Sirhan Sirhan

August 25, 2014 Independent Press 0

The ARTICHOKE Team visited [redacted] during period 8 January to 15 January 1954. The purpose of the visit was to give an evaluation of a hypothetical problem, namely: Can an individual of ****** descent be made to perform an act of attempted assassination involuntarily under the influence of ARTICHOKE?

No man is free if he fears death…

August 25, 2014 Independent Press 0

"No man is free if he fears death…but the minute you conquer the fear of death, at that moment you are free. You must say somehow I don't have much money. I may not have much education, I may not be able to read and write but I have the capacity to die."

New Book from Rush Limbaugh’s Mom

August 18, 2014 Independent Press 0

Rush Limbaugh's mom discusses her new book, "Rush Limbaugh: the Case for Post-Natal Abortion." Regarding her son's legacy, she had this to say:

"He is my ultimate shame. I should have swallowed. I should have bought the dog a condom. When I was pregnant with him I paid boxers to punch me in the stomach, to no avail."

We Need to Thank This Man

August 16, 2014 Independent Press 0

"President Obama just did something that is absolutely remarkable. His administration placed a hold on the transfer of Hellfire missiles to Israel, making clear that routine military shipments to Israel will now come under scrutiny."

AUDIO: JFK Assassination- LBJ Discusses Hoffa’s Threat to Tell All

August 14, 2014 Independent Press 2

March 2, 1967: The voice speaking is Johnson’s, the caller was Connally, who phoned regarding the Jim Garrison investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Johnson notes one of Jimmy Hoffa’s lawyers went to one of their “mutual friends” to discuss the Garrison case; warning that Hoffa “would tell all the story” about the JFK assassination after November of ’67. Johnson’s own lawyer admitted, and detailed how Johnson was responsible for the assassination. This, in addition to several damning White House tapes and other powerful evidence available to the public.

The One Country It’s Illegal to Boycott

August 11, 2014 Independent Press 0

You can boycott any American company, or foreign company except one. You can protest any government's foreign policy, except one. As a student, or professor, you can actually get kicked out of a university. Guess which government that is, and who exactly back policies that put this countries interests before America's?