Donnie Hoyle is Back!

April 29, 2013 Independent Press 0

For more on the creators of You Suck at Photoshop, check out their profile in Time magazine.

Also, after five long years, Donnie Hoyle is back! Check out the 2012 season episodes.

LBJ Reloaded

April 15, 2013 Independent Press 0

Every element of this game is based on actual events and political realities as they existed between 1963-1973. In painstaking detail, this game teaches players how Lyndon Baines Johnson assumed power by coup and in doing so, examines the national consequences of JFK’s assassination 40 plus years later.

L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Audio Proves he’s Batshit Crazy

April 15, 2013 Independent Press 0

Now this is Hubbard in his own words, his own lectures. They have not been tampered with and are consistent with member accounts. Video features artwork of L. Rick Vodicka and actual Hubbard audio describing the history of Earth, the evil galactic overlord Xenu, how souls (thetans) came about after he drugged trillions of earth inhabitants, stacked them by volcanoes into which he then dropped h-bombs.

The Asch Experiment: How People Believe Obvious Lies

April 15, 2013 Independent Press 1

The Asch Experiment, or we the Sheeple: a sobering conformity experiment on how people believe obvious lies. There have been wild allegations of highly sophisticated CGI use in this video and that the subject in the experiment is internet cult icon Maddox. It has even been suggested that his likeness was superimposed. The matter is being investigated. Maddox, incidentally, is fucking awesome. He is most worthy of praise.

We Have Met the Enemy and it is Us

April 4, 2013 Independent Press 0

We have met the enemy and it is us. A controversial experiment demonstrates how easily evil that is in us all can be tapped by authority figures; even just a guy in a lab coat. It was controversial not just for its findings, but for the post-experiment effects and stress on participants administering the potentially fatal punishment. They discovered evil was their choice and couldn’t be passed off as “following orders” when they were volunteers. They could have stopped at any time, but continued when persuaded but not forced by a perceived authority figure.

Testimony about Live Birth Abortion

April 2, 2013 Independent Press 0

On April 6, 1977, Gianna’s 17 year old birthmother (named Tina) sought a saline abortion at seven months pregnant. Saline abortions involve injecting a caustic saline solution into the amniotic fluid, which (normally) causes the fetus to be scalded to death and then delivered dead. In this case, however, things didn’t go according to plan.