Miley Cyrus is Creeping Me the Fuck Out

You know the whole scandal about Miley Cyrus' twerking at the Video Music Awards wasn't even about her, at least not as far as I'm concerned. Sure, she's creepy and she's so lost in the Hollywood abyss of sexual depravity she thinks fetishes like furries, that is people dressing up like furry animals to have sex with each other, are mainstream. […]


Chris Elliot’s “Thwacker”

I had only read the first chapter, which the author refers to as “Chapter the First”, before I was wondering aloud if it was the funniest book ever written.This chapter alone was even funnier than Real Ultimate Power, by Robert Hamburger (an ode to a young teen’s masturbation unto all things Ninja). That’s no small feat, as Hamburger’s book is one of the most cherished books on my very lonely bookshelf. The first chapter of Elliot’s book is available for download as a PDF file. To see it, link here. Or better yet, buy the damned book. […]

2017 JFK Files


He had his head blown off, his skull exploding into a pink mist…. it replays in my mind constantly, so many years later. I saw that the authorities not only allowed it to happen but facilitated it. I saw that “Bonesmen” had done obscene and unspeakable things to his body. I saw his killers gloat openly that no one would ever find out what happen, but so many of us knew […]