If a gunman hid in a hospital, would you order an air strike to "protect innocent lives" while guaranteeing the deaths of scores or hundreds of innocents? If you were a Rothschild/AIPAC sycophant in Congress, you would.

If a gunman hid in a hospital, would you order an air strike to “protect innocent lives” while guaranteeing the deaths of scores or hundreds of innocents?

rocket attacks

Blind and woefully inaccurate rocket attacks only killed 6 after weeks and thousands fired.

A total of about 4,500 rockets and mortars fired from Gaza resulted in only 6 Israeli civilian deaths since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge. In retaliation, hospitals and UN shelters were bombed, over 2,100 Palestinian civilians were killed. Numerous UN workers were also killed.

In comparison, in 2006, Jennifer San Marco bought a 15-round, 9 mm Smith & Wesson model 915, and with it killed 7 people in a matter of minutes, not weeks. If she was hiding in a hospital, would an airstrike be warranted to take her out, all without allowing for the evacuation of hospital staff or patients?

Presumably, she would be more lethal than a rocket fired blindly, a rocket with no guidance system, so why not? It doesn’t take much thought: it would kill far more innocents than you were trying to save.

Deadlier than rocket attacks.

A guided weapon proven deadlier than rocket attacks, killed 7 in a matter of minutes, not weeks. If a gunman hid in a hospital, would you order an air strike to “protect innocent lives” while guaranteeing the deaths of scores or hundreds of innocents? 

According to the western media, those attacks on the hospitals were self-defense and completely justified. Apparently, Hamas fired from them or near the vicinity, which in turn justified the obliteration of those hospitals and schools.

Yet someone with a handgun could have easily killed six Israelis in a matter of minutes. The rocket attacks are a bad joke, were never designed to rack up a body count, and they lured Israel into committing war crimes. This they not only did, they did it with a relish, and Israel’s major papers openly called for genocide.

This is why Hamas won. This is why there was no excuse for the bombings of the hospitals and schools, for the murders of UN workers because those killings were not accidental.

This is why every single legislator that voted to fund the Israeli war machine is not only ignorant of the most basic international human rights conventions, they also lack basic human decency and betray a willingness to facilitate war crimes. It defies belief that had this been on our soil, any one of them would accept an air strike on a crowded hospital where a gunman, a target more lethal than a blind rocket, was hiding. Even they must know the collateral damage would kill far more innocents than the bullets a clip in a hand gun could hold.


Rocket attack damages. No casualties.


Massive rocket damage. In the background, a man stands by to show the crater’s awesome scale.

Gazan rockets

Almost looks like fireworks, but these are HAMAS rocket attacks.

Compare the above to the carnage and destruction from Israel since the start of Operation Protective Edge:


What ABC said was rocket attack damage inflicted on Israel was the rubble of a Palestinian target.


Israeli airstrike.


Israeli airstrike.


Israeli airstrike.




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