump two scathing documents titled “38th Commandant’s Intent” and “38th Commandant’s Planning Guidance”—both of which gave “the most visionary, disruptive, and transformational guidance issued by any of the service chiefs since the end of the Cold War”—whose conclusions of documented that the US Navy can no longer be depended upon to protect US Marine forces because it’s obsolete—a finding known to President Putin who has kept Russian naval forces from expanding beyond the bare minimum of warships needed for defensive operations—which is why he offered to sell Russia’s highly advanced undefeatable hypersonic missiles to President Trump so America can be protected—but is a nation that refused to listen to Putin when he warned them on 9 September 2001 that they were about to be attacked—and whose cost of refusing to heed this warning, lead to the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans when they were attacked two days later on 11 September 2001.   […]

Sorcha Faal

Echoes Of 1940’s Reverberate Through America As Trump Follows Truman—Who Called For Citizen Mobs To Hang Traitors

President Donald Trump is preparing to take over one of his nation’s largest socialist labor unions mired in leftist corruption—an action that echoes those of his predecessor President Harry Truman—who, during the 1940’s, confronted head-on the same leftist-socialist forces confronting Trump today—with his most famously vowing to call his citizens to armed mob action to confront this socialist threat—and exactly said: “Every single one of the strikers and their demagogue leaders have been living in luxury … Now I want you who are my comrades in arms … to come with me and eliminate the Lewises, the Whitneys, the Johnstons, the Communist Bridges and the Russian Senators and Representatives … Let’s put transportation and production back to work, hang a few traitors and make our own country safe for democracy”.   […]

Sorcha Faal

World Trembles After China And Iran Suddenly Deploy “Doomsday Box” Aircraft Carrier Killer

China and Iran have met to “flesh out their strategic partnership”, which is needed as China continues to import Iranian oil in the teeth of US sanctions—and in defense of, now sees both China and Iran having suddenly deployed the most feared “sneak attack” weapon in the world called the “Doomsday Box”—which is a “Trojan Horse” aircraft carrier killer weapon system developed by Russian military scientists able to be concealed in standard international shipping containers and fired from cargo ships, trains, and even trucks.  […]

Sorcha Faal

“All Of Us Are In Danger”—But Not From Donald And Boris

For the first time in history, the United States has flown its fearsome B-2 nuclear armed stealth bombers to Iceland as it continues its preparations to take over Greenland by force if need be—while at the same time—China is reeling as pork prices continue to explode to record levels gravely endangering its ability to feed its over one billion citizens, and who, also, are trembling in fear as America prepares to default on the $1 trillion in debt it owes the Chinese government that would collapse their entire economy. […]

Sorcha Faal

Shock US Navy Missile Strike Follows Court Filing Proving Clinton-FBI-DOJ-CIA-DOD Plot Against Trump

Confirmation that General Flynn’s guilty plea agreement was, in fact, an intelligence operation, this report details, came shortly after it was signed when President Obama appointed United States District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras was suddenly thrown off Flynn’s case and replaced by President Reagan appointed United States District Judge Emmet Sullivan—a judge reappointed to a higher court by President Clinton who compares US federal prosecutors to “grade-schoolers”—has referred them for criminal prosecution—and to this very second, remains livid about the crimes committed by US federal prosecutors in their persecution of the late Republican Party US Senator Ted Stevens […]