Chapter 14


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Drunk, Drugged & Getting Out of Harm’s Way.

I ran for my life because “I was trying to get out of harm’s way.” –George W. Bush.

14At 8:45 am, Eastern Standard Time, American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767 en route from Boston’s Logan Airport to Los Angeles International with 92 people onboard, slammed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. Over a thousand men and women were incinerated, crushed, or fell a thousand feet and died.

George W. Bush, the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief, was in Florida. He was taking advantage of a photo op, a publicity stunt, at the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, and cameras were trained on his face. At 9 A.M., soon after the jet crashed into the World Trade Center, Bush received a phone call and was provided details. For a brief moment, his face tightened. Then, inexplicably, he smirked, and went on with the publicity stunt.

Dick Cheney, the Vice President, was at the White House, sitting in front of a television, watching the nightmare unfold. There were no cameras trained on his sinister, bully boy’s face.

At 9:03 am, United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767 enroute from Boston to Los Angeles with 65 people onboard, barreled into the south tower of the World Trade Center. Another thousand lives were instantly consumed.

The cameras are still trained on the face of George W. Bush. At 9:07 AM, he received the news of yet another plane crash. There is no sign of shock. There is no expression of surprise. Not a hint of sadness crosses his face. His face tightens, and then, there is the smirk. He looks as if he is suppressing an urge to laugh. Twenty three minutes later, at 9:30, Bush makes a statement, describing the attacks on the World Trade Center as an “apparent terrorist attack” and asks for a moment of silence.

And what does the Commander-in-Chief, the President of the United States, the “Leader of the Free World” do next? He continues with his visit at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida.

Next on the agenda? Money–a meeting with supporters to raise campaign contributions. And what of the Vice President? On the morning of 9/11, he is still watching TV.

Later, in a television interview, the normally dour-face of Dick Cheney, is all smiles. He is exuberant. Animated. Excited. His happy face seems incongruent with the tragedy that he is discussing. He tells us that when the second jet struck, “Immediately that triggered in my mind, the thought of terrorism.” He tells us that he called President Bush (1).

What else did Cheney do the morning of 9/11, in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy? Like Bush, he did nothing. He continued watching TV.

But then, a surprise, the unexpected.

White House aids entered the room where Cheney was still enjoying the spectacle on TV. They told him that a Boeing 757, an American Airlines commercial jet had been hijacked by terrorists. They feared that it might be headed directly toward Washington, the nation’s capital.

Cheney was surprised. Shocked. Frightened. And what did Cheney do?

Did he warn White House staff they might be in danger? No.

Did he issue orders warning congressional staff that they might be in danger? No.

Did he issue orders warning the Pentagon? The answer is no.

Did he warn anyone that their lives might be in danger? No. No. And, no!

Dick Cheney thought only of himself. Dick Cheney’s first thought was the he was being targeted. Dick Cheney was scared to death. Then he ran, and he hid (1).

He was literally air borne. He ran so fast that his “feet touch the floor periodically…” as he ran “very rapidly down the hallway” (1).

Dick Cheney, the classic bully boy, turned rabbit and ran for his life. His behavior was that of the classic bully boy who is all mouth but then backs down and panics, and then runs away when faced with danger.

While three hundred brave men and women were racing up those Twin Tower stairs to save the lives of those who could not save themselves, Dick Cheney abandoned his post, and he ran for his life. While brave men and women were heroically risking their lives to save the lives of those who could not save themselves, Dick Cheney sought only to save his own skin. When told that the jet had entered the “danger zone” he made a mad dash for safety. He ran for the White House basement. And there, like a scared rabbit, he hid (1).

It was only after he reached the safety of the White House basement, that he reached for a phone. Was he about to warn the people of the nation’s capital that a hijacked plane was headed their way. No.

Did he warn congress? No.

Did he warn the Pentagon. No.

Dick Cheney, as he cowered in the White House basement, was speed dialing George Bush.

“It looks like we’ve been targeted,” he cried. “Delay your return. We don’t know what’s going on here, but it looks like we’ve been targeted” (1).

What did he mean by: “We don’t know what’s going on here”? Didn’t they just make an announcement that terrorists had hijacked and crashed two commercial jets?

Hadn’t Cheney been enjoying the spectacle all morning? Hadn’t he just been sitting there, watching TV, doing nothing? Now, at all once, he doesn’t know what’s going on?


Let us review the facts. The Bush team had been receiving detailed warnings since July that commercial jets were to be hijacked by terrorists. John Ashcroft took the warnings so seriously that he go weak kneed and refused to ever fly again on a commercial jet.

On the morning of 9/11, two jets crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. After the second jet strikes, Bush is told to announce that the attacks are due to terrorists.

Bush then continues with his photo op, and Cheney settles in to watch some more TV.

So far, everything has gone according to plan…The nation had been attacked, just as they had been warned. But, according to Dick Cheney, when told of a third jet, he was surprised.

He wasn’t surprised or alarmed about the first jet. Ditto for the second jet. But as to a third jet? Maybe even a fourth jet?

Wait a minute–we don’t know what’s going on here–nobody told us about a third jet. Nobody told us that we would be targeted, that Washington would be a target.

They’ve known for months about the impending attack. They received an avalanche of warnings in the days and weeks before 9/11. They just announced that the two jets which struck the Twin Towers, was the work of terrorists. But then, when told of a third jet, Cheney suddenly doesn’t know what’s going on?

“We don’t know what’s going on here, but it looks like we’ve been targeted.”

Cheney: We’ve been double crossed ! Run for your life! And what did Bush do? He ran: “I was trying to get out of harm’s way,” Bush said (2).

“Harm’s way?” You were in Florida, you chuckle head.

In New York, firemen and police didn’t lose their nerve. Rudolf Giuilliani, the mayor of New York didn’t lose his nerve. Rudolf Giuilliani immediately sped off for ground zero.

At the Pentagon, Donald Rumsfeld didn’t lose his nerve. As flames engulfed portions of the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld was in the thick of things. He was right there assisting victims of the attack.

If Dick Cheney and George Bush had been at the Pentagon, they would have knocked each other down in their panic to escape and “get out of harm’s way.”

And so, while fire fighters and police were risking their lives, while brave men and women were climbing the burning, smoke-filled stairwells of the twin towers, to save the lives of those who could not save themselves, Cheney and Bush, thought only of saving their own skin. These two “Leaders of the Free World,” these two war mongers who have never, ever, been in harm’s way, the Commander-in-Chief, and his second in command, turned tail and ran. I RAN FOR MY LIFE BECAUSE I WAS TRYING TO GET OUT OF HARM’S WAY.

Bush had been told of both crashes, that early 9/11 morning. And he did nothing. He sat there, in that classroom, and smirked.

Everything so far, had gone according to plan. But then the unexpected.

“It looks like we’ve been targeted!” Cheney cried. To hell with everybody else!

Run! Hide! Run for you life!

At 9:55 am, Bush and his entourage sped off to the Sarasota-Bradenton airport, and from there it was to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. In order to make him feel more protected, the still shaking president of the free world was immediately surrounded by Air Force personnel with M-16s at the ready.

Bush still didn’t fee safe. He was still scared. He was Frightened half to death.

Only an underground command bunker that could withstand a direct hit by an atomic bomb would suffice. He was whisked away to Nebraska’s Offutt Air Force Base and ground zero of the U.S. Strategic Command. Bush would hide out in an atomic bomb-proof bunker until assured that his life was no longer at risk.

At 9:43 am, as Bush was heading full throttle for safety, and as Cheney hid in the White House basement, American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757, with 58 passengers and six crew members on board, slammed into the Pentagon.

Ten minutes later, the White House was evacuated.

A few minutes later, high level officials in the Bush administration began taking the anti-anthrax medication, Cipro (3). The American public didn’t know it yet, but they were soon to be subject to additional terrors, that, like 9/11, high level officials in the Bush administration already knew about.

As to Mr. Bush, as the day wore on, he was still hiding. BUSH: DRUNK, STONED, AND AWOL

This was not the first time that George W. Bush shirked his duty and deserted his post. In 1972, during the height of the Vietnam war, Bush deserted his Houston Air National Guard unit. He was AWOL (Absent Without Leave) for a period of between 11 to 18 months.

As reported in the well researched book, “Fortunate Son” (4) and as detailed in the Boston Globe (5): “In his final 18 months of military service in 1972 and 1973, Bush was all but unaccounted for: For a full year, there is no record that he showed up for the periodic drills required of part-time guardsmen. William Turnipseed, the retired general who commanded the unit, said that Bush never appeared for duty. His two superior officers at Ellington Air Force Base could not perform his annual evaluation covering the year from May 1, 1972 to April 30, 1973 because, they wrote, ‘”‘Lt. Bush has not been observed at this unit during the period of this report.’”

Desertion is a crime. But Bush had an “excuse.” In 1972 he had been arrested for cocaine possession. George W. had a very serious drug problem. His “dad,” however, came to the rescue and made arrangements with a Dallas judge to have his son’s conviction for possession of cocaine expunged from the records in return for performing community service. The judge agreed to this arrangement and ordered George W. to perform community service and to work for an inner-city, antipoverty outreach program for teenagers.

image222George W. was also a drunk. In an interview published in the Greenwich Village Gazette (6), President G. H. W. Bush’s Chief of Staff Michael C. Dannenhauer admitted that George W. had been “out of control since college. There was cocaine use… but the drinking was the worst.” He also admitted that George W. had suffered quite a few “lost weekends in Mexico.”

Dannenhauer also confirmed that George W. also had a serious cocaine problem. George’s past drug use was inadvertently confirmed by George W. himself, when he blurted out at a press conference that he hadn’t taken drugs “since 1974.”

Should we be surprised that a rich man with a low IQ (7), and a history of alcoholism, drug addiction, and desertion, who has never in his life been held accountable for his actions, would also run away on the morning of 9/11?



It has been said that a picture says a thousand words. Pictures are revealing. Pictures can also be worth a lot of cash. After Bush emerged from his hidey hole, after he had been told that he was safe, the boy wonder paid a visit to ground zero. And then the inexplicable: he laughed. He was all chuckles. While standing atop the rubble, atop the grave of nearly 3,000 souls, Bush yucked it up, laughing, smiling, cracking jokes and smirking. It was impossible for him to wipe the smile and smirk from his face, and that’s because, he is laughing at you, the American People.


The Bush family, George and Barbara Bush were also unable to contain themselves in public, laughing it up at a 911 ceremony. It’s an inside joke and the joke on is you–the American People.

Among the numerous schemes hatched by the White House and Republican party, to capitalize on the 9/11 disaster, was the solicitation of campaign contributions in return for a signed photo of George W. Bush, as he flew to safety aboard Air Force One on the morning of 9/11. George, we are told, was speaking by phone to Dick Cheney–or just as likely, his “dad.”

A picture says a thousand words.

The picture of George Bush, the morning of that terrible tragedy, is the picture of a man of conflicting emotions, as if he is being simultaneously congratulated and admonished–perhaps by his father, for running away.

There is no sign of sadness on the face of George Bush. There is no sign of compassion or concern. Although he is scared to death, George Bush is smirking.

Is it possible that George W. Bush would gloat over the death of others? Is it possible that George W. Bush would derive pleasure from causing death?

The answer is yes.

While Bush served as Governor of Texas, he oversaw a penal system that became, under his administration, a veritable assembly-line death machine. Bush took a perverse delight in killing people. He enjoyed executing the retarded, the abused, those with severe learning disorders, and men with histories of alcoholism and drug abuse–men just like George Bush. Bush joked about killing people. He mocked them. Laughed at them. Killing his fellow man, killing old women, gave George Bush a perverse pleasure. In Texas he killed over 150 of them–and it made him feel good!

In November of 2001, just weeks following the 9/11 tragedy, as he presided over the annual pardoning of the White House turkey, George W. Bush made yet another a joke about killing people: ” It’s nice to finally get a chance to issue a pardon. Unfortunately, I was unable to give any out in Texas. You know how it is, you pardon one and then everyone has a sob story about how they were abused as kids, or were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or they’re retarded or dyslexic, stuff like that. My philosophy was not to discriminate. We killed everyone of them when I was governor.”

Texas death row inmate, Karla Faye Tucker, a grandmother and “born again Christian” hoped that George W. Bush, a man who claims his “favorite philosopher is Jesus Christ” might act mercifully and save her from death. When asked by Talk magazine what she might like to say to Governor Bush?” she replied, “Please don’t kill me.”

George Bush thought this was funny. He mocked her. He laughed at her, just like he mocked and laughed at all the others who were killed by the state of Texas when he was governor. Bush thought her request was so hilarious, that he went on the popular Larry King talk show and publicly ridiculed her by laughing and whimpering in mock imitation of her voice: “Please! Don’t kill me!”

That many of those Bush ordered killed were completely innocent, is probably beyond dispute. Dozens of people sentenced to death in recent years, have subsequently been found to be innocent, based, for example, on DNA evidence. Dozens of innocent men have been released from death row and prison, after prosecutorial and police misconduct and evidence tampering were made public.

Between 1900 and 1992, there have been 416 documented cases of innocent persons who have been convicted and given a death sentence. In 23 of these cases, the person was executed (8). According to Amnesty International, “since 1973, over 100 people have been released from death rows throughout the country after evidence of their wrongful convictions emerged.”

While Bush was laughing about killing people, Illinois Governor George Ryan — a pro-death penalty Republican and Bush’s campaign chairman in Illinois — called a moratorium on executions. Ryan issued this order in January 2000 after 13 condemned men were exonerated by DNA evidence. In Illinois and other states including Texas, there was growing evidence that innocent people were being sent to death row.

Calvin Burdine, spent 16 years on death row in Texas before a federal judge threw out his conviction. Randall Dale Adams and Clarence Brandley, two former Texas prisoners came within days of being executed before they were exonerated and freed.

Dozens of other Texas inmates were not so lucky.

Texas, under George Bush, was a veritable death machine that gloried in denying legal rights and competent legal counsel to the accused. In Texas, under Bush, only the wealthy could receive a “fair trial.” One federal judge, after hearing cases in which court-appointed attorneys slept in court or abused cocaine, called the Texas system a “farce” and a “travesty.”

In 1998, while George Bush was still governor of Texas, Amnesty International reported that “at every step in the death penalty process in Texas, a litany of grossly inadequate legal procedures fail to meet recognized minimum international standards for the protection of human rights.”

When asked about the Texas death machine and Karla Faye Tucker’s plea for clemency, on the David Letterman TV show, Bush again laughed it up: “People like that make me sick.” Pleas for mercy, make George W. Bush sick.

People about to be put to death, make George W. Bush laugh. George Bush was still laughing it up, on the morning of 9/11. WE WON

At 10 am, that nightmarish September 11 morning, a jet soared above the clouds, a thousand miles from the raging fires that burned in New York city. Inside that jet stood a smirking, smiling man. And in that moment of triumph, as he ran for his life, his picture was taken, a picture which would later be sold and distributed to his supporters.

The picture was of President George W. Bush as he spoke by phone to his vice-president, Dick Cheney. And what were they talking about?

“We were concerned about threats on the president,” Bush told reporters, speaking of himself in the third person. A picture says a thousand words.

There is no sign of sadness on the smirking face of George W. Bush. There is no sign of compassion or concern for those innocent women and men who burned to death or who fell a thousand feet and died. There is not a hint of sympathy for the thousands of grieving families, for the wives, sons, mothers, fathers, husbands daughters, or friends of those who died.

No. He is smirking. Although his tail is between his legs, although there is fear in his face, although he is scared to death, he is smirking.

As he later admitted to reporters, his only thoughts were for those of his father, his family, and himself: I was “concerned about threats on the president” (2). As to the American people, as to their fear and suffering, his mind was a blank.

George Bush thought only of himself. He ran, and like Saddam Hussein, he hid in a hole–what a hero!



1). Dick Cheney, interview, NBC’s “Meet the Press,” 11/16/2001.

2). Edwin Chen, “Bush Fled ‘Harm’s Way’ After 911 Attacks,” Los Angeles Times, 5/22/2002.

3). Associated Press, 10/23/2001: “some White House personnel were given Cipro six weeks ago. White House officials won’t discuss who might be receiving the anthrax-treating antibiotic now. On the night of the September 11 attacks, the White House Medical Office dispensed Cipro to staff accompanying Vice President Dick Cheney as he was secreted off to the safety of Camp David, and told them it was a ‘precaution,’ according to one person directly involved.” See also: Judicial Watch, 6/8/2002; Associated Press, 6/8/2002.

4). James H. Hatfield, “Fortunate Son,” St. Martin’s Press. New York.

5). Boston Globe, 5/3/2000; See also, The New Republic, 10/16/2000, 11/13/2000. 6). The Greenwich Village Gazette, 9/13/1999.

7). Bush scored at the 25% rank on an Air Force IQ test. A ranking of 25% means that on this dumbed down test, 75% of military recruits score higher than George W. Bush. This score places him in the “Low Average Range” of intellectual functioning, which means that Mr. Bush, has an IQ that is probably between 85 and 90.

8). Michael L. Radelet, et al., “In Spite of Innocence: Erroneous Convictions in Capital Cases,” Northeastern University Press, 1994.




Indeed, like the Nazi laws passed 70 years prior, the Patriot Act, signed into law by Bush, suspends or curtails a number of constitutionally guaranteed civil rights, i.e., individuals can be arrested and detained indefinitely without charge; police powers are increased enabling them to monitor private telephone conversations or to conduct secret searches with minimal judicial oversight; private business records can be seized even if there is no evidence of a crime; American citizens can be spied on for “intelligence” purposes and without the need of a warrant; even librarians can be ordered to provide police with lists of all books and reading material checked out by a “person of interest” even though there is no evidence of a crime.Continue reading →



The attendees included the owners and representatives of Germany’s largest companies and corporations including those that were controlled or directed or in business with Prescott Bush, his father-in-law George Walker, and their associates, Harriman and Rockefeller: Standard Oil, IG Farben, Hamburg-Amerika shipping, Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation, German Steel Trust’s Union Banking Corporation, etc. Continue reading →

Compare the emblem of the Skull & Bones, which preceded the Nazis and supported them, to the Nazi Death Head


“Some of the biggest men in the U.S. in the fields of commerce and manufacturing know that there is a power so organized, so subtle, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” -President Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the USA Continue reading →



Throughout the 1930′s and early 1940s, Prescott Bush, the Harrimans, Rockefellers, and their associates, had been in business with Nazis and the terrorist brotherhood, the SS. With the assistance of the Dulles brothers, who were playing pivotal roles in and out of the White House, the Brotherhood of Death began expanding its cancerous tentacles into the heart of the United States government. With the help of friends in high places, including Dulles and hundreds of Nazis in the new CIA, Bush and friends were not only able to completely cover up their treacherous crimes, but would use the government of the United States as a tool for committing new ones. Continue reading →

Chairman Frank Church, D- Idaho., the Senate Intelligence Committee, holds up a poison daft gun as co-chairman John G. Tower, R-Texas looks at the weapon during a session the panel's probe of the Central Intelligence Agency Tuesday, Sept. 17, 1975 in Washington. (AP Photo/Henry Griffin)


“Carl Bernstein, writing in the October 1977 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, reported that more than 400 American journalists worked for the CIA, and that the New York Times was one of the CIA’s closest media collaborators. Yet other CIA assets included Philip Graham, publisher of the Washington Post, as well as Newsweek and Time magazine and CBS news. In December of 1977, the New York Times reported that “more than eight hundred news and public information organizations and individuals,” had been on the CIA’s payroll.” Continue reading →



The economy of the world is dependent on black gold, oil that is. Saudi Arabia has the largest pool of oil reserves. The desert kingdom is awash with oil. The second largest known reserves are beneath the soil of Iraq. However, in the 1970s, evidence began to accrue to suggest that beneath the Caspian Basin and in the adjoining Central Asian states of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan, lay incredible huge pools of oil, perhaps as much or more than the total reserves of Iraq. Continue reading →



This partnership, which has its roots firmly entrenched in Nazi Germany, was given renewed emphasis when Khalid bin Abdul Aziz (King Khalid) became the fourth King of Saudi Arabia, reigning from 1975 to 1982… It was during the co-reign of these two monarchs, that the bin Ladens became business partners with the Bush family. The Bush clan also forged relations with other Saudi families who would later play a significant role in financing and aiding the 9/11 terrorist attack on America. Continue reading →



Although many Nazi doctors were hanged, just as many be came agents of the CIA and United States government, including Walter Schreiber, who helped conduct many of the Nazi medical experiments at Dachau. Yet another famous Nazi, Dr. Josef Mengele—the ultra-sadistic “angel of death”— also began working for the good ‘ol USA. Continue reading →

Enduring Freedom


The “new world order” is, however, a “Hegelian” concept, and the Hegelian dialectic requires controlled conflict, between opposing parties: thesis antithesis = Synthesis (the New World Order). Continue reading →



The Bush administration and high ranking members of the FBI and CIA, have claimed that it is impossible for the CIA to plant or recruit spies from within terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda. That differences of language, religion, and ethnicity, make recruitment impossible. American spies would “stand out like a sore thumb” and would be killed and eliminated by “evil doers.” Continue reading →



Indeed, just as the Bush family and their associates have partnered with the bin Laden family and a number of Saudis and Pakistanis who helped finance the 9/11 attack, George H.W. Bush, his CIA and FBI, the Saudis and Pakistanis were also linked to the 1993 World Trade Center bombers.Continue reading →



In 1996, soon after the Taliban took Kabul, and following the arrival of bin Laden, the Taliban leaders were persuaded to start talking business with the Bush clan, and to agree to the construction of an oil pipeline. Soon, the Taliban were on their way to Houston, Texas—Bush country. The Taliban were then dined and lavishly entertained by executives of the oil company, Unocal, the same Unocal that has extensive ties to the current administration of George W. Bush. Continue reading →



Immediately following 9/11, George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condoleezza Rice, made it vehemently clear that they opposed any public or congressional inquiry into the so called “intelligence failures” which led to this horrible tragedy. Bush, Cheney, and Rice, all mouthed the same self-serving absurdities: an investigation would interfere with the war on terrorism. Continue reading →



White House aids entered the room where Cheney was still enjoying the spectacle on TV. They told him that a Boeing 757, an American Airlines commercial jet had been hijacked by terrorists. They feared that it might be headed directly toward Washington, the nation’s capital. Continue reading →

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